Cast & Crew

Directed By

Written By

Charles Brackett
screenplay / story
Jacques Théry


Mary Anderson
Corinne Piersen
Roland Culver
Lord Desham
Phillip Terry
Alex Piersen
Bill Goodwin
Mac Tilton
Virginia Welles
Liz Lorimer
Victoria Horne
Nurse Daisy Gingras
Griff Barnett
Daniel Norris
Alma Macrorie
Belle Ingram
Billy Ward
Gregory - Younger
Arthur Loft
Bernadock Clinton
Virginia Farmer
Mrs. Cora Clinton
Doris Lloyd
Miss Pringle
Clyde Cook
Mr. Harkett
Ida Moore
Miss Claflin
Mary Young
Mrs. Nix
John Lund
Captain Bart Cosgrove / Gregory Piersen
Phyllis Adair
Impatient Young Woman
Jean Andren
Woman Companion
Gordon Arnold
American Lt. Flyer
Frank Baker
British Businessman
Walter Baldwin
Sam Foreman
Bobby Barber
Balloon Vendor
Lee Bennett
American Lt. Flyer
Edward Biby
Game Spectator
Harlan Briggs
Dr. McLaughlin
Sandra Brodheim
Bany Griggsy
Sharon Brodheim
Baby Griggsy
Bruce Carruthers
English Lieutenant
Douglas Carter
Sgt. Squeaker
Chester Clute
Clarence Ingham
James Conaty
Man at Dance
Tex Cooper
Man at Dance
Gino Corrado
Man at Dance
Anne Curson
Sidney D'Albrook
Man at G.A.R. Hall
Gary Delmar
American Lt. Flyer
Anthony Ellis
Messenger Boy
Herbert Evans
Railroad Station Attendant
Franklyn Farnum
Nightclub Patron
Howard Gardiner
Corinne's Chauffeur
Billy Gray
Billy Ingham
Gary Gray
Casey Ingham
Joe Guccione
American Lt. Flyer
Bobbie Hale
Auld Lang Syne Pedestrian
Joy Harington
Petty Officer Wren
Louis Jean Heydt
American Officer
Leyland Hodgson
Porter at Reindeer Club
Kenner G. Kemp
Man at Dance
George Kirby
Perc Launders
Orchestra Leader
Mary MacLaren
Woman at G.A.R. Hall / Nurse
Anthony Marsh
American Sergeant
John Meredith
Ray Milland
Self - Trailer Narrator
Patrick O'Moore
Rangy Cockney Sergeant
Paul Oman
American Lt. Flyer
Manuel París
Man at Dance
Gigi Perreau
Virgie Ingham
Reed Porter
American Lt. Flyer
John Rogers
Cockney Cabbie
Allen Schute
British Army Captain / Headwaiter
Reginald Simpson
Club Manager
Will Stanton
Funny Little Waiter
Brick Sullivan
Soldier at Reindeer Club
Eleanor Taylor
Little Girl
Max Wagner
Lillian West
Checkroom Woman
Crane Whitley
Police Captain
Eric Wilton
Man at Dance
Dick Winslow
Bill McNair
Richard Woodruff
English Soldier with Tin Pan

Produced By


Daniel L. Fapp
director of photography


John Cope
sound recordist
Don McKay
sound recordist

Set Design



Wally Westmore
makeup supervisor
Norbert A. Myles
makeup artist

Visual Effects

Farciot Edouart
process photography
Gordon Jennings
special photographic effects
Loyal Griggs
transparency projection shots
Devereaux Jennings
special photographic effects: miniatures
Paul K. Lerpae
special optical effects

Assistant Director

John R. Coonan
assistant director


Greg Rodin
4K Digital Restoration: Universal Pictures


Gladys Percey
research director
Dorothy Robinson
research assistant

Music Department

Sidney Cutner
George Parrish
Leo Shuken
Philip Wisdom
music mixer

Costume Department

Eugene Joseff
costume jeweller

Camera Department

Haskell B. Boggs
second camera
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