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  1. May 27, 2019
    Blood and Truth leaves the old glorified tech demos in the dust and realises VR’s full potential with an incredible blockbuster campaign that’s also a love letter to the city it’s made in.
  2. May 27, 2019
    From start to finish Blood & Truth is one hell of a ride, a finely choreographed John Woo movie that’s all about sheer entertainment.
  3. May 27, 2019
    In Blood & Truth, Sony Studios London has given the PSVR an instant classic. Taking the promise of that original little demo The London Heist demo back in 2016 and absolutely running with it, Blood & Truth is a bloody, thrilling ride from start to finish and possibly the best PSVR title yet.
  4. May 27, 2019
    I would absolutely suggest checking out Blood & Truth if you’re a PSVR owner, it’s certainly one of the most fleshed out action experiences available on the platform, and features some of the best weapon handling mechanics I’ve seen in VR altogether. It has a fun, action packed campaign mode along with just enough additional features and reasons to revisit completed stages. Definitely one of the best games available on PSVR, and certainly not one you should miss.
  5. Jun 27, 2019
    In my opinion, there are only a handful of games that can be categorised as a system seller for Sony’s headset; something that would make it worthwhile laying down the cost of VR. Games like Beat Saber and Astro Bot have proven themselves at making VR work in its own right, and now you can add Blood & Truth to that list. And if you already own a PSVR you would be doing yourself a disservice by not going out and picking this game up.
  6. 90
    Blood & Truth is the console virtual reality game that we've been dreaming about since PSVR was announced.
  7. 90
    Sony take the brilliant London Heist and turn it into a brilliantly compelling full game. Blood & Truth is one of the most essential PSVR titles so far.
  8. Jun 3, 2019
    Once the credits roll, you truly get a sensation of closing out the thrilling finale of an action movie. There are very few parts of Blood & Truth that left me wanting.
  9. May 29, 2019
    Blood & Truth absolutely nails VR with a high-octane ride through a cinematic story filled with action packed moments and some of the best gunplay we've seen on PSVR to date. If you own a PSVR setup, you need this game. For those that don't have the headset, now may be the time to make the jump.
  10. May 28, 2019
    Yes, it's just a simple shooting gallery - but what Blood & Truth is is the first big AAA production in the VR area, so to say the Uncharted of the PlayStation VR: A fantastic high-quality staged spectacle, which I do not blame for its playful limitations, because it makes it just too much fun.
  11. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a first-person shooter that takes perfect advantage of virtual reality and squeezes every PlayStation VR chip as much as we could ask for.
  12. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a fantastic roller coaster ride from beginning to end, coupling together an actually decent crime story along with two-handed gunplay that could only work in VR.
  13. 90
    SIE London Studio delivers yet again with another must play PSVR exclusive in Blood & Truth, which combines a compelling story with very enjoyable gameplay in one of the best AAA VR experiences to date.
  14. May 29, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a great example of what PSVR can accomplish with a fun, engrossing blockbuster story.
  15. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a great example of how far Playstation VR has come in these past few years. The game is incredibly immersive and fun, although it lacks in originality.
  16. Jul 8, 2019
    Inspired by the short London Heist game, Blood & Truth delivers a full experience, packed with action, gadgets and amazing graphics for a PSVR title. Just don't forget you are still in your room, as the immersion it brings could deliver a few broken things in your gaming environment. You have been warned.
  17. Jun 17, 2019
    From the compelling and well-acted story to its engaging combat, SIE London Studios has delivered one of the best VR experiences on Sony’s platform. Like a hard-boiled blend of John Woo and any good London heist movie, Blood & Truth stands tall as one of the best PSVR games to date.
  18. May 31, 2019
    Anyone wanting to star in his or her own action movie, can thoroughly enjoy themselves with the extreme action of Blood and Truth.
  19. May 31, 2019
    It's brief and technically imperfect, but still... Blood & Truth is one hell of a memorable action fest. Diverse and action-packed gameplay gets supplemented by interesting and well-acted characters, turning Blood & Truth into a must-buy for PS VR owners.
  20. May 30, 2019
    One of the most interesting VR games on PlayStation VR. An immersive action experience in the vein of Guy Ritchie's movies that will please all those who seek an interesting FPS in VR.
  21. May 28, 2019
    With strong gunplay that doesn't overstay its welcome, Blood & Truth plays out like a guided adventure through an action movie. Sony's London Studio has thoughtfully crafted the game with shooting, locomotion, and interaction mechanics that feel good without being overly complex or clunky. The game's action is underpinned with some truly impressive virtual characters which can be enthralling at times. Unfortunately the story they're in service of can't match the excellent renderings and performances. Though it only took me a little more than four hours to complete the main campaign, it still felt like an adventure worth taking.
  22. Blood & Truth is one of the most important games of the generation because it clearly shows how VR can revolutionize the gaming industry.
  23. 85
    Blood & Truth isn’t doing anything completely revolutionary for VR, particularly because we saw many of its own bullet points back at the PlayStation VR’s launch. However, it packs these ideas into a cinematic package whose presentation can hardly be rivaled. If you want to step into the shoes of an action hero a la James Bond or Jason Bourne, Blood & Truth lets players live those experiences. From high-octane explosive thrills to intimate emotional moments of character connection, it exemplifies everything that an interactive VR action movie should be.
  24. May 28, 2019
    Priced at a more reasonable, $50, Blood & Truth comfortably finds a middle ground between a full retail release and something more indicative of a smaller, VR experience. Owners of PSVR, especially those yearning for more, after their time with PlayStation Worlds, are wholly encouraged to check out Blood & Truth.
  25. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth is the best action game available on PlayStation VR. The moments of action always maintain a high level of intensity, and the use of weapons works perfectly.
  26. May 27, 2019
    It’s also the work of a studio that’s obviously comfortable and confident with VR, who knows what works and what doesn’t in a medium that’s not completely opened its wings. It lets you tinker and play around, gesticulating and gesturing (even letting you flip the bird), with the realisation that immersion’s at its best when that sort of irreverence can be embraced. The whole affair’s buoyed by incredible performance capture, great voice acting and facial animation – plus a Grime soundtrack that captures the essence of London’s dirtier underground.
  27. May 27, 2019
    Despite the sometimes frustrating movement system and occasional pacing issues, Blood & Truth is a tour de force for PSVR. Sony’s London Studio should be proud of what they’ve accomplished here by turning the brief London Heist demo from PlayStation VR Worlds into a fully-fledged narrative that features some of the best performances we’ve seen in VR yet. The action is pulse-pounding and so bombastic it rivals even the biggest summer blockbusters. This one is easily recommended to any PSVR owner that likes to shoot bad guys and watch stuff blow up.
  28. May 27, 2019
    The spiritual successor of the London Heist experience contained in VR Worlds title is a Hollywood-esque action adventure on rails plenty of spectacular moments.
  29. May 30, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a game with a purpose: make sure you feel like a action hero. It’s a game made for the player to have a great time, with incredible sequences and tons of things to play with. It’s not Astro Bot, but you’ll have a great time with it.
  30. May 27, 2019
    The Blood & Truth shooting system represents the highest point ever reached by the genre on PSVR, and gives the public galvanizing sequences that exude style and adrenaline from all of its pores.
  31. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth is one of the most intense action experiences on virtual reality. Period. Even with its limitations and lost opportunities, it's like a action blockbuster film, one in that you're the main character. It's a shame that if falls short, and that some mechanics, like climbing, doesn't work as the gunplay, because you'll stay wanting more.
  32. Sep 18, 2019
    While there’s an inherent fumbliness to Blood & Truth – I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve dropped a grenade under my own ass, my friend – it’s a game that wants you to feel and look cool. When you’re in the zone, it’s the closest to playable John Wick as we’re likely going to get – that is if John Wick liked flipping people off and collecting vape bottles. If you’ve got PSVR, this is the game to show the tech off to all your pals.
  33. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jun 27, 2019
    It’s not perfect but Blood & Truth is one of the more complete experiences for PS VR. Some control issues are eclipsed by high production values and a playful use of PS VR’s capabilities. [Issue#164, p.86]
  34. Edge Magazine
    Jun 20, 2019
    Despite the big budget, SIE London Studio has approached Blood & Truth with a modest ambition: to make you feel special, and strong, and more than a little silly, in a love letter to the city it calls home. It has done so with a flourish. [Issue#334, p.118]
  35. 80
    The best PSVR shooter yet.
  36. Jun 7, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a perfect example of why virtual reality is still relevant in 2019. With fun run-and-gun gameplay, combined with some thrilling stealth action, the VR-title succeeds in immersing the player in an excellent spy adventure.
