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  1. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    By striking a balance between fresh and familiar, and by delivering the best aspects of Street Fighters past, Street Fighter IV is easily one of this console generation's best fighting games. [Feb 2009, p.66]
  2. 100
    At the end of the day, that's really what this Street Fighter is: it's a title that's built for newcomers, yet tweaked for old school vets from the arcade and console days. [Mar 2009, p.75]
  3. 100
    Street Fighter IV is not just a top notch next-gen version of Street Fighter, it is in essence what Capcom always wanted the Street Fighter franchise to be.
  4. Street Fighter IV combines old and new in powerful ways, resulting in a game familiar enough to bring retired fans back into the fold while being different enough to appeal to the players who have stuck with the genre since day one.
  5. If you ever dabbled in fighting games, you need to check this one out, and if you haven't, there's no better introduction than what Capcom has crafted here.
  6. 100
    Capcom and DIMPS have done an amazing job with Street Fighter 4. It's obvious from front to back that the people working on this game knew the legacy they were contending with, and found the guts to finish this project with conviction. This is no mere copycat; this is a proud new addition. It's a bold, confident fighter that celebrates its heritage while bringing fresh, new ideas to the table, arriving in a remarkably complete package that -- if this were the last Street Fighter to ever be created -- earns its rightful place in the series' canon.
  7. 100
    This isn't just a prettier SFII - it's the absolute king of fighting games.
  8. It will be like playing SFII for the first time all over again, only with the years of love and experience you've since gained already built in. To long-term Street Fighter fans, everything old is new again. To the new players, we simply say welcome to the party. You're going to have a hell of a good time.
  9. The best version of Street Fighter ever, the best 2D fighter ever and probably the best multiplayer ever.
  10. 100
    Even if you haven’t touched a fighting game since the 16-bit era, one match of Capcom’s new masterpiece will remind you why you spent so many hours at those now long-shuttered arcades.
  11. 100
    Capcom has no trouble in fulfilling the expectation that was hovering over the new installment of the Street Fighter franchise. It's going to be a tough job for the developer to improve this superb version of Street Fighter. The only thing that we can do now is to make a deep bow for Capcom and Street Fighter IV. Currently the best fighting game there is.
  12. AceGamez
    Street Fighter IV is the greatest fighting game ever created. Only Capcom can do this kind of thing with this much flair; it's a game that will definitely create a massive online community and, unless there's some kind of apocalypse, it'll thrive for a very long time indeed.
  13. 100
    This game deserves a place on everyone's shelf, from the most casual fan of fighting games to the most hardcore. No matter your personal skill level, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. SFIV's incredible art style, rock solid gameplay, and infinitely compelling multiplayer make it stand out as one of best games of this generation.
  14. It's the first game in years which inspired me to play it enough to get a blister on a blister on a blister.
  15. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    A tight-fisted gut blow of wow! Must own. [Mar 2009, p.70]
  16. But overall this is an incredible package that is without a doubt already a contender for game of the year.
  17. PSM3 Magazine UK
    SFIV had to be a Street Fighter that can be played by anyone who’s ever picked up Street Fighter II, and a Street Fighter that gives everyone all the help they’ll need if they’re starting completely from scratch. It’s effortlessly both of those things. While every other fighting game has become an elitist club for the best of the best, Capcom have given Street Fighter back to the people, where it belongs.
  18. 95
    Street Fighter IV is no less than the new standard for beat-‘em-ups. It's a triumphant return for the series after an eight year hiatus and is a seamless blend of the old and new, at once accessible to lapsed pugilists while being nuanced enough for the dedicated core to wallow in its depths.
  19. Capcom reincarnates the essence of the classic Street Fighter II in this fourth chapter: a tribute to the old school 2D fighting genre embodied with outstanding visuals and online capabilities. Street Fighter IV should be considered a new climax among beat-'em ups: perfect in its execution, solid gameplay, addictive as a masterpiece, and extremely fun. It is only weakened by a few pale scenarios and uncharming tunes, not to mention Capcom's decision to charge for the alternate costumes.
  20. Since it arrived last week, I've found it hard to put the game to the back of my mind. I woke up this morning and all I could think about was jumping online for a blast.
