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This is the permanent home of our guide to the best of the Peacock streaming service. Bookmark this page; we'll update it regularly.

The best recent additions to Peacock

The following recently added titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are titles of interest that do not have a Metascore). Mediocre and poorly reviewed releases are omitted; this is just the good stuff added within the past few months. Releases are ordered by date added to Peacock (newest first).

Note that Peacock is currently rolling out to Comcast's Xfinity cable subscribers (accessible through your cable box) from April 15 through April 30. The general public will not be able to subscribe to Peacock until July 15.

Added May 27
America's Got Talent Season 15
  TV/Reality competition
World of Dance Season 4
  TV/Reality competition
Added May 26
The Titan Games Season 2
  TV/Reality competition
Added May 22
Celebrity Escape Room
  TV special, 2020
  Red Nose Day
  TV special, 2020
Added May 11
  The At-Home Variety Show Season 1 Peacock original
Feeding America Comedy Festival
  TV special, 2020
Added May 8
Blindspot Season 5
Added May 1
A Parks and Recreation Special
  TV special, 2020
  The Paley Center Salutes Parks and Recreation
  TV special, 2020
Added April 18
One World: Together at Home
  TV special, 2020
Added April 15
73 30 Rock Seasons 1-7
  Alfred Hitchcock Presents Seasons 1-7
All Is Lost Metacritic Must-See
  Adventure/Drama, 2013
  American Ninja Warrior Seasons 1-12
  TV/Reality competition
American Psycho
  Drama/Thriller, 2000
89 Battlestar Galactica (2003) Metacritic Must-Watch Seasons 1-4 + Miniseries
  Drama/Comedy, 2012
Billy Elliot
  Drama/Comedy, 2000
The Birds Metacritic Must-See
  Horror, 1963
The Blair Witch Project Metacritic Must-See
  Horror/Thriller, 1999
Blue Crush
  Drama/Sports, 2002
  Bride of Frankenstein
  Horror, 1935
Broken Flowers
  Drama/Comedy, 2005
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
  The Carol Burnett Show Seasons 1-3
Charade Metacritic Must-See
  Comedy/Thriller, 1963
  Cheers Seasons 1-11
Children of Men Metacritic Must-See
  Sci-fi/Drama/Thriller, 2006
Cleopatra in Space Season 1 Peacock original
Coal Miner's Daughter
  Drama/Music, 1980
  Columbo Seasons 1-10
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
  Drama, 1990
66 Covert Affairs Seasons 1-5
  Drama/Comedy, 1994
  Curious George Season 12
The Debt
  Drama/Thriller, 2011
Do the Right Thing Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Comedy, 1989
Eastern Promises Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
The Eiger Sanction
  Action/Thriller, 1975
  Ellen's Game of Games Season 3
  TV/Game show
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Metacritic Must-See
  Sci-fi/Adventure/Family, 1982
66 Eureka Seasons 1-5
74 Everybody Loves Raymond Seasons 1-9
Everything Must Go
  Comedy/Drama, 2011
71 Face Off Seasons 1-13
  TV/Reality competition
Family Plot
  Horror, 1976
  Comedy, 1985
  For Whom the Bell Tolls
  Action-adventure, 1943
  Horror, 1931
79 Frasier Seasons 1-11
83 Friday Night Lights Metacritic Must-Watch Seasons 1-5
Girl With a Pearl Earring
  Drama, 2003
The Good Shepherd
  Drama/Thriller, 2006
The Goode Family Season 1
Gosford Park Metacritic Must-Watch
  Drama/Comedy, 2001
  The Greatest American Hero Seasons 1-3
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  Action-adventure/Fantasy, 2008
64 Heroes Seasons 1-4
  Hollywood Game Night Seasons 1-6
  TV/Game show
75 House Seasons 1-8
In Good Company
  Rom-com, 2004
  The Invisible Man
  Horror, 1933
  The Johnny Carson Show Season 1
Jurassic Park
  Adventure/Sci-fi/Thriller, 1993
66 Kitchen Nightmares Seasons 1-7
The Last Days of Disco
  Comedy/Drama, 1998
The Last Temptation of Christ
  Drama, 1988
77 Law & Order Seasons 13-20
66 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Seasons 1-21
  Leave It to Beaver Seasons 1-6
Liar Liar
  Comedy/Fantasy, 1997
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  Comedy/Thriller, 1999
Lost in Translation Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 2003
Making It Season 2
  TV/Reality competition
The Man Who Knew Too Much
  Drama/Thriller, 1956
The Man Who Wasn't There
  Drama, 2001
  Thriller, 1986
Meet the Parents
  Comedy, 2000
Mo' Better Blues
  Drama/Music, 1990
75 Monk Seasons 1-8
Monster's Ball
  Drama, 2001
Moonrise Kingdom Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Comedy, 2012
  The Munsters Seasons 1-2
  Murder, She Wrote Seasons 1-12
62 Necessary Roughness Seasons 1-3
67 Parks & Recreation Seasons 1-7
The Paper
  Drama/Comedy, 1994
  The Phantom of the Opera
  Horror, 1943
Primary Colors
  Comedy/Drama, 1998
Psycho Metacritic Must-See
  Horror, 1960
  Drama/Music, 2004
Rear Window Metacritic Must-See
  Thriller, 1954
Reservoir Dogs
  Drama/Thriller, 1992
  The Rockford Files Seasons 1-6
  Saturday Night Live Seasons 40-45
  Drama/Thriller, 1983
Schindler's List Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 1993
  Drama/Rom-com, 2002
Shrek Metacritic Must-See
  Animation/Family, 2001
  Drama/Comedy, 1992
The Sting Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Comedy, 1973
Superstore Seasons 1-5
  Top Chef Junior Seasons 1-2
  TV/Reality competition
  Top Chef Masters Seasons 1-5
  TV/Reality competition
67 Two and a Half Men Seasons 1-12
65 Warehouse 13 Seasons 1-5
  Where's Waldo? Season 1 Peacock original
Will and Grace Season 11
The Wolf Man
  Horror, 1941
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 1

Coming soon to Peacock

The following notable and/or well-reviewed movies and TV shows are scheduled to be added to Peacock within the coming weeks.

Coming June 1
Charlie Wilson's War
  Drama, 2007
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  Comedy, 2008
64 Parenthood Seasons 1-6
Coming July 15 [public launch]
  Brave New World Season 1 Peacock original
The Capture Season 1 Peacock original
In Deep With Ryan Lochte Season 1 Peacock original
Intelligence Season 1 Peacock original
Lost Speedways Season 1 Peacock original
Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Peacock original
  TV special, 2020




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