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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Mar 18, 2017
    An excellent hybrid between a tactical fencing action and a fighting game, which wins thanks to a complex fighting system and balanced characters. [Issue#272]
  2. Feb 15, 2017
    For Honor is one of the best multiplayer experiences in recent years, offering a well-balanced combat system and stunning graphics that reflect the potential of the current generation.
  3. Ultimately, the real question of For Honor is if it will maintain a good community. The skill at the combat isn’t twitch based, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy and I could see people start to get scared away as the player base becomes more experienced and hardcore.
  4. Feb 22, 2017
    For Honor takes a somewhat ridiculous concept, lays down a pretty great fighting foundation on top of it and loads it with plenty of reasons to keep playing. This past year, Ubisoft has shown a penchant for developing exciting multiplayer experiences. For Honor might frustrate in a few areas, but for every one thing it does wrong, it does a dozen other things right. For Honor sets a strong pace for Ubisoft, and it looks like the developer on course for another great year of multiplayer action.
  5. 85
    A small handful of flaws aren’t quite enough to dull the appeal of For Honor’s peerless combat and deceptive depth. For Honor looks like it’ll be my go-to multiplayer game for quite some time and if you give it a go, chances are it’ll be yours, too. For anyone with even the slightest love of melee combat, For Honor is a must-have.
  6. Feb 17, 2017
    A medieval fighting game that is intense, smart, rewarding, and demands something of its player. It asks for your patience, yet the glory you’ll receive in return is well worth the trade.
  7. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor is a great example that Western developers can make some great innovative twists on a primarily Japanese-built genre. It’s so safe for AAA titles to resort to going action, open-world, or FPS, but this is a real risk that Ubisoft is taking on a brand new IP and I hope it pays off for them. This is the best combat system I’ve had the pleasure to experience since the death of character action games. I hope to see you on the battlefield, even if you fight for Valhalla or the Emperor.
  8. Feb 22, 2017
    For Honor is an entertaining game on the PlayStation 4 and after the 4GB initial patch which addresses a few issues, you’re ready to be transported back to the violent time of Knights, Vikings and Samurai. Sure, the story in the single-player campaign is a little contrived at times but it’s a great introduction to the game and more importantly the controls. Given that, the combat mechanics of For Honor is quite sturdy and can be very brutal at times, particularly in multiplayer but the amount of grinding and use of both in-game and real-world currency may deter some people.
  9. Feb 20, 2017
    A great but very demanding multiplayer game, with a unique and deep combat system.
  10. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor is an action game that is full of good intentions and that shines in its multiplayer mode: absorbing and well raised. It emphasizes its system of combat in which it is necessary to study to the rival. A joy for all who enjoy a touch of strategy among so much action.
  11. Feb 17, 2017
    When everything lines up, For Honor is a brutal and rewarding game that makes you feel like an unstoppable warrior. Sure, sometimes you get kicked off a bridge (again) or your head gets lopped off, but those failures make your battlefield successes even sweeter.
  12. Feb 15, 2017
    For Honor is one of the most brutal and satisfying multiplayer online games we've ever played. Its combat system is unforgiving and is more similar to a fighting game than any other brawler games out there. If you love competitive games, you can't miss this new IP from Ubisoft.
  13. Feb 19, 2017
    The Art of Battle combat system works more effectively than we had expected, giving us a multiplayer combat game full of possibilities and close matches. Ubisoft has tried something new and has succeeded with a very deep multiplayer experience that is full of potential.
  14. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor stands for a unqiue fighting mechanic and clever multiplayer battles at its very engrossing core – but also for connection problems and a boring campaign.
  15. Mar 10, 2017
    For Honor has big production values and great combat, but a myriad of issues - server stability being chief among them - prevent it from being a classic.
  16. Mar 10, 2017
    A prime example of "Easy to learn, hard to master" kind of a game, with hard, but extremely rewarding and challenging gameplay mechanics.
  17. Mar 2, 2017
    Distilled way down to one-on-one medieval combat, For Honor is both instinctual and smart. It's bloody and entertainingly over-the-top, but much more than a button-masher. It's a game that repays thoughtful practice. It looks impressive, with believably gritty textures and tons of detail in the armor, weapons, and environment. It's a shame, then, that so much good will was squandered on the less appealing margins of the game, with pay-to-win systems, poor match making, and a throwaway single player campaign. With lots of time -- or cash -- to spare, playing For Honor is a rewarding action experience that doesn't feel like anything else on the market right now.
