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  • Summary: The first fully 3-D tactical action/strategy game to effortlessly mix line-of-sight arcade urgency with the command interface required to lead a massed force to victory, delivering highly challenging and addictive gameplay across a breathtaking, dynamic battlefield. [TalonSoft]
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  1. Spank!
    As an excellent variation on the throw away RTS culture of the moment, especially for it's potential longevity on my play list and for some pukka explosions!
  2. The action is intense; the settings are spectacular and the gameplay is very well balanced.
  3. It's jolly good fun and should be examined immediately.
  4. A game that perhaps could have been very good, but for various reasons, just isn't.
  5. Between the lack of a save game feature, the ridiculous level of difficulty and the clunky controls, the much-hyped Dogs of War is toppled from its pedestal to become the one thing that it seeks to avoid: a decidedly average and utterly forgettable offering.
  6. PC Gamer
    A game that really is unlike any other, in both good ways and bad ways. [Oct 2000, p.134]
  7. CNET Gamecenter
    With unwieldy gameplay and a variety of bugs, "Dogs of War" isn't worthy of being in the same genre as "Ground Control."

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