  37. Jun 6, 2019
    Blood and Truth is in many ways a perfect game-incarnation of a stupid action movie. You shoot and run while stuff keeps exploding all around - but thanks to the great gunplay and varied levels it never gets boring. If you want to feel like a real action movie hero, this game is for you.
  38. May 31, 2019
    When Sony released the PSVR with the PlayStation Worlds teaser experience, every gamer worth their salt gravitated to the London Heist mini-game. Blood & Truth takes that short yet fantastic proof of concept and fleshes it right out into a showcase that's well worth a buy for any PSVR adopter. While I don't think this dethrones Resident Evil VII as the king of PSVR experiences, Blood & Truth is very much like one of my loved ones when I have the headset on – within striking distance.
  39. May 31, 2019
    PSVR's newest killer app, Blood & Truth is a superbly silly shooter that will make you feel like someone straight out of a John Woo movie with a cockney twist.
  40. May 31, 2019
    With high production values and an explosive gameplay that reminded us the good old days of some great arcade, light-gun shooters, Blood & Truth delivers on its premise, with the most important downside being the obsolete technology of the Move Controllers that just can't keep up with the action.
  41. May 30, 2019
    Blood and Truth is a shining example of what happens when a talented team of developers carve out their own niche in the VR genre. It’s a hectic walk through a wild world of guns, mercenaries, and car chases that’s more than worth your time.
  42. May 29, 2019
    A really cool VR gangster drama with great entertainment value, especially if you use the Move controllers.
  43. May 28, 2019
    Despite the PSVR limitations, Blood & Truth is well paced, entertaining, varied and spectacular. It guarantees the player’s immersion to become more than just a nice little VR experience.
  44. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth ends up being a strong title that adds more value to the PSVR platform. It may just be an evolution of the light gun game, but the immersion and action movie sensibilities coupled with a better-than-expected story for the genre does wonders as far as making it stand out among other VR titles. Provided you can handle the bouts of motion sickness, Blood & Truth is a VR game that's worth experiencing.
  45. May 28, 2019
    A great VR experience that combines fun and high production values.
  46. May 28, 2019
    An old school gangster shooter that makes the most of cutting edge tech.
  47. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth is without a doubt the best shooter available on the PS VR, with a Hollywood action movie feel to it. The only let-downs are the weak storyline and the limited content.
  48. 80
    Blood & Truth, however, lacks an experimental spirit. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but it’s too easy to look at this, look at what conventional games achieve unburdened by VR, and still think that these “AAA”-minded developers are struggling with the limitations of the platform.
  49. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth is, at its release, the best action & shooting with a scenario on PSVR.
  50. May 27, 2019
    Firefights are frenetic because of the intuitive gunplay mechanics that use VR intelligently to make normal tasks more involving while also going above and beyond in some instances.
  51. 80
    Blood & Truth features fun, over the top shooting, an entertaining story that flows effortlessly and delightful characters. It's a fantastic VR experience, that we can't recommend enough.
  52. May 27, 2019
    Blood and Truth is a lot of fun, making use of a wide range of guns and all of the Move controller's capabilities.
  53. May 27, 2019
    The London Heist always felt like it was leading to something much bigger, and here it is. Blood & Truth is a thrilling romp that puts you at the helm of your own blockbuster, dripping with over-the-top action as you blitz your way from one set piece to the next.
  54. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth is a savvy and seasoned virtual reality thriller confident in its suave posture and meticulous operation. It is simultaneously a bonkers riff on outrageous action cinema where it’s just as easy to imagine its main character as narrowly sentient tank treads with gun-hands born to decimate cloned hordes of bungling bald men. Blood & Truth works even as its internal truth is a grinning mystery.
  55. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth is an excellent example of an action movie in VR. Some of the set-piece moments are up there with the best on the platform and it’s the perfect game to show off the power of virtual reality. The only real disappointment comes from how easy it is to see that the experience could be even better if we had better controllers to play it with.
  56. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth pushes PSVR to its absolute limits, with a Cockney crime drama that’s as amusing as it is explosive. There are moments where Sony’s motion controllers can’t quite match its ambition, but when you’re scratching records with one hand while firing off a sub-machine gun in the other, there isn’t a single shooter on the PS4 that’s more entertainingly tactile than this. Outrageous production values and a bevy of bonus content make up for a slightly truncated running time, while the release’s many imaginative moments provide respite from the explosive action peppered throughout.
