What to Watch Right Now on Max (Formerly HBO Max)

  • Publish Date: May 23, 2023
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This is the permanent home of our guide to the best of Max streaming. Bookmark this page; we'll update it regularly.

The best recent additions to Max

The following recently added Max streaming titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are titles of interest that do not have a Metascore). Mediocre and poorly reviewed releases are omitted; this is just the good stuff added within the past two months. Releases are ordered by date added to Max (newest first).

Added May 30
78 Angie Tribeca Seasons 1-3
  Craig of the Creek Season 4 Part 6
  ​​Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico Season 1
Added May 29
  Motel Rescue Season 1 Magnolia original
  TV/Reality competition
Reality HBO original Trailer
  Drama, 2023
Added May 28
  Silos Baking Competition Season 1 Magnolia original
  TV/Reality competition
Added May 27
  Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love HBO original Trailer
  Comedy special, 2023
Added May 26
Being Mary Tyler Moore HBO original Trailer
  Documentary, 2023
  Kendra Sells Hollywood Seasons 1-2
Added May 25
  100 Years of Warner Bros. Miniseries Max original Trailer
  Documentary, 2023
  Teen Titans Go! Season 8 Part 1
  Vgly Season 1 Max original
Added May 24
  Expedition Unknown Season 11
Added May 23 (relaunch of HBO Max as "Max")
Bama Rush Max original Trailer
  Documentary, 2023
Clone High [2023 reboot] Season 1 Max original Trailer
  From the Source Season 3 Magnolia original
  The Garden Chronicles Season 1 Magnolia original
  German Genius Season 1 Max original
Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Season 1 Max original Trailer
  Growing Floret Season 2 Magnolia original
  How to Create a Sex Scandal Miniseries Max original Trailer
  Maine Cabin Masters Season 8 Magnolia original
  Problem Spaces Season 1 Magnolia original
SmartLess: On the Road Season 1 Max original Trailer
  Villainous (Villanos) Season 1 Part 1
What Am I Eating? With Zooey Deschanel Season 1 Max original Trailer
  Windy City Rehab Season 3
Added May 19
The LEGO Batman Movie
  Animation/Family, 2017
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Metacritic Must-See
  Action/Fantasy, 2001
  Spy/Master Season 1 HBO Max original Trailer
Added May 16
  Angel City Miniseries HBO original Trailer
Men in Black
  Sci-fi/Action/Comedy, 1997
Added May 15
  Drama/Thriller, 2000
Added May 11
Rick and Morty Season 6
Added May 8
The Conjuring
  Horror/Thriller, 2013
  Two Sides of the Abyss (Die zwei Seiten des Abgrunds) Miniseries HBO Max original
Added May 5
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Season 1
Added May 4
The Other Two Metacritic Must-Watch Season 3 HBO Max original Trailer
Added May 2
  1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed HBO original Trailer
  Documentary, 2023
Added May 1
American Honey
  Drama/Comedy, 2016
As Tears Go By
  Foreign/Drama, 1988
Black Mass
  Drama, 2015
Blue Valentine Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 2010
  Drama/Comedy, 2014
Coffee and Cigarettes
  Drama/Comedy, 2004
The Hole in the Ground
  Horror, 2019
Horton Hears a Who!
  Animation/Family, 2008
Hustle & Flow
  Drama/Music, 2005
The Karate Kid
  Drama/Sports/Family, 2010
  Drama/Comedy, 2018
Paper Moon
  Drama/Comedy, 1973
Parasite Metacritic Must-See
  Foreign/Drama/Comedy/Thriller, 2019
The Rookie
  Drama/Sports/Family, 2002
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  Action-adventure/Sci-fi/Thriller, 2004
  Rom-com, 1991
Some Like It Hot Metacritic Must-See
  Comedy, 1959
Added April 29
Moonage Daydream Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary/Music, 2022
Added April 28
  Headless Chickens Season 1 HBO Max original
  Warner Bros. 100 Years Miniseries HBO Max original
  Who's Talking to Chris Wallace? Season 3
Added April 27
  The Dog House: UK Season 4 HBO Max original
Added April 23
  Doctor Who: Power of the Doctor
  TV special, 2022
Somebody Somewhere Season 2 HBO original Trailer
Added April 21
  Diary of an Old Home Season 2
  Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? Season 3
Added April 20
Fired on Mars Season 1 HBO Max original Trailer
Funny or Die's High Science Season 1 HBO Max original Trailer
Added April 17
  Para - We Are King Season 2 HBO Max original
Added April 16
100 Foot Wave Season 2 HBO original Trailer
Barry Season 4 HBO original Trailer
Added April 14
A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 4 HBO original Trailer
  #BringBackAlice Miniseries HBO Max original
Added April 9
  Happy to be Home with the Benkos Season 1
Added April 7
  Jason Isbell: Running With Our Eyes Closed HBO original Trailer
  Documentary/Music, 2023
Kung Fu Season 3
Added April 6
  Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 5 HBO Max original
Added April 4
  Craig of the Creek Season 4 Part 5
Added April 3
Royal Crackers Season 1
Added April 1
  Animation/Family, 2009
  Drama, 2015
Experimenter Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 2015
  Homegrown Season 3
The Host Metacritic Must-See
  Horror/Thriller/Comedy, 2007
I Am Love
  Drama, 2010
  Documentary, 2015
Land of the Pharaohs
  Drama, 1955
The Last Circus
  Comedy, 2011
A Lion Is in the Streets
  Drama, 1953
The Long Riders
  Western, 1980
  Action/Thriller, 2014
  Drama/Thriller, 2019
  Drama, 2013
No Way Out
  Drama/Thriller, 1987
  Documentary, 2009
  The Piece Maker Season 1
Rachel, Rachel
  Drama, 1968
  Comedy, 2015
School Life
  Documentary, 2017
The Soloist
  Drama/Music, 2009
Spring Breakers
  Drama/Comedy/Thriller, 2013
The Strawberry Blonde
  Rom-com, 1941
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  Comedy, 2006
Tangerine Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Comedy, 2015
Walker: Independence Season 1
The Wave
  Foreign/Drama/Action/Thriller, 2016
We Are the Best! Metacritic Must-See
  Foreign/Drama/Music, 2014
White God
  Foreign/Drama, 2015
Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger
  Documentary, 2014

Last chance to watch

The following movies now streaming on Max will leave the streaming services at 11:59pm on the dates indicated.

Leaving May 31
3:10 to Yuma
  Western, 1957
After Hours
  Thriller/Comedy, 1985
Ben Is Back
  Drama, 2018
Brigsby Bear
  Drama/Comedy, 2017
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Metacritic Must-See
  Comedy, 2006
Blade Runner Metacritic Must-See [Final Cut version]
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 1982
  Drama/Thriller/Sci-fi, 1997
Cool Hand Luke Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 1967
Dark Passage
  Thriller, 1947
Dead Ringers Metacritic Must-See
  Thriller, 1988
East of Eden
  Drama, 1955
Empire of the Sun
  Drama, 1987
Flying Leathernecks
  Action/Drama, 1951
Free Guy
  Sci-fi/Actionadventure/Comedy, 2021
Free Willy
  Drama/Family, 1993
  Drama, 1944
The Goonies
  Family/Adventure/Comedy, 1985
The Grand Budapest Hotel Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Comedy, 2014
The Great Race
  Action-adventure/Comedy, 1965
The Harvey Girls
  Western/Musical, 1946
I'll See You in My Dreams
  Drama/Comedy, 2015
  Sci-fi/Action/Thriller, 2010
  Key Largo
  Drama, 1948
Kong: Skull Island
  Action-adventure/Sci-fi, 2017
Land of the Pharaohs
  Drama/Adventure, 1955
A Lion Is in the Streets
  Drama/Thriller, 1953
The Man With Two Brains
  Comedy, 1983
McQueen Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary, 2018
Miami Vice
  Action/Drama/Thriller, 2006
Mildred Pierce Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 1945
Million Dollar Baby Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Sports, 2004
Mister Roberts
  Drama/Comedy, 1955
  National Velvet
  Drama, 1944
No Country for Old Men Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
Now, Voyager
  Drama, 1942
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 1975
Pat and Mike
  Rom-com/Sports, 1952
  The Public Enemy
  Drmaa, 1931
The Rainmaker
  Drama/Thriller, 1997
Rachel, Rachel
  Drama, 1968
Red Eye
  Thriller, 2005
Rio Bravo Metacritic Must-See
  Western, 1959
  Drama, 1973
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  Comedy/Adventure/Pants, 2005
Splendor in the Grass
  Drama, 1961
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  Sci-fi, 1982
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  Sci-fi, 1986
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  Sci-fi, 1991
Star Trek: First Contact
  Sci-fi, 1996
Star Trek: Insurrection
  Sci-fi, 1998
The Strawberry Blonde
  Rom-com, 1941
A Streetcar Named Desire Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 1951
They Were Expendable
  Drama, 1945
Wedding Crashers
  Rom-com, 2005
The Wild Bunch Metacritic Must-See
  Western, 1969
Win Win
  Comedy, 2011
75 Without a Trace Seasons 1-7
The Wrestler
  Drama/Sports, 2008

Coming soon to Max

The following notable and/or well-reviewed movies and TV shows are scheduled to be added to stream on Max in the near future.

