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  1. Aug 24, 2016
    The whole thing is fun to play, and with a good presentation accompanying a great game length, SteamWorld Heist is a worthy addition to any game library.
  2. Jul 5, 2016
    SteamWorld Heist is a delight right from the very beginning. A beautiful stripped-back strategy game that ditches many of the genres bells and whistles in order to focus on the action, it offers an appealingly new perspective on one of the oldest genres in video games.
  3. Jun 23, 2016
    SteamWorld Heist is a great turn based strategy game with a brilliant art style and good action.
  4. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Sep 14, 2016
    Turn-based strategy with an amazing atmosphere and interesting action aiming, among whose weaknesses belong both shorter game-time and hardcore difficulty. However, you should not miss it. [Issue#266]
  5. Jul 18, 2016
    Fresh and accessible turn-based strategy not only for fans of the genre but also for all who simply enjoy unusual and elaborate game worlds.
  6. Jun 30, 2016
    A charming romp through pirate space that successfully translates XCOM's combat into gorgeous 2D robot battles. Shame there isn't much to do between missions though.
  7. CD-Action
    Sep 16, 2016
    A solid, pretty and enjoyable tactical game held back by lack of the strategic layer and unengaging story. [09/2016, p.44]
  8. Jul 7, 2016
    It’s a very rare hybrid (if not the only one) of side-scrolling and turn-based gameplay that functions much better than expected. Both its strength and its weakness rests in its simplicity. On one hand its extremely easy to pick up and play in mere minutes, but on the other hand its lack of any kind depth on skills and equipment customization hurt, somewhat, the experience on the long term.
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  1. I thoroughly recommend it, for those looking for something erring much more toward the more casual end of the strategy world, the only region of the genre with which I’m comfortable. It’s bright, breezy, light and fun, and perhaps, after all, that’s enough.

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  1. Jul 7, 2016
    From digging mines in Steamworld Dig to traversing the galaxy in a pirate spaceship alongside a smuggler crew. Steamworld Heist disembarksFrom digging mines in Steamworld Dig to traversing the galaxy in a pirate spaceship alongside a smuggler crew. Steamworld Heist disembarks forgetting about the formula that made its predecessor famous, in order to, advance the medium with a risky movement, transform itself to an action packed turn based strategy game, straying far away from the previously mentioned comfort zone.

    Set in an steampunk-style environment, in this dystopian future there is a neat finish with a two dimensional graphic design. Although it boasts great visual art, the action of the fighting will make one put aside the beauty of the sceneries around in pursuit of a focus on achieving victory, using its design and objects for this purpose.

    The audio is like the gameplay, fast and dynamic, there is no voice acting, only short sounds that the characters make while talking. The rest is all dump functions, the use of objects and ambient music is well-implemented, that comes to the game like a ring on a finger, of the hand of the folk group Steam Powered Giraffe, they can be seen performing in the different scenarios that we visited, just as if they were other characters of the game.

    The game makes its foundation clear from the get go: the Earth was torn to pieces, and the steam based that lived there were forced to wander the cosmos in search of resources to survive. As if that weren't enough, there are two factions of enemies to face, they are the Looters, who are enslaving those who still reside in the remnants of the Earth, stealing the last drop of resources, and on the other side, the Loyalists, more advanced diesel based robots which seem to represent a corporate dictatorship. All of that, and something more...

    The captain of a pirate ship, Piper Faraday, together with a group of smugglers, will begin a journey through space to give a lesson to the looters and collect resources. Travelling to different places where you will recruit new troops to help in the task.

    Being playable both with mouse and keyboard, the game expands your way of being played, even allowing to combine both peripherals to the time of the action. Unfortunately, when you use the mouse to shoot, it can be annoying that it auto-locks aggressively towards what it wants to shoot.

    In Steamworld Heist one makes use of his own playstyle, be it slow and methodical, direct or from afar, or even kamikaze. The different ways of doing the same creates a different experience for each player. However, the increasing difficulty of the game will force one level retries, updating their type of strategy and adapting to the type of circumstances presented.

    On choosing, we will not only have a weapon available, for though the system of equipment of the characters is basic, sleek and simple, you will also have to choice of medkits, bombs and other equipment to improve movement, protection and others. Each character has three equipment slots that must be used strategically, as this will depend on the success of many battles.

    Once in action, you will need to use the design of the level, like objects that provide cover, to tilt the balance in favor of Piper and her group. When making the use of barrels to take cover, the enemies will break it if damaged enough, and in the case of seeking cover behind explosives, it is best to go in thinking of what to do when you have to repeat the level. Once in cover, you must use the system for pointing and shooting, because the trajectory of the bullets is displayed on the screen if it has a laser sight; the bullets are capable of bouncing against surfaces, increased the strategy range, also considering, that the damage dealt depends of the impact area on the enemy.

    The pace of the fighting goes hand in hand with the turn system, because everything will go at a relatively fast pace, even allowing you to enable in the game’s menu, the option to fast-forward character movements in order to save time.

