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  • Summary: A Virtual Reality campaign pitting you, the Agency’s best sharpshooter, against a global insurgency.
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  1. Jun 19, 2018
    Sniper Rust VR is trying quite hard to be the Sniper Elite 4 of VR, but sadly lack the setting, storyline, characters and polish needed to be in that league. A lot more work needs to be done before it can be considered as a recommended title, especially in terms of graphics and the great, gaping plot holes. What works in a casual mobile title does not always translate well into PC, especially in VR.
  2. Jul 23, 2018
    Sniper Rust VR is a collection of things that make for an unentertaining experience, but a poor shooting experience is the final straw.
  3. Jun 27, 2018
    Sniper Rust VR’s formula may work on the mobile free-to-play market, but as a VR title, it doesn’t take advantage of the medium in a way that justifies its existence. Anyone who has handled a sniper rifle in virtual reality will know that sniping should feel fun and rewarding, not like the chore as it is presented here. Unless you’re looking for a lesson in how not to design a VR shooter, steer clear of Sniper Rust VR.
  4. Jun 19, 2018
    While it is provably true that VR can be a good fit for shooting games, it is not true that a game can simply be built for a VR platform without putting a lot of thought into the vast differences between a flat, finger-based model and the VR model. Sniper Rust VR does not demonstrate that any such thought went into at all. Do yourself a favor - try the free demo before paying for this one.
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