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  • Summary: The tournament has begun. Stop waiting for your buildings to finish. It'ss time to start battling. Fates Forever is a free action game where you team up with your friends in epic player vs. player battles.
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  1. Jul 15, 2014
    Fates Forever is ultimately quite the fun game, and that's because, well, it's a MOBA and it doesn't go too far outside the beaten path of what the genre has dictated.
  2. Jul 8, 2014
    A stunning MOBA that's been made with mobile in mind, but without compromising on the tactical depth or visual splendour of its PC-based influences.
  3. Grab It Magazine
    Sep 1, 2014
    Fates Forever is the fully-fledged MOBA experience we’ve come to love, but mobile. If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into, it’s a heck of a lot deeper than the typical pick-up-put-down experiences that litter the App Store. [Episode 7, September 2014]
  4. Aug 19, 2014
    Fates Forever does a great job in bringing a true MOBA experience to your tablet, with a good number of solid characters for you to use in both competitive and cooperative modes.
  5. 80
    A well executed handheld take on the MOBA genre. Well worth a look if the genre’s your thing.
  6. Aug 5, 2014
    Fates Forever does a good job of scaling back the established MOBA formula and making it appropriately fit the strengths and constraints of iPad gaming. Its interface is strong, its controls work well, and its matches are short.
  7. Jul 18, 2014
    In truth, it’s clear the developers of Fates Forever were trying to build something very much akin to Blizzard’s casual hit – boiling down push-and-pull of MOBA into something quick, simple, and great to look at (the game looks great, by the way, though the human/animal character design is uninspiring). They just happened to reveal the limitations of doing so in the process.
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  1. Jul 20, 2014
    As deep as it is simple. This free to play MOBA game has an amazing art style that will make you think you're playing a top notch PC title. ItAs deep as it is simple. This free to play MOBA game has an amazing art style that will make you think you're playing a top notch PC title. It has a deep tutorial to start the game so even new to play MOBA games feel right at home quickly. The only thing keeping this from a 10 is the control layout, as you have to drag the character across your device using the touch screen, an option for a d-pad would have been a nice addition to add variety. There are some IAP's mostly character unlocks, and as of this point these only use real currency and not in game rewards. Overall this will quickly become a go to game for your iPad that you won't want to delete. Expand