  18. Mar 1, 2017
    For Honor is an incredibly fun online experience with fast and fun game modes and a fantastic battle system that is simple to use but almost has the depth of a fighting game. Unfortunately, the loot box system for unlocking important items for your characters and connection issues hold For Honor back.
  19. Feb 27, 2017
    A deep and gratifying medieval swordfighting sim that risks putting off newcomers. Persevere and the rewards are well worth it.
  20. Feb 25, 2017
    Fully understanding the nuances of For Honor’s intimate melee combat requires patience and dedication, but players willing to fully commit themselves to mastering the art of battle will be undeniably rewarded. There are still some questions regarding peripheral elements like the Faction War and Ranked Play, and there are some small missteps with the campaign and micro-transactions. However, For Honor brings melee combat to life in a fundamental new way with complex and satisfying mechanics. If you enjoy meaningful victories, For Honor is for you.
  21. Feb 24, 2017
    For Honor’s fighting mechanics are weighty and gratifying, communicating the violence and impact of medieval combat through handsome visuals and animation. Your heavily armoured warrior (of which there are 12 different classes) has a plethora of stances, light and heavy combo attacks, guard breaks, dodges and parries that are governed by a quickly depleting stamina bar.
  22. Feb 22, 2017
    For Honor feels very much like a well-made (and gorgeously presented) sports video game to me, in that it’s a stout challenge but honest about its expectations. In all of my failures I knew why I lost, and had only the feeble excuse that maybe I needed more time to plan my attack. Players must ask themselves if they're willing to put in the work and practice to meet the talented competition in For Honor, which presents a deep and long-playing proposition in its multiplayer even if the single-player campaign is rote and not worth revisiting. It's easy to give up against such uncompromising and fast-paced combat, but those who stay with it are there to fight for something other than mere survival.
  23. Feb 22, 2017
    You will enjoy For Honor more if you can form a clan with friends and support each other properly, but even for casual swordsmen and swordswomen it has much to offer. Yes, the real-money system is galling, but it’s a reality of the modern industry that we’re probably going to have to live with, and everything that you can buy with cash can eventually be earned through doing what the game wants you to do; learning to control and administer the resource of violence against ever more testing enemies.
  24. Feb 21, 2017
    With an outstanding combat system For Honor offers a unique take on medieval action games. The combat truly excels against other players online and it is apparent that the online mode is where your time should be spent. Offline players, however, will not find much to do except hammering around in a repetitive story mode.
  25. Feb 20, 2017
    One of the best new fighting games of the last several years, and all the more exciting because of its originality and accessibility.
  26. Feb 20, 2017
    For Honor is an epic fighting game, but it comes with its flaws. While the combat is compelling and profound, the game does not always feel that responsive to your actions. The content in the game is diverse, but suffers from some connection issues.
  27. Feb 20, 2017
    For Honor is a game that not only excels in it’s combat, but excels in it’s multiplayer execution. Nothing is more satisfying than challenging friends to a quick 1v1 battle to see who is the superior fighter, only to have your clock cleaned in a public match. While I found the story to be lackluster and more of a set of tutorial stages, there’s enough there to get players engaged with how the game operates. Multiplayer is the real crown jewel of For Honor, and is set to have players wanting more for the weeks and months ahead.
  28. Feb 20, 2017
    For Honor is for sure one of the best pvp games of this console's generation: an incredible combat system with an even better variety of classes draws a painting made for competitive players.
  29. Feb 20, 2017
    By successfully meshing team based multiplayer with the sort of mechanics you'd normally find in a fighting game, For Honor manages to offer an experience like no other on the PS4. While the skill barrier to entry will likely cause frustration for some, anyone who puts time into learning the extremely deep combat will find each hard-fought success immensely satisfying. While the ancillary mechanics – such as the battle map and loot system – don't feel particularly engaging, it's the enjoyable campaign and multiplayer combat that are enough to ensure this title deserves more than just an honourable mention.
  30. Feb 20, 2017
    For Honor is brutal fun. The fighting game mechanics take some time to truly get used to, but once you do, there's a unique, clever and deeply engaging multiplayer experience to be had here.
  31. Feb 20, 2017
    In spite of a solo mode which is a big tutorial, For Honor is a very good multiplayer game with a strong gameplay and solid graphics, which should ensure it has a brilliant future in online competitive play.
  32. Feb 18, 2017
    While there are some imperfections, such as a constant internet connection required and the large amount of grinding required to unlock everything, For Honor is a solid title and recommended for fans of melee combat action titles who want to try a unique twist on a familiar formula.
