Description: [Xbox Live Arcade] The Gunstar 9 planet was peaceful for many years until the vicious dictator Colonel Red kidnapped the Gunstar twins' older brother, and used mind control to make him his slave. Now, face many different enemies and bosses in Gunstar Heroes, as you battle to stop the dictator from unleashing "Golden Silver the Destructor" with apocalyptic consequences! Multiple game modes: Play all four game modes, and save your progress as you battle the forces of Colonel Red. Multiplayer: Play local multiplayer, or co-op multiplayer over Xbox LIVE. [Sega]


  • 3DS
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • PC
Initial Release Date: Aug 20, 2015
  • M2
Publisher: Sega


Masato Maegawa
Produced By: supervisor
Satoshi Murata
Sound: sound designer
Hiroshi Iuchi
Art Department: background artist
Tetsuhiko Kikuchi
Animation: character designer
Kaname Shindoh
special thanks
Katsuhiko Suzuki
special thanks