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  • Summary: Ascend from your shelter. Ruin everything. Escape the wretched island. Explore. Fight. Level up. Survive. Gather. Craft. Harvest. Hunt. Build. Farm. Solve puzzles. Fish. Cook. Live. Enjoy the bittersweet post-apocalypse.
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  1. Feb 2, 2022
    Despite this light narrative, DYSMANTLE remains an accomplishment — it’s a crafting adventure that doesn’t just have a destructible world, it makes destroying that world important and satisfying. DYSMANTLE may just be a gimmick stretched out to full-game length, but it’s a hell of a gimmick, and it certainly deserves praise.
  2. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Dec 15, 2021
    It’s like Diablo, except you mostly fight dressers, fridges and street lights. [Issue#257, p.76]
  3. Jan 21, 2022
    Dysmantle elevates somewhat shallow mechanics with a satisfying and addictive gameplay loop centered around exploration and character progression.