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  • Summary: Platformines is a unique 2D platformer packed with exploration, RPG and shooter elements, set in a vast 16-bit underground world! Customise your character, master all difficulty levels and literally jump to the top of the leaderboards to prove your skills!
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  1. Apr 17, 2014
    With the old style platform gameplay, 2D pixellated graphics and some cool retro 8-bit style music (thrown in with some other cool looping tunes), Platformines feels like it should have been released decades ago. But the game is definitely a huge amount of fun to play.
  2. Apr 5, 2014
    A complex world to explore, packed with enemies and traps. The game design is consistent and controls work great here. But it gets tiring after few hours and it lacks true inspiration. Nevertheless it's an enjoyable ride.
  3. Apr 14, 2014
    This game has not received too much attention, but the mix of ideas put into it does deserve it. We recommend to at least try it, since it has a demo available.
  4. Apr 4, 2014
    Platformines is a brief, fun and fast paced experience, created with a nice pixelated style and enriched by a great soundtrack. Well, maybe too brief, given that the first run is over in less then 4 hours, and after that the only thing to do is another playthough with increased difficulty.
  5. Apr 23, 2014
    Platformines surprises. The quick gameplay is fun, the enemies in their particular parts of the map are challenging and the open world gives you the freedom to take whatever way you want to go. Platformines is far from a perfect game, but it deserves a chance as it delivers more then you might expect.
  6. Jul 2, 2014
    Entertaining action platforming with random levels and little diversity.
  7. Apr 1, 2014
    I stopped getting involved in the bulk of the fighting after a only a few short hours, instead choosing to simply ran to each cannon. Then I did the five-minute puzzle bit at the end and got a ‘well done’ screen for my efforts. For all its promise, then, sadly Platformines is a deflating balloon of a game.

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