  57. May 27, 2019
    When treated like a harmless action movie, it’s hard not to have a rip-roaring time with Blood & Truth. The game knows what it is and has a good sense of humor about itself.
  58. May 27, 2019
    Blood and Truth is the spiritual sequel of The London Heist we have been waiting for, but it has some issues regarding the aiming system and can be quite difficult if you suffer from motion sickness.
  59. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth from SIE London Studio sets out to put the player in the starring role of an action movie by combining a polished, set-piece driven first person shooter campaign with the immersive qualities of virtual reality.
  60. 80
    Blood and Truth takes known VR gaming mechanics and inserts them into a delightfully well-realized London, sending the player through chase scenes, heists, and gun fights. While there is nothing revolutionary happening with the controls and gameplay, the presentation, story and characters are top notch. Once you get started, you will want to see the action-packed story through to the end, and that’s really what we wanted, isn’t it?
  61. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth is the macho simulator par excellence. The tracking is reliable and accurate, while the abundance of crazy scenes guarantees an explosive and varied adventure, at least while it lasts. It has a serious need for extra content, but its heart is in the right place, in the midst of a thousand explosions and a shower of bullets and broken glass.
  62. Jun 3, 2019
    Blood & Truth offers a great story and pretty intense action. However, the controls are just not comfortable enough to really make this THE PSVR must-have.
  63. May 27, 2019
    VR has had its share of gun-toting adventures, but Blood & Truth feels different. It streamlines a lot of your typical movement options in favor of letting you feel like Jason Statham for ten minutes. Pairing these action scenes with a cast that can actually support the story’s intensity slows down the pace sometimes, but the overall effect is entertaining. We wish there were more ways to play around with it, but Blood & Truth is still a fun ride.
  64. May 27, 2019
    No, it's not the best showcase for how far the VR industry has come as a whole, but it's the type of popcorn project I'd like to see more of from a major publisher in the space.
  65. May 31, 2019
    As I made my way through its nineteen missions, I rarely lost myself in the game for any length of time because of issues that kept me overly mindful of the controllers in my hands. And as any veteran player will tell you, no one wants to be thinking about controllers while playing an action game.
  66. May 30, 2019
    Blood and Truth is uneven, especially when it's determined to get you to focus on an uninteresting story while you're putting up with the shortcomings of VR. But the beauty of Blood and Truth is that it also does marvelous things with the platform. The addition of motion control make familiar and mundane mechanics engaging, while also breaking up the smartly designed first-person shooting and establishing a great rhythm to the six-or-so-hour campaign. Blood and Truth doesn't manage to stick the landing in all aspects, but it's definitely a step forward for PSVR shooters.
  67. May 27, 2019
    A blockbuster action movie in VR form that shows the abilities of PlayStation VR and Sony’s studios better than ever before, even if the experience is ultimately rather shallow.
  68. Jun 6, 2019
    Blood & Truth has some of the elements of the breezy English gangster flicks we’ve effortlessly enjoyed on the silver screen, but it lacks enough style and substance to make the formula work.
  69. May 28, 2019
    Blood & Truth is an exciting shooter with some deft VR touches; its forgettable plot and characters are made up for by the intricate details of its world.
  70. May 27, 2019
    Blood & Truth's story is about as gripping as trying to hold onto a bowling ball with greased up hands and its gameplay doesn't do much to make up for that. Add in a bunch of glitches and goofy moments and you're left with one disappointing VR experience.
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  1. May 29, 2019
    Guns and gangsters make for a silly delight in this PSVR caper. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. May 31, 2019
    Sony's VR headset has done much to help deliver this new kind of video gaming to a mainstream audience. But I'm sorry to report that Blood & Truth is a terrible fit for this platform. On the one hand, it's a brilliantly crafted VR excursion into Hollywood-style action that takes good advantage of the tech's capabilities. But PSVR hardware is the worst possible showcase for this kind of experience.
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  1. May 28, 2019
    It's great, amazing gameplay with immersive levels and stunning visuals, highly recommend this game.
  2. May 28, 2019
    This game is a real masterpiece! The graphics are amazing its story is really compelling I loved every second of it and the gameplay isThis game is a real masterpiece! The graphics are amazing its story is really compelling I loved every second of it and the gameplay is awesome. This is a must buy game! Thank you London Studio and thank you Sony for this VR Treasure! Full Review »
  3. May 28, 2019
    The best blockbuster in VR games. If you have PSVR, this is essential. Fantastic experience is waiting for you.