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  • Publish Date: November 17, 2021
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This is the permanent home of our guide to the best of Hulu. Bookmark this page; we'll update it regularly.

The best recent additions to Hulu

The following recently added Hulu titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are titles of interest that do not have a Metascore). Mediocre and poorly reviewed releases are omitted; this is just the good stuff added within the past two months. Releases are ordered by date added to Hulu (newest first).

Added December 3
Annie Live!  
  Musical special, 2021
  The New York Times Presents: To Live and Die in Alabama  
  Documentary special, 2021
PEN15 Season 2 Part 2 Hulu original Trailer Watch
  Trolls Holiday in Harmony Watch
  Animated special, 2021
Added December 2
Godfather of Harlem Season 1 Watch
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 Watch
  Kelly Clarkson Presents: When Christmas Comes Around Watch
  Variety special, 2021
  Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller Season 2 Watch
Added December 1
All Is Lost Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Adventure, 2013
62 All Rise Seasons 1-2 Watch
Back to School Watch
  Comedy, 1986
The Bank Job Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2008
The Black Stallion Watch
  Family/Drama, 1979
Bull Durham Watch
  Rom-com/Sports, 1988
  Candified: Home for the Holidays Miniseries Hulu original Trailer Watch
Crazy Heart Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama/Music, 2009
Crimson Tide Watch
  Drama/Action/Thriller, 1995
Days of Heaven Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 1978
Dead Man Walking Watch
  Drama, 1995
Four Weddings and a Funeral Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Rom-com, 1994
Her Smell Watch
  Drama/Music, 2019
Horton Hears a Who! Watch
  Animation/Family, 2008
Hustlers Watch
  Drama/Comedy/Thriller, 2019
King Kong Watch
  Adventure/Horror, 1976
The Manchurian Candidate Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2004
Ocean's Eleven Watch
  Comedy/Thriller, 2001
Ocean's Thirteen Watch
  Comedy/Thriller, 2007
The Princess Bride Watch
  Adventure/Comedy, 1987
The Raid 2 Watch
  Action/Thriller, 2014
Rio Watch
  Animation/Family, 2011
Shanghai Noon Watch
  Action/Comedy, 2000
Silverado Watch
  Western, 1985
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Watch
  Sci-fi/Adventure/Thriller, 2004
Something's Gotta Give Watch
  Rom-com, 2003
The Warriors Watch
  Action/Thriller, 1979
Added November 29
All Light, Everywhere Watch
  Documentary, 2021
  The Housewife & The Shah Shocker Watch
  Reality special, 2021
Added November 26
  Madagascar: A Little Wild: Holiday Goose Chase Hulu/Peacock original Watch
  Animated special, 2021
Pig Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2021
Added November 24
  City of Angels | City of Death Miniseries Hulu original Watch
Added November 23
  Holly Hobbie Season 3 Hulu original Watch
Added November 22
  Solar Opposites Holiday special Hulu original Trailer Watch
Added November 20
Cupid for Christmas Hulu original Watch
  Comedy, 2021
Added November 19
The Great Season 2 Hulu original Trailer Watch
Added November 18
Mandibles Watch
  Foreign/Comedy/Fantasy, 2021
Added November 16
The Master Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 2012
Added November 15
Deadpool Watch
  Action/Comedy, 2016
Deadpool 2 Watch
  Action/Comedy, 2018
Added November 14
Star Trek Into Darkness Watch
  Sci-fi/Action, 2013
Added November 12
The Meaning of Hitler Watch
  Documentary, 2021
Added November 11
  3212 Un-Redacted Watch
  Documentary special, 2021
  Brassic Season 3 Watch
  Madagascar: A Little Wild Season 5 Hulu/Peacock original Watch
Added November 10
  Platinum End Season 1 Watch
Added November 8
In My Skin Season 2 Watch
Added November 4
  Taste the Nation With Padma Lakshmi Season 2 (Holiday edition) Hulu original Trailer Watch
Added November 2
Prospect Watch
  Sci-fi, 2018
Added November 1
All the Right Moves Watch
  Drama, 1983
Beatriz at Dinner Watch
  Drama/Comedy, 2017
Black Dynamite Watch
  Action/Comedy, 2009
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Comedy, 2006
Boys Don't Cry Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 1999
Boyz N' The Hood Watch
  Drama, 1991
Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson Watch
  Western, 1976
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Watch
  Animation/Family, 2009
Cutter's Way Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 1981
Eye of the Needle Watch
  Thriller, 1981
Fargo Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 1996
The Fighter Watch
  Drama/Sports, 2010
The Fly Watch
  Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller, 1986
I, Tonya Watch
  Drama/Sports, 2017
Inception Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 2010
  The Informant: Fear and Faith in the Heartland Hulu original Watch
  Documentary special, 2021
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Watch
  Family/Adventure/Comedy, 2004
The Matrix Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 1999
The Matrix Reloaded Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 2003
Michael Clayton Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
Minority Report Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 2002
Moneyball Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama/Sports, 2011
Once Upon a Time in the West Watch
  Western, 1969
The Prestige Watch
  Drama, 2006
The Quiet Man Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 1952
The Shootist Watch
  Western, 1976
Single White Female Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 1992
Sleepless in Seattle Watch
  Rom-com, 1993
Soapdish Watch
  Rom-com, 1991
The Soloist Watch
  Drama, 2009
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Musical, 2007
That Thing You Do! Watch
  Drama/Comedy/Music, 1996
True Grit Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Western, 1969
The War of the Worlds Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 1953
Added October 27
For Madmen Only: The Stories of Del Close Watch
  Documentary, 2021
Added October 22
Gaia Watch
  Drama/Fantasy/Horror, 2021
Added October 21
The Evil Next Door Watch
  Horror/Thriller, 2021
The Next Thing You Eat Season 1 Hulu original Trailer Watch
Added October 20
Queens Season 1 Watch
Added October 18
Dream Horse Watch
  Drama/Comedy, 2021
Added October 16
Home Sweet Home Season 1 Watch
Added October 14
Censor Watch
  Horror, 2021
Added October 13
Dopesick Miniseries Hulu original Trailer Watch
Added October 12
Champaign ILL Season 1 Watch
The Loneliest Whale Watch
  Documentary, 2021
Added October 11
Gunda Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Documentary, 2020
Added October 10
  Megalobox Season 2 Watch
Added October 9
Shark Tank Season 13 Watch
  TV/Reality competition
Added October 8
  A3! Season 2 Eps 13-24 Watch
Jacinta Hulu original Trailer Watch
  Documentary, 2021
Added October 7
  Baker's Dozen Season 1 Hulu original Trailer Watch
  TV/Reality competition
Added October 4
  America's Funniest Home Videos Season 32 Watch
Maggie's Plan Watch
  Drama/Rom-com, 2016
Unfaithful Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2002
Added October 3
  Saturday Night Live Season 47 Watch

Last chance to watch

The following titles now streaming on Hulu will leave the service at 11:59pm on the dates indicated.

Leaving December 12
Eye in the Sky Watch
  Thriller, 2015
Leaving December 31
127 Hours Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Adventure/Thriller, 2010
All the Right Moves Watch
  Drama, 1983
Back to School  
  Comedy, 1986
The Black Stallion  
  Family/Drama, 1979
Bloody Sunday Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 2002
Bull Durham  
  Rom-com/Sports, 1988
Cedar Rapids Watch
  Comedy, 2011
Crazy Heart Metacritic Must-See  
  Drama/Music, 2009
Crimson Tide Watch
  Action/Drama/Thriller, 1995
Escape From Alcatraz Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 1979
The Fighter Watch
  Drama/Sports, 2010
The Fly Watch
  Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller, 1986
Four Weddings and a Funeral Metacritic Must-See  
  Rom-com, 1994
Gattaca Watch
  Sci-fi/Drama/Thriller, 1997
The Gift Watch
  Horror/Thriller, 2000
Happy Feet Watch
  Animation/Family, 2006
Hell or High Water Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2016
Inception Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 2010
The Manchurian Candidate  
  Drama/Thriller, 2004
The Matrix Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 1999
The Matrix Reloaded Watch
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 2003
Michael Clayton Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
Ocean's Eleven  
  Comedy/Thriller, 2001
Ocean's Thirteen  
  Comedy/Thriller, 2007
Road to Perdition Watch
  Drama/Thriller, 2002
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Watch
  Musical, 1975
Shrek Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Animation/Family, 2001
Shrek 2 Watch
  Animaton/Family, 2004
  Western, 1985
Something's Gotta Give  
  Rom-com, 2003
The Social Network Metacritic Must-See Watch
  Drama, 2010
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Watch
  Sci-fi, 1982
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Watch
  Sci-fi, 1986
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Watch
  Sci-fi, 1991
Star Trek: Insurrection Watch
  Sci-fi, 1998
The Tenant Watch
  Drama/Horror/Thriller, 1976
Waitress Watch
  Drama/Rom-com, 2007

Coming soon to Hulu

The following notable and/or well-reviewed movies and TV shows are scheduled to be added to stream on Hulu in the near future.

Coming December 5
The First Wave  
  Documentary, 2021
Coming December 7
  Michael Bublé's Christmas in the City  
  Variety special, 2021
World War Z  
  Action-adventure/Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller, 2013
Coming December 8
  2021 People's Choice Awards  
  TV special, 2021
Coming December 9
Bloods Season 1  
  Creamerie Season 1  
Swan Song  
  Drama, 2021
  TrollsTopia Season 5 Hulu/Peacock original  
Coming December 14
American Auto Season 1  
  Gordon Ramsay's Road Trip: European Vacation  
  TV special, 2021
Coming December 15
  Gordon Ramsay's Road Trip: Christmas Vacation  
  TV special, 2021
Grand Crew Season 1  
Coming December 16
  Animation, 2021
  Dead Asleep Hulu original Trailer  
  Documentary, 2021
Coming December 17
Mother/Android Hulu original Trailer  
  Sci-fi/Thriller, 2021
Coming December 23
  Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 1 Hulu/Peacock original Trailer  
Coming December 26
Letterkenny Season 10 Hulu original  
Coming January 14, 2022
Sex Appeal Hulu original  
  Comedy, 2022
Coming January 25, 2022
Promised Land Season 1  
Coming January 28, 2022
  grown-ish Season 4 Part 2  
How I Met Your Father Season 1 Hulu original  
Coming February 2, 2022
Pam and Tommy Miniseries Hulu original Trailer  



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  • Hamish234  

    The View needs to rethink its platform. It has developed into a racially overtoned commercial for the Democratic Party. I am a Democrate, yet I long for a couple of Republicans To add some sort of balance to this dying show. Goldberg called Rotten houses action Murder even though he was cleared by a jury of his peers. Hostins racial overtones are disgraceful and Joy bullies anyone who disagrees with her. Thank goodness for Sarah who seems the only balanced host on the show. Time for some changes and balance the political affilations, or this is just ABC's version of Fox news for Democrates.

  • asmanraj  

    The Wretched was added to Hulu on July 31st.

  • VonFraunk  

    A question, why doesn't the TV series "Into the Dark" (Season 2) appear in your search bar (only pc games appear), and yet incongruously, you have published woefully inaccurate airing dates for various episodes? I'd respectfully suggest that you do it right or don't do it at all.

  • thecleverfoo1  

    Is there a reason there isn't a sort function to this list? I feel it would improve it's usefulness greatly.

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