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  • Summary: The latest game in the "massively multiplayer role-playing" (MMRP) Ultima Online series adds a 3D graphics to the vast world of Britannia.
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  1. New features aside, this is the original Ultima Online spiced up a bit, but hoping to appeal to a new core of gamers. In reality, what this game offers is a cyber place to meet, greet and do battle.
  2. Total Video Games
    Not a bad attempt for the first 3D UO game but personally I was expecting more in the way of new items and things to do.
  3. PC Gamer
    There's a lot to like in this expansion - but it's no replacement for "UO2." [July 2001, p.71]
  4. Despite Third Dawn, Ultima Online still isn't easy to get into; it's an acquired taste, which many acquired back when there was nothing else available or similar.
  5. The game itself is showing signs of wear. There’s only so much cosmetic surgery they can do and so many new lands they can create before it becomes obvious that the game is just on its last legs.
  6. Da Gameboyz
    I can only recommend this game to those who still play UO and enjoy it for the obvious benefits of the new interface and access to the new continent.
  7. The new graphics are less distinct than the old 2D ones. It's just plain harder to see things like weapons and smaller creatures.

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