  21. From the moment you turn the game on and sit through the arty CGI intro, to the moment you chuck your first punch and see the game's incredible visuals, you can feel the amount love poured into making this game.
  22. Right now, Street Fighter IV is pretty much the best fighting game out there. There's a wide array of balanced characters to choose from and more that enough challenges to keep you off the streets for weeks. Whether you're a walking Street Fighter library or a newcomer to the series, this game is recommended for everyone who loves inviting some friends over for some quality time ass-whoopin'.
  23. If this were 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have to write 2,000 words explaining why Street Fighter is awesome, but since we’re here, stop reading this review and, for God’s sake, go out and buy this thing.
  24. 95
    Endlessly entertaining and featuring a fantastic selection of fighters, Street Fighter IV is the best one-on-one brawler your PS3 is ever likely to see. It deserves to be experienced by anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.
  25. 95
    The deepest fighting game ever released. It's combat engine is incredibly in depth, with even the hardest of the hardcore likely to be discovering new possibilities years from now. Even if you're new to Street Fighter, you can get up to speed with the training system and there's plenty of challenges to keep you entertained offline, with the best online implementation ever seen for those that like to spar over the internet.
  26. Its gameplay is straight out of the great days of old, add the inclusion of challenges and online multiplayer into the mix and you have yourself a thoroughly enjoyable title with a sustained life cycle that will permanently fuse game's disc into your consoles discdrive.
  27. 95
    Street Fighter IV is the culmination of two decades of learning what works, correcting what does not, making good things better, and discarding baffling missteps.
  28. 94
    Street Fighter IV is a very welcomed arrival of a classic that returns stronger than ever. Its adaptation to current times, making the most of the current graphical capacity to enhance the experience without taking unnecessary risks, and keeping the same gameplay which made it triumph, yet with interesting changes, is an example of how a franchise can be resurrected and led to present without losing its essence.
  29. Audio aside, Street Fighter IV is without question the best fighting game available right now, yes, better than Virtua Fighter 5. It boasts the amazing fluidity, balance, and appeal of Street Fighter II and III, with a great sense of reward.
  30. If you want to buy a good arcade stick or one of the SFIV-compatible control pads coming out for the game, then Street Fighter IV is a lot of fun.
  31. Street Fighter IV is proof that you can take classic gameplay and update it for today’s game consoles and it will be hit.
  32. 93
    Street Fighter IV is a fantastic game overall and Capcom should be commended for designing a game that can work on so many levels by appealing to both casual and hardcore players.
  33. A distillation of everything the genre does right. It delivers the intensity of competition and the thrill of victory, all through elegant techniques that are easy to learn and difficult to master. Street Fighter IV is more than mere nostalgia - it's the best thing to happen to fighting games in years. [Mar 2009, p.82]
  34. On the whole, Street Fighter IV is a fantastic achievement. It has a great fighting system, excellent visuals and decent audio.
  35. Fighting games have long been out of the spotlight, and Street Fighter IV basically carries the future of the entire genre. It refuses to make itself accessible, doling out tough love in place of true tutorials or simplified control schemes, but by proving to be deep and fundamentally enjoyable, the series has once again proven itself worthy of attention.
  36. The Street Fighter series goes back to its origins with this new chapter. Introducing a new amazing graphical style, this is THE must-buy for everyone out there. What’s more, it could be the best way to start a Street Fighter experience for newcomers, thanks to a great control system.
  37. Pelit (Finland)
    An excellent beat 'em up. It's pretty, fluid, surprisingly multi-layered and well-balanced. Too bad the statistics work in odd and mysterious ways. [Apr 2009]
  38. Street Fighter IV makes difficult things look easy, and achieves one of the best fighting games in this generation. Apparently simple but plenty of possibilities, this game is accessible and deep at the same time: Capcom has done a great job once again.
  39. This blend of familiar gameplay and contemporary aesthetic lends incredibly well to the game, giving you the sense that it’s something wholly new, with plenty of nods to a bygone era.
  40. The must-own Street Fighter sequel. SFII fans have been waiting more than a decade for a game like this.
  41. 90
    It's a brilliant game and – despite not offering the weightiest selection of modes, and failing to incorporate replay functionality for launch – deserves huge success.