  33. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor has some dents in its shiny armor, such as the mediocre campaign, the frugal economy, and the snowballing victories in team modes. But it’s hard to be mad too long when I consider that the melee combat system is second to none and a joy to learn, take your licks, and then learn some more. I could feel myself becoming a better warrior with this deep, flexible, and complete fighting system. The more I play For Honor, the more I want to play For Honor.
  34. Feb 17, 2017
    The combat system in For Honor is amazing. Any fighter you take to battle offers a different experience. It is a pity the game has some technical flaws, because other than that it definitely is the great experience we were hoping for.
  35. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor tries something new, and ultimately succeeds much more than it fails. With its surprisingly fun campaign, intense and challenging gameplay, and varied multiplayer, there’s plenty to keep you busy. There are balancing issues I sincerely hope get worked on, but for now, For Honor is a unique experience well worth your time, and could be the start of a daring new franchise.
  36. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor joins Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and Destiny, as a game that is destined to grow over time. Right now it offers a strong core experience, but will ultimately be defined by months of rebalancing and a steady flow of new content. Having such a long tail will make For Honor even more enticing further down the line as it continues to snowball. That said, it’s refreshing and addictive enough at present to lure in anyone looking for a multiplayer game that defies the norm.
  37. Feb 17, 2017
    Ubisoft has managed to bring a fresh experience to the genre. It is true that we've already seen medieval themed games, but not a single one like For Honor. Solid gameplay mechanics, interesting visuals and remarkable sound effects. However, it is a shame that it lacks content, with a single player campaign that adds nothing to the experience. These lacking elements can overshadow Ubisoft's good work and bury the game before they expect.
  38. Feb 17, 2017
    Choose your faction and throw yourself into the competitive multiplayer online, For Honor is a mix of technical and brutal fighting, immersed in a fantasy medieval setting. A game that offers an innovative fighting system, which will give the players a lot of satisfaction, all accompanied by stunning graphics that finally makes justice to this generation. Microtransactions may be a problem in the long term, and we hope Ubisoft will find an ideal solution to solve this issue.
  39. Games Master UK
    May 19, 2017
    An addictive, nuanced and surprisingly deep battler, prevented from being a killer by its lack of variety. [Apr 2017, p.73]
  40. Feb 21, 2017
    Held back by its own ambition, For Honor isn’t a masterpiece, but delivers where it counts.
  41. Feb 17, 2017
    If you're looking for something different to play online, For Honor is a great choice. It's not so good if you're only interested in the campaign, but if you love fighting other warriors on the Internet, it'll keep you busy for a long while.
  42. Feb 17, 2017
    For Honor is without a doubt one of the most original and satisfying multiplayer experiences of recent times: deep, multi-faceted, brutal and intelligent in its core mechanics. The feeling, however, is that the development team has not been able to fully express the incredible potential of the formula, held back especially by the choice of opting for the peer-to-peer solution.
  43. CD-Action
    Apr 5, 2017
    I love the tension that builds when two experienced players face each other and turn their duel into a believable, fascinating spectacle of skill and tactics. For Honor really shines when that happens. Unfortunately great combat system is not enough to make a game great as a whole. For Honor’s single player campaign is a joke, there are connection issues and no dedicated servers, and 4v4 modes often turn into mindless slaughter. [04/2017, p.36]
  44. Mar 1, 2017
    Its deep and engaging combat system is very much worth experiencing, though a lackluster single player campaign and clumsy visuals keep it from reaching the lofty heights Ubisoft was aiming for.
  45. Feb 24, 2017
    For Honor is a unique, one of a kind experience that pulls influence from some of the best fighters out there. Unfortunately it is a singular experience. After the 25 or so hours I spent in the game for the review I am quite done. This is not a game that you will be able to jump in and play unless you maintain a level of competency with the mechanics. This is not a Call of Duty where you can come home on the weekend and play for a while and be fine. You have to actually work to be and stay good at For Honor. I hope to be drawn back in later on down the line with something new or some added game modes, but for now I feel that I have exhausted all that there is to do in this world.
  46. Feb 23, 2017
    If the single-player had been better put together, there would be a lot more to scream and shout about, but the combat and online multiplayer is excellent at times.
  47. Feb 22, 2017
    For Honor is a technically impressive action game with a unique combat system. Yet there is room for improvement that we hope to see borne out future sequels.
