Description: On the eve of the U.S. Presidential election, terror strikes again in the worst possible way - as both candidates are attacked, the sitting president is assassinated. As America tumbles into turmoil, confusion and chaos, only one man can save the nation from a threat that's growing more frightening by the day. In this expansion pack we follow major Jason Richter and his Task Force Talon on a desperate race against time to unravel a gigantic plot to cripple the world's only super-power, with connections back to the Consortium, the shadowy organization we got to know in Direct Action. Aside from theathers of war ranging from New York and Manhattan to Cuba, Mexico and Florida, in this installment we also take the fight to the murky waters inbetween - as we're introduced to modern naval combat in the same ultra-realistic style as we did on land in Direct Action. [Atari]


  • PC
Initial Release Date: May 30, 2006
  • Eugen Systems
Publisher: Atari SA


Guy Lampron
Directed By
Nadia Amaral
Cast: Zakharov's mistress
Rick Bramucci
Cast: Sergant Major Jefferson
Catia Castro
Cast: C.I.A. Analyst
Christian Fanning
Cast: Mayor Jason Richter
Stephanie Farrell
Cast: Reporter in San Fransisco
Norm MacQueen
Cast: Jude Corwin
Nick Mihalovits
Cast: Richard Chamberlain
Peter Rossner
Cast: Arthur Kingman
Antonella Ruffolo
Cast: Sniper
Daniel Stringer
Cast: The President
Bill Thurlow
Cast: General Kelly
Lita Tresierra
Cast: Lieutenant Vega
Lindsay Wilson
Cast: TV Host
Hudson Piehl
Produced By: executive producer
Henrik Strandberg
Produced By: senior producer
Aldo Tirelli
Casting Director
Ludovic Poirot
Art Direction
Laurence Berkani
Visual Effects: visual effects producer
Jean-Christophe Boue
Visual Effects: digital compositor,digital effects artist
Sébastien Gagné
Visual Effects: digital compositor
Sebastien Nadeau
Visual Effects: digital effect artist
Florent Revel
Visual Effects: character animator
Sebastien Veilleux
Visual Effects: digital compositor
Geneviève Blais
Art Department: property master
Adrian Escultura
quality assurance supervisor: test operations
Rich Aitken
Music Department: score producer
Bruno Rosato
Casting Department: casting associate