  42. It's instantly familiar but with enough innovation to interest fighting game fanatics willing to dig a little deeper. Yes it's a conservative effort, a safe bet if you will, but it's still the best 2D fighting game since Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
  43. Despite its thin selection of modes, the core of the game is so remarkably solid that anyone with a passing interest would be a fool to pass it up what’s clearly solidified itself as the new standard for the future of fighters.
  44. None of the modes - Arcade, Time Attack, Versus - scream innovation, and confusing anime-style cut scenes had us scratching our heads, but the wealth of hidden content, online play and addictive combat make Street Fighter IV one of 2009's most exciting video games.
  45. 90
    Street Fighter IV is Street Fighter at its best. It's not the obtuse canvas for virtuosity that Street Fighter III was, nor are its subtleties bogged down by anything like Alpha 3's alphabet soup of "isms." All the stuff that makes it go is more or less plain to see, and more importantly, easy to execute (comparatively speaking -- if double-quarter-circle motions give you cramps, expect no quarter from even this game).
  46. Amazing presentation, intricate and enjoyable fighting gameplay, and long-term appeal with online play make this a must-have. Street Fighter IV is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of the fighting genre in this generation.
  47. The extensive character list, tried-and-true mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and quality play modes (including online battles) have updated this franchise in such a way that it feels both fresh and familiar. If you own a PS3 or Xbox 360, you simply have to go out and pick up Street Fighter IV - it will be remembered as one of the marquis fighting experiences of this generation of gaming.
  48. Street Fighter IV doesn’t have the potential to dethrone genre kings like the Smash Bros. or Soul Calibur. Still, it’s a great game and one of the best Beat’em Ups out there.
  49. When all is said and done, Street Fighter IV establishes itself as an excellent example of what a high-quality 2D fighter is capable of.
  50. Overall, Street Fighter 4 doesn’t bring a lot of new ideas to the table but it does do everything better than any previous incarnation, which is exactly what we wanted.
  51. Although it's unlikely to rekindle the impact of Street Fighter II, there's little denying that Street Fighter IV is a return to the joyful simplicity of the game that spawned an entire era.
  52. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It's taken nearly two decades, but SFII finally has a sequel that does it proud. [Mar 2009, p.96]
  53. Essentially a renaissance for the fighting game genre. Its style and core game mechanics are so incredibly strong that they outshine the few missteps that the title contains. It’s familiar enough for someone who hasn’t played it in 10 years to pick it up and execute the same special moves they grew up with.
  54. If you are a fan of the series, or are looking to get into fighting games, Street Fighter IV is one of the best we have seen in many, many years.
  55. Street Fighter IV brings back a refreshing wind of kicks and punches to the genre. It has placed itself amongst the top five beat 'em ups ever, with gorgeous graphics and highly advanced gameplay. The only drawback is the lack of more offline content and an online tournament mode. But who cares when you once again can set up perfect Hadouken in your mates face, but this time in glorious HD.
  56. From the perspective of a huge fan of the genre: Despite some minor flaws Street Fighter IV is nothing less than the best Beat’em-Up money can buy. The graphical style is amazing, the balancing good and if you use a decent arcade joystick the handling is great as well!
  57. Street Fighter IV changes the series' overall look to 3-D but still sticks to its root with the normal 2-D Street Fighter style gameplay that we have come to enjoy making it quite an enjoyable fighter to play for Street Fighter purists.
  58. A very good game which will entertain more than simply fans of the Street Fighter series. Long-term motivation and retro-charm are a good combination, which will guarantee the success of this title.
  59. Street Fighter IV gives the series the slap on the back it needs to catapult into the current and shake the fighting genre to its core.
  60. 80
    The game's menus are clunky, which gets annoying since you're constantly going in there to tweak your button settings and check the list of special moves. A menu will often tell you to press the A button to confirm your selection, but pressing it does nothing.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 418 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 65 out of 418
  1. LamarN.
    May 16, 2009
    Please explain how this game is balanced? All I need to say is this. Sagat, Akuma, Balrog, Zangief, Gouken, Ryu, and Ken. Sagat is ALWAYS Please explain how this game is balanced? All I need to say is this. Sagat, Akuma, Balrog, Zangief, Gouken, Ryu, and Ken. Sagat is ALWAYS overpowered, so there's no explanation needed for that, but you would think that by NOW Capcom would find a way to make him SOMEWHAT balanced. Akuma may have low health, but that doesn't matter when you can hardly touch the bastard. He also can do combos that take half your health and stun you, do you know what that means? It takes 2 combos to kill you. If you get STUNNED after the first one, that's like saying "You're pretty much dead after 1 combo." His ultra and super take way more health than necessary as well. Balrog (Or Mike Byson/Mighty Mother Fucker) is a pure example of what an overpowered hold character would be. His PRIORITY is really high, the damage he deals is pretty deadly, his SPEED is fast, he has frames that let you COMBO after his friggen hold moves giving you NO chance to punish him AFTER he does them (I've tried), he can ZOOM past projectiles (His headbutt goes through projectiles too, but that's not overpowered :B ), so what's NOT overpowered about this guy? He has great reach, strength, power, priority, antiprojectile moves, antiair moves, I mean he's a hold character, but 2 seconds doesn't seem too damn long when he can stay back as long as he likes. Zangief does too much damage with his overpowered Ultra that basically kills you, the range of his grabs are further than before, he has high priority moves, and who the Hell cares if his speed is low when he has the glowing hand of screen hop? He just zooms to you with that hand as if walking was a thing of a past, plus that damn thing does alot of damage, and it's hard to dodge his EX running grab because you'd have to jump over him or something to get past it, you can't just hit him because he'll GRAB you if you get close and attempt it, it won't knock him out of it and he won't lose his health anyhow, plus he's fucking huge so how can you expect to jump over that so easily? Gouken... This is a mix between a combo and shoto character in a way... He has a Fei Long move that's much more powerful, has much more range, is a bit less punishable, and you can't get out of it because you're hit into the friggen air and the other 2 hits hurt you while you're coming down... It's a strong ass juggling combo... His back grab MAY seem useless, but any grab that literally sets you up for a heavy damage ultra doesn't seem so useless after. He can Hadouken wherever he pleases as well. Just have to spam it right. Gouken is a mess for obvious reasons. Whatever the tier list says can kiss my ass because there's a HUGE flaw with it. These guys may be experts of Fighting games, but that doesn't mean they're good with every friggen character on the damned list, that's probably why they suck with Dan so badly, because they don't know how to use him and never even gave him a chance I bet, so if they think Dan sucks, they can suck on my balls and find a REAL Dan player instead of thinking "Hey, I'm an expert, I'm good with just every character automatically." Ryu and Ken: Have you noticed something? Why isn't Shoryuken an anti air move anymore? Anyhow, Ryu is just flatout good with everything. Ken is only good with shoryukens. Ryu has easy fast movements that can combo well, while Ken has some slightly heavier movements that don't combo as well. Anyhow, Ken's shoryuken pisses me off because it takes 1/4th of your God damned health, not to mention his Ultra... There's giving a chance to win and there's giving someone a fucking WIN BUTTON, what are they doing for KEN I wonder, I mean does he even NEED it? Ryu and Ken are both great characters already, but no, they have to give them more than they deserve. Also, Ryu's Super and Ultra are so easy to merge compared to everyone else's that it's not even funny. Let's move on to the SUCKY characters. Fei Long (I LOVE Fei Long, but he sucks compared to other characters) is a character I love and a little hard to figure out... kinda.. Anyhow, his 3 hit combo is very punishable, it does so little damage, you have to TIME the hits right to go past a projectile when BALROG can just go like "Hey, a projectile?" and the projectile hits him going like "Tink" as if it didn't hit him, they nerfed his Chicken Wing that had no range but did around as much damage as Ken's Shoryuken, he has almost no antiprojectile properties, you have to get close to your enemies to use him, I think one of the few things I can say that's good about him is his speed. His speed is great, even the speed of his antiair is great to some extent (Could be a little faster), and then there's that leg grab thing... That thing SHOULD give you a free hit, but it doesn't, I've tested that thing and moves can be blocked, so what if it throws off your opponent? Once they realize it's use, they know you can just block and punish. His friggen jump kick thing is gay too because it can't hop over projectiles and it looks like it should hit overhead, but it doesn't, so it's almost useless except for the fact that it's more unpredictable than some of the other things he has. Gen is a great character... If you take 90 hours on him or something. I mean, he looks like an awesome character, but God damn it do they make it hard to play with him and in the end, is it really even worth all that effort and time? Once people figure out how he works, he'd just become much easier to deal with, I mean, right now Gen's advantage is this, nobody plays him so nobody knows shit about what to do against him. There are people who do play him, however, once people find out that roll's priority is nothing, they'll go like, "Oh, let me just *Kicks Gen*" and Gekiro's timing is sooo anoyying, it has almost no range as an antiair and the timing is horrible when trying to pull it off completely. Capcom must have been like "Hey, let's annoy people more by making Gekiro's timing really really gay." El Fuerte as well is a decent character, but not even that good. You have to time crap so well and once people figure out how he works, just like Gen, he'll fall down to the ground. He's just a character that is a bit unpredictable, but very much punishable. He's complex to use and you have to time crap so well that it's almost not even worth the time and effort, I could have been doing something with that tame wasted on trying to figure someone like out, like being overpowered with Akuma. Some characters are kind of fine, like Guile, Cammy, Abel, Rufus, they seem like characters that are good in the point of being balanced and fair without having something that can win the match without requiring skill. Dan doesn't seem as bad as those losers who don't know how to play him, make him out to be. I have MORE complaints about this game as well. The graphics suck my balls in 9 different dimensions and from the point of view that can look at 3D design and tell if effort was really put into it and not from some noob who goes like "OH! 3D graphics are always better even though I don't know crap and that it takes alot more effort to make 2D graphics, but I'm too ignorant to realize that using a program like 3D studio max is easier than drawing something on paper and making sure that everything is proportioned to the character's size and image. Not to mention the backrounds kinda suck and aren't even that memorable The music is really... What IS that? Is that even FIGHTING music? The badass music in Street Fighter 2 was one of the reasons SF2 was so amazing! I played on Guile's stage and everything just comes out at you while that badass music just keeps on playing and you're feeling the spirit of a fighter or some shit. But THIS is a disgrace to what WAS Street Fighter. I could have made better music with just my bass guitar alone! The storyline is horrible, the voice acting is TERRIBLE and what makes it more flat out obvious is El Fuerte's. I mean, come on, you give the guy a gay introduction, a gay look, a gay voice, a kinda gay fighting style, now a gay storyline? Hasn't he suffered enough? They put too much crap into the Focus Attack though, it's sooo annoying trying to pull off combos based on focus attack dash cancel combos in order to create something worth some form of effort. Was Capcom thinking one day "Hm... Say! Let's take Street Fighter 4 and make it into the most mainstream fighting game ever!" and someone else was probably like "What about the gamers who have stuck with us through and through and actually care about the quality of gaming?" I guess that guy was probably fired... Anyhow, I have played many fighting games and really, I'm so disappointed with Street Fighter 4... You'd think with all the lack of everything else, the gameplay would have made up for it by a LOT. Not to be a "fanboy" or some bull, but King of Fighters 11 had WAY more characters than Street Fighter 4 and it could STILL remain more or just as balanced as SF4. Some newbies that made a game called Akatsuki Blitzkampf that has around 12 characters that is more balanced than SF4. Now, I know 12 characters isn't that much, however, this was their FIRST GAME. Capcom has made ALOT of Fighting games and they still can't keep it that balanced... Anyhow, I really think this game was just made to make money from any person who would play it and don't care about what gamers want as long as money gets into their wallet and everybody's favorite characters are overpowered. The only few upsides of this game is that if you play a character that doesn't suck, the game doesn't seem so unbalanced and even though the game does suck, it's fun. Full Review »
  2. SquidJ.
    Feb 17, 2009
    Move over third strike...Sf4 is the true sequel and the best SF period.
  3. Jan 11, 2011
    Bought this game for "one sofa multiplayer" and it´s just great!!!
    classic chars, classic locations, classic sound, but all
    Bought this game for "one sofa multiplayer" and it´s just great!!!
    classic chars, classic locations, classic sound, but all better
    same old moves, perfect
    Full Review »