    Given that the level repetition, and the process of trial and error on pre-existing can patterns become extremely tedious, the game manages to randomly generate the layout of each level, which is without doubt a great relief for those who hate the constant repetition, and favours replayability since the game presents a development that is addictive in all its aspects.

    Despite the fact that the game ends when it no longer has more to offer, fan petitions become notable, the one to add a multiplayer mode that would definitevely lengthen the experience incalculably and thus increase its replay value.

    Steamworld Heist, as the title of strategy, but with the inclusion of elements of a role playing game, results in a safe bet for all of those who enjoy the genre. Addictive, fast, balanced but challenging; a jewel like no other.
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  2. Jul 6, 2016
    There have been very few games that explore the squad-based tactical genre with a side-scroller perspective. SteamWorld Heist does this byThere have been very few games that explore the squad-based tactical genre with a side-scroller perspective. SteamWorld Heist does this by combining elements of the classics X-COM and Worms, being played with a well made and full of content campaign.

    With hand-drawn graphics, a selection of fresh colors and well made animations, SteamWorld Heist sells itself as a nice game in sight. Once we launch the game and see how it stands, we will be captivated by only appreciating the aesthetics. The music, though its obvious endless loops plays, reflects a decent level of production that is good for the steampunk and tactical setting theme.

    The game offers the option to be played with keyboard or mouse. Using the keyboard we will feel the Worms kinesthetic when moving our units directly in combat, while using the mouse command we will have the feeling of playing a side-scroller 2D X-COM, if that is not enough the game supports the use of a gamepad. Whatever our means of interaction will be, these options will give us the comfort that will fit our preference.

    SteamWorld Heist is the third game of the SteamWorld universe, and although it is not a sequel to the previous titles, it is set hundreds of years in the future. This time the Earth has been destroyed, and intelligent steam-driven robots have managed to survive in space, for it they not only seek for water and resources, but must deal with scrappers and Royalists, diesel-driven robots that abuse of their power by monopolizing space. We will play as Captain Piper Faraday, commanding a crew of smugglers.

    The best way to describe SteamWorld Heist is either imagining a side-scroller X-COM or a more tactical Worms. However, those who have not experienced these strategy titles and might lack of references, will understand the mechanic of the game if it is described as an role-playing squad-based tactical game with side-scroller perspective.

    As is characteristic of the genre, we will be in charge of a team of units with unique abilities and attributes. Combat will be made up of rounds of one turn per unit. These units may take cover in the environment, attack and use skills and items. The tactical dynamics of the game are based around the player's ability to coordinate their moves and make optimal use of the potential of their units.

    Once we start the campaign we can choose from five difficulties: Casual, Regular, Experienced, Veteran and Elite. Each difficulty not only describes what audience of players it fits, but it specifies how it will reward the players when it comes to the experience gain. As if that were not enough, at the beginning of each mission we can re-adjust the difficulty to our liking. This not only makes the game friendly for those who are new to the game's genre, but also offers a real challenge to those who are veterans.

    The tutorial will teach us the essential mechanics of the game, including the fact that the bullets can bounce, which is one of the peculiar features of this title and by which it takes advantage if its side-scroller 2D nature.

    Once we complete each mission, the living units will gain experience to level up, and thereby increase their attributes and unlock skills. In addition, we can equip the crew with weapons and equipment that will modify their statistics. These items will be obtained by opening swags that we will pick up in the map of each mission and by buying them in stores with the game's currency: water.

    It is notable that one of the features that makes the title so replayable is not only the versatility in the difficulty, but that the game manages to prevent us from playing the same missions each time we enter them, that is because the game randomly generates the structure of the maps whenever we replay them.

    Once we finish the campaign once, we will unlock the New Game+, which has a higher difficulty. However, despite that the title offers a successful campaign that invites to be replayed while taking advantage of its random map generation, it is regrettable that the game with its potential can not be enjoyed through interaction and competition with other players due to the lack of a multiplayer features.

    SteamWorld Heist offers a premise that has not been explored in other titles, with a mechanically challenging combat, fans of the genre will be in no way disappointed. Meanwhile, more casual players are invited to be pleased by their difficulty selection system, which allows them to set the conditions of the combat mechanics and make the experience more of a ride that an unforgivable challenge.

    The fact that the game with its great potential does not support a multiplayer mode can cause discouragement for many, however, the game offers a satisfactory campaign that does not fall short with its sense of progress and persistent RPG features. This is why SteamWorld Heist becomes so easy to recommend, the versatility in the challenge it offers will not disappoint any kind of audience.
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  3. Dec 27, 2017
    Seriously, this is 2D XCOM except it is better, funnier, and cuter. I actually preferred Steamworld Heist to XCOM 2. Love the SteampunkSeriously, this is 2D XCOM except it is better, funnier, and cuter. I actually preferred Steamworld Heist to XCOM 2. Love the Steampunk setting, color palette, music, and the feels. Full Review »