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  • Summary: Band Together is an addictive micro-platformer with single screen puzzles for the iPad 2 and the New iPad featuring gorgeous Retina graphics! It was developed by a team of three students overseen by Dave Taylor ("Doom", "Quake", "Abuse", "Karateka").Band Together is an addictive micro-platformer with single screen puzzles for the iPad 2 and the New iPad featuring gorgeous Retina graphics! It was developed by a team of three students overseen by Dave Taylor ("Doom", "Quake", "Abuse", "Karateka"). Art direction and overall game design was provided by John Chalfant, best known for his stunning characters in the WarCraft 3 trailers, his design work on Arthas (the "Lich King") for World of WarCraft, for his many collaborations with David Lynch, and most recently for the iconic key art used to promote "Batman: Arkham City"."Band Together is like Little Big Planet meets Lemmings...but with thumbtack death machines! How cool is THAT?" -- Duane Stinnett, Art Director on Starcraft and Diablo"As an aficionado of the cute and twisted, I love the art direction of Band Together." -- Lorne Lanning, Creative Director of the Oddworld Quintology"The characters are 'cuddly' but in a very sophisticated way, and the thumbtack 'nemesis' element is brilliant, not just clever. The shading, the overall ambience is thoroughly conducive in complimenting the overall 'story' base of creatures under threat. Kudos." -- Syd Mead, Designer"Countless times I've witnessed people get transfixed and mesmerized by Band Together (myself included). I'm impressed that students were able to craft a game so engaging and addictive." -- Mike L. Murphy, Animator, Lord of the RingsThe Backstory:Michael Silverstein is nicknamed "Midge" by the mean kids in school because he has tiny, tiny hands. Frustrated, Midge retreats to his Great Aunt's attic, where he makes things with his tiny hands that no one else can.While digging through the bowels of the attic, Midge finds an old, dusty shoebox. Inside are curious little creatures fast asleep. When exposed to the light, they all wake up and stare at Midge's tiny hands like they're the hands of God.Midge quickly takes a shine to the little creatures and decides to call them "Bandies" because they seem to like to band together. While they don't say much, Midge eventually discovers that the Bandies are pining to be "tested", so he begins to build a series of diabolical tests to push the mysterious little Bandies to their limits!The Game:Welcome to "Band Together: The Unboxing" for the iPad 2 and new iPad. Simply touch a Bandi, and drag him where you want to go. Remember to keep all your Bandies well lit so they don't fall asleep, and steer clear of thumbtack death machines, pencil pit traps, baseball boulders, and more. Figure out how to reach the popsicle stick pressure plates and miniature switches that open the trapdoors, retract the pencil walls, and move up the platforms that will get the bandies to the exit. Part puzzle game, part adventure- all painfully cute fun for your iPad 2 and the new iPad!Game Features: o Dozens of engaging levels with a gentle learning curve! o Watch the story unfold in Midge's hand-drawn secret journal! o Skip the levels that you aren't ready for and return to them later! o See how many Bandies you can save on each level! o Thoroughly tested on children aged 4 to 100! No kidding! o No blood, no gore, but strangely satisfying anyway! o For a limited time, no distracting in-app purchases and no advertisements!Special Platform Features: o Gorgeous, ultra-high-definition graphics for the New iPad! o High-definition graphics for the iPad 2! o Super broken and slow on the original iPad! Please don't buy it for that!Check out the trailer at http://bandtogetherthegame.comThanks:We would like to thank Unity (particularly Joe Santos!) for their support and for making a wonderful game engine to make shipping this title much easier! Expand
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  1. Jun 25, 2012
    Band Together winds up feeling just a little bit inconsistent. Judged purely on its puzzling, it doesn't really distinguish itself. The puzzles are well-crafted, but they aren't going to seriously tax most players. But bring in the themes, the atmosphere and the presentation and it starts to resemble an experience that shouldn't be missed.
  2. Jul 5, 2012
    In its current form, Band Together is really good, great even. It definitely deserves a look. There is still this nagging feeling though that with a few more levels, which are coming, or tighter controls it could be something fantastic.
  3. Jun 25, 2012
    What makes Band Together especially challenging is this: once a Bandy falls off a platform, there's no way to go back. This is where much of the head-scratching comes into play, since you must plot several moves ahead to see how puzzles unfold.
  4. Jun 30, 2012
    Not without its flaws, Band Together is strong enough to still be enjoyable in spite of them.
  5. Jun 28, 2012
    Band Together is interesting, but its negative quirks prevent us from wholeheartedly recommending it.