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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 1308 Ratings

Summary: In the distant future, the X universe faces a period of profound and irrevocable change. While the universe stumbles towards an uncertain future, countless adventures await as new enemies rise in search of power. Enter a young adventurer and his unlikely female ally traveling in an old, battered ship with a glorious past - two people alone against the galaxy, playing a key part in the events to come. The fate of the universe rests in the hands of the player...
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Rating: T
Official Site: http://www.xrebirth.com/
Developer: Egosoft
Genre(s): Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Large Spaceship, Large Spaceship, Civilian
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Peter Kullgard Producer
Bernd Lehahn Director And Design Lead
Bernd Lehahn Director And Design Lead
Markus Pohl Programmer
Markus Pohl Programmer
Markus Pohl Programmer
Christian Vogel Art
Alexander Preuss Art
Alexander Preuss Video
Alexander Preuss Video
Alexander Preuss Video
Martin Brenner Programmer
Klaus Meyer Programmer
Helge Kautz Fiction Lead
Alexei Zakharov Musical Lead
Alexei Zakharov Musical Lead
Roger Boerdijk Programmer
Roger Boerdijk Writer
Roger Boerdijk Writer
Darren Vine Programmer
Oliver Nikelowski Artist (The Light Works)
Andreas Itze Programmer
Michael Baumgardt Programmer
Arne Langenbach Artist (The Light Works)
Iring Freytag Artist (The Light Works)
Mark Wilson Text
Mike Lewis Programmer
Jacob Grimm Localisation (German)
Paul Stacey Designer
Lee Allen Designer
Tobias Richter Artist (The Light Works)
Andreas Borcherding Voice Talent (German)
Andreas Borcherding Voice: (German)
Shirin Lotze Voice Talent (German)
Shirin Lotze Voice: (German)
Wolfgang Schatz Voice Talent (German)
Wolfgang Schatz Voice: (German)
Chris Burtt-Jones Programmer
Chris Burtt-Jones Text
Chris Burtt-Jones Text
Benedikt Albert Designer
Benedikt Albert Text
Benny Kayser Designer
Anthony Montoya Designer
Anthony Montoya Text
Jeff Hatch Designer
Robert Hentschke Designer
Tobias Zalud Designer
Andres Schaffhauser Designer
Filipe Teixeira Designer
Justin Sacco Designer
Stuart Wayne Austin Designer
Stuart Wayne Austin Writer
Stuart Wayne Austin Writer
Owen Lake Programmer
Owen Lake Writer
Owen Lake Writer
Owen Lake Writer
Christopher Wagoner Story
Christopher Wagoner Writer
Phil Royle Story
Phil Royle Writer
Terry Orr Story
Terry Orr Writer
Tomasz Borowik Programmer
Christoph Schulze Programmer
Dirk Groben Audio
Dirk Groben Programmer
Florian Lutkecosmann Programmer
Florian Lutkecosmann Text
Matthias Haan Programmer
Stefan Hett Programmer
Elshad Shirinov Programmer
Simon Ellis Programmer
Lino Thomas Art
Simon Trumpler Art
Simon Trumpler Audio
Christian Hercher Art
Daniel Finney Audio
Richard Portley Video
Raphael Alexis Text
Alan Phipps Text
Julian Vielemeyer Localisation (German)
Julian Vielemeyer Text
Daniel von der Haar Localisation (German)
Carsten Baumfalk Localisation (German)
Dirk Lutzen Localisation (German)
Sebastian Freuck Localisation (German)
Vincent Wiener Localisation (German)
Marc Huhardeaux Localisation (French)
Benoit Baliguet Localisation (French)
Philippe Lefort Localisation (French)
Antoine Jacob Localisation (French)
Nicolas Brax Localisation (French)
Thomas Szapiro Localisation (French)
Christian Deligant Localisation (Italian)
Francesco Marino Localisation (Italian)
Claudio Bonesana Localisation (Italian)
Luca Pace Localisation (Italian)
Pietro Capurro Localisation (Italian)
Oscar Cruz Localisation (Spanish)
Josep Vilamitjana Localisation (Spanish)
Enrique Marroquin Localisation (Spanish)
Pablo Novarese Localisation (Spanish)
Li Xiong Localisation (Chinese)
Fisher Lee Localisation (Chinese)
Eric Ling Localisation (Chinese)
Wally Tu Localisation (Chinese)
Thae Houn Kim Localisation (Korean)
Antanas Balvocius Artist (Animakers LT)
Martynas Dysa Artist (Animakers LT)
Stefan Bellersheim Artist (The Light Works)
Jennifer Marx Artist (The Light Works)
Enrico Weinert Artist (The Light Works)
Ivelin G. Ivanov Artist (The Source Studio)
Evgeni Yordanov Artist (The Source Studio)
Ulrich Zeidler Additional Artist
Sacha Angel Diener Additional Artist
Klaus Schmid Artist (Violetmedia GMBH)
Volkan Dedeoglu Artist (Violetmedia GMBH)
Klaus Brunner Artist (Violetmedia GMBH)
Leonid Erichmann Artist (Violetmedia GMBH)
Anna-Sophia Lumpe Voice Talent (English)
Anna-Sophia Lumpe Voice:
Ann Sieder Voice Talent (English)
Ann Sieder Voice:
John Luc Julian Voice Talent (English)
John Luc Julian Voice:
Andy Puhl Voice Talent (English)
Andy Puhl Voice:
Peter Seaton Clark Voice Talent (English)
Peter Seaton Clark Voice:
Adam Lacy Voice Talent (English)
Adam Lacy Voice:
Olivia Powell Voice Talent (English)
Olivia Powell Voice:
rank Lennart Voice Talent (English)
rank Lennart Voice:
Daryl Jackson Voice Talent (English)
Daryl Jackson Voice:
Anton Poggio Voice Talent (English)
Anton Poggio Voice:
Jo Kern Voice Talent (German)
Jo Kern Voice: (German)
Michaela Amler Voice Talent (German)
Michaela Amler Voice: (German)
Daniel Piezuch Voice Talent (German)
Daniel Piezuch Voice: (German)
K. Schwarzmeier Voice Talent (German)
K. Schwarzmeier Voice: (German)
Nico Macoulis Voice Talent (German)
Nico Macoulis Voice: (German)
Stefan Lehnen Voice Talent (German)
Stefan Lehnen Voice: (German)
Wolfram Ruperti Voice Talent (German)
Wolfram Ruperti Voice: (German)
Mike Lewis Programmer
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