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  • Summary: Run, jump, and drive across vast, dreamy 3D landscapes. Shrink into surreal, 2D dungeons inside of characters' bodies. Travel the world, meet strange people, and save the world from the dangerous Nano Dust. Don't miss the follow-up to the classic game 'Anodyne.'
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  1. Apr 7, 2021
    Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is a deeply affecting game, one that impresses with its ability to make the ‘big questions’ it wants to address an integral part of the worldbuilding, rather than something that characters ponder about in monologues. At its core, Anodyne 2 is about how the essence of life is change, and how trying to stop that change, as scary as it might be, is a fool’s errand.
  2. Aug 16, 2019
    Yes, Anodyne 2 is weird, but it’s also very charming and unique. We think it’s worth a try, but make sure you understand its concept and you approach it with an open mind.
  3. Aug 28, 2019
    While just a 10 to 15-hour adventure, more crazy things happen in Anodyne 2: Return to Dust than in any other 100-hour RPG. What starts as a simple 3D explorer/platformer and Zelda-esque dungeon crawler, soon turns into a journey through a realm that is otherworldly beyond any doubt, and yet manages to feel so familiar... like a faint memory, or a place you paid a visit in your sleep. It's not a game that was designed to be experienced by everyone, yet everyone is advised to experience it, if only for its beautiful, vintage PS1 visuals.
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  1. Aug 12, 2019
    A one-of-a-kind splicing of PS1 with 16-bit aesthetics and formal conventions, streaked with self-aware humour, sorrow and yearning. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Aug 13, 2019
    There’s a certain joy in enjoying both modes side by side, the tightness of the puzzle boxes next to the floatiness and abstraction of the 3D spaces, which evoke both the 3D platformers of the 32-and-64-bit era as well as much less cheery work, such as the haunting landscapes of Connor Sherlock and Kitty Horrorshow’s works.
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  1. Jul 7, 2020
    Easily the best indie game I've ever played. An essential experience of interactive media