Coming June 1
3:10 to Yuma
  Western, 2007
The Blackcoat's Daughter
  Horror/Thriller, 2017
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
  Drama/Comedy, 1998
  Rom-com, 1993
David Copperfield
  Drama, 1935
  Drama/Comedy, 2007
Dog Day Afternoon Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Thriller, 1975
Dolphin Tale
  Drama, 2011
The Drop
  Drama, 2014
Eastern Promises Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Thriller, 2007
Enter the Dragon Metacritic Must-See
  Action/Drama/Thriller, 1973
The Evil Dead
  Horror, 1983
Evil Dead II
  Horror/Comedy, 1987
  Musical, 1978
Hairspray Metacritic Must-See
  Musical/Comedy, 2007
The Hurt Locker Metacritic Must-See
  Action/Drama/Thriller, 2009
I, Tonya
  Drama/Comedy/Sports, 2017
The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete
  Drama, 2013
Jackie Brown
  Drama, 1997
Jeremiah Johnson
  Western, 1972
Just Mercy
  Drama, 2019
Little Shop of Horrors Metacritic Must-See
  Musical/Comedy/Horror, 1986
The Lodge
  Drama/Thriller/Horror, 2019
Magic Mike
  Drama/Comedy, 2012
Moneyball Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Sports, 2011
Moonlight Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 2016
  Naked.Loud.Proud. Season 1 Max original
  Drama/Thriller, 2002
Never Say Never Again
  Action/Thriller, 1983
The Nun's Story
  Drama, 1959
Objective, Burma!
  Action-adventure/Drama, 1945
On Moonlight Bay
  Rom-com/Musical, 1951
Operation Crossbow
  Action/Drama, 1965
The Painter and the Thief
  Documentary, 2020
Ready Player One
  Action-adventure/Sci-fi/Thriller, 2018
  Drama/Music, 1997
A Star Is Born
  Drama/Musical, 1954
  Sunday in New York
  Rom-com, 1963
The Turning Point
  Drama, 1977
Woodstock [1994 Director's Cut]
  Documentary/Music, 1970/1994
X-Men: Days of Future Past
  Action/Sci-fi/Thriller, 2014
You're Next
  Horror/Thriller/Comedy, 2013
Coming June 2
Painting With John Season 3 HBO original
Coming June 5
Living Metacritic Must-See
  Drama, 2022
Coming June 6
  Burden of Proof Miniseries HBO original Trailer
Coming June 7
Avatar: The Way of Water
  Sci-fi/Action-adventure, 2022
Coming June 8
  American Pain Max original
  Documentary, 2022
A Star Is Born
  Drama/Musical, 2018
Coming June 9
  First Five Miniseries Max original Trailer
Coming June 14
  How Do You Measure a Year? HBO original
  Documentary short, 2021
Coming June 15
Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens Season 3
  Rap Battlefield Season 2 Max original
  Swiping America Season 1 Max original Trailer
Coming June 16
  The Cabin Chronicles Season 3 Magnolia original
Coming June 17
  John Early: Now More Than Ever HBO original Trailer
  Comedy special, 2023
Coming June 18
  The Great Food Truck Race Season 16
  TV/Reality competition
The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 HBO original Trailer
Coming June 21
  The Stroll HBO original
  Documentary, 2023
Coming June 22
  Downey's Dream Cars Season 1 Max original Trailer
Coming June 23
  Teen Titans Go! Season 8 Part 2
Coming June 27
  Taylor Mac's 24-Decade History of Popular Music HBO original
  Documentary/Music, 2023
Coming June 28
  Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed HBO original
  Documentary, 2023
Coming June 29
  Christina on the Coast Season 4
  Ten-Year-Old Tom Season 2 Max original
Warrior Season 3 Max original Trailer
Coming July 13
  Full Circle Miniseries Max original Trailer
Coming July 28
How To With John Wilson Season 3 HBO original Trailer



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  • 1wifwaf  

    are we sure about Tuff Money (Bani Negri) Season 1 coming to HBO Max on October 21, 2021? I've been checking and refreshing and it's still not there. This was a Romanian HBO Europe show that aired a year or two ago in Europe but hasn't made its way to the US yet (and apparently still hasn't?)

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    Don’t mean to threadjack here, but where are the listings for Showtime??

  • BlackBarney  

    You guys used to have comprehensive listings of the best shows and movies on HBO. Do those lists no longer exist? I loved those. It would also be great if ever you could incorporate Showtime into your streaming guides (Crave TV streams everything that is on HBO and Showtime, and more I think...). Thanks!

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