  48. Feb 21, 2017
    For Honor is enjoyable enough, but it feels more like a proof of concept than anything else. The core combat system is interesting, but everything built around it is awkward. When you're in the middle of a dramatic duel against another foe of the same skill level, the game shines. Anything beyond that, and the seams begin to show. It's a game that demands a high skill level for fun and success, and that can be enough to turn off someone. The game is also pretty light on content for the $60 price tag. If you've played the beta and enjoyed For Honor, you'll have a good time, but others may want to find a way to try it out before committing to a full purchase.
  49. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    May 2, 2017
    The campaign might disappoint, but the game’s one-on-one online duels will take you to Valhalla. [May 2017, p75]
  50. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Apr 11, 2017
    A brilliant multiplayer battler with a combat system that captures meaty melee battles like no other, but a mediocre single-player unfortunately drags it down. [Apr 2017, p.86]
  51. Feb 24, 2017
    For Honor truly captures the cinematic feeling of clashes between heavy armored medieval warriors. Especially in “Duels" we took part in spectacularly tense fights as if choreographed for an epically uncut movie scene. It’s a bit of disappointment then that microtransactions show one of their ugliest faces in Ubisoft’s game.
  52. Feb 22, 2017
    For Honor is a really interesting game with enormous potential. The combat system is tremendous - you can learn it in a few minutes but mastering all the possibilities is a task for dozens of hours. Unfortunately, almost everything else is flawed - weak single player campaign, network issues, dull domination mode and irritating microtrasactions. If For Honor takes the same route as The Division, we'll get an excellent game further down the road.
  53. Feb 20, 2017
    For Honor's multiplayer is special, but as a whole it's let down by the less good single player, sometimes dodgy matchmaking, and a surfeit of microtransactions. The combat, though, is fantastic — it's gutsy and weighty, and you feel like a badass.
  54. Feb 19, 2017
    The campaign's story falls to earth with a thud, and technical problems are currently marring its online component, but For Honor's masterful presentation and combat rescue it from mediocrity. Given a few patches, it'll be a force to be reckoned with.
  55. 70
    Judging by how Ubisoft has handled support for past multiplayer games (like Rainbow Six Siege), I’m confident that some of For Honor‘s issues will get rectified down the line. Gameplay can be tweaked, matchmaking enhanced, and better modes can all be added over time. However, as the game stands right now it’s more of a proof of concept than a fully realized idea. There’s a great base to build upon mechanically, but it’s too rough around the edges to shine as bright as it should.
  56. Feb 20, 2017
    At its core, For Honor is a stunningly great game with exhilarating combat the likes of which are hardly seen. But it’s crippled by online issues that reduce its core multiplayer to a frustrating mess.
  57. 60
    For Honor takes some risks and creates a new property that I'd love to see more of in the future. Unfortunately, there is this impression that perhaps Ubisoft was not entirely confident in this first outing. The online modes are fun enough, but they can get grindy and their lack of depth begins to show after a time. This when coupled with the lack of dedicated servers leaves For Honor feeling somewhat incomplete, despite some beautiful environments and engaging combat.
  58. Feb 21, 2017
    For Honor is bloated in a way it doesn't need to be, but in a way that's completely unsurprising for Ubisoft. A ton of cosmetic upgrades and progression rankings can't save it from being an ultimately narrow experience. It may not wholly satisfy anyone craving an enormous single-player campaign or competitive multiplayer, but if you want a surprisingly competent fighting game that's capable of offering some great, tense and skill-based encounters, For Honor has enough to offer. Ubisoft may have marketed the game as a big, broad battler, but in truth it's just about you and your opponent and that's where it is at its best.
  59. Feb 23, 2017
    As it is, this is a game with a disposable single-player campaign, multiplayer matches that crash or disconnect as often as they complete, and a slew of fantastic mechanics that only rise to the surface in a single game mode out of a half-dozen...If there was ever a game to take a "wait and see" approach to, it's For Honor.
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  1. Mar 7, 2017
    If For Honor occasionally feels like a game at war with itself, its edge blunted by some less arresting modes and design-by-committee add-ons, the heart of the game beats strongly enough to overcome these blemishes. [Recommended]
  2. Feb 21, 2017
    Excise the game's gossamer-thin attempts at world building, which isn't very hard to do given how forgettable it is, and you're left with a deep and elegant ruleset that owes more to the choreographic finesse of fighting games than any mindless hack and slash.
  3. Feb 16, 2017
    Even the most clumsy and gnarled duel will achieve moments of greatness. And when two experienced players operating on the same wave-length begin stringing together slashes, parries and counter-attacks in an unbroken chain, the resulting exchange feels as much like a choreographed ballet as a fight to the death…if ballets ended with severed heads flying into the orchestra.
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  1. Feