Description: High above the mightiest peaks of Norrath a secret world exists. This Overrealm, made up of enormous islands of land suspended in the air, is home to aviaks and creatures never-before seen, but it is the splintered and warring dragons who rule it. Higher level advancement - now reach level 70 as an adventurer or artisan. All-new Achievement system to further specialize your character's abilities. Guild advancement expanded to level 50. Four new arena champions and two new arenas. All new Heritage Quests allow players to gain amazingly powerful items, personal status, adventure experience and even a reward made famous in the original EverQuest or EverQuest Online Adventures. Signature Quests which reward large experience bonuses, personal status, entirely new items, and advance the lore of EverQuest II. Brand new pieces of armor, such as Profession Hats, Helmets and Pauldrons, will make your character look more distinct. [Sony Online Entertainment]


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Feb 21, 2006
  • Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment


Scott Hartsman
Directed By
Tracy Seamster
Written By: staff writer
Stoney Emshwiller
Cast: Custodian Zaddar Sullissia,Deputy Stoutgut,Fluwkowir Haggleton
Bruce A. Ferguson
Produced By: producer
Steve George
Produced By: associate producer
Scott Hartsman
Produced By: senior producer
Erik Thiesz
Produced By: associate producer
Preston Martin
Sound: adr recordist
Cat Neri
Sound: audio lead
Michael Bacon
Art Department: senior artist
William B. Yeatts
Art Department: character artist,lead artist
Caroline Amiguet
International PR & Marketing
Tim Cox
web developer
Nandor Szots
senior programmer
Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum
Music Department: assistant to composer