Eddy Arnold

Biography: Eddy Arnold was born to a farming family and left at age 18 to make it in the music world. He made his first radio appearance in 1936 which landed him a job with the Pee Wee King Band. In the 1940's he became a solo artist starring at the Grand Ole Opry. His first hit song was in 1946 with "That's How Much I Love You". He was managed by Colonel Tom Parker who later managed Elvis Presley. In the 1950'd he landed his own television show, they were summer programs filling in for the vacationing Perry Como and Dinah Shore shows. This legendary singer was a true pioneer in Country Western music and under the direction of such names as Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer and Bill Walker he achieved numerous awards, chart topping songs and a style that is now known as the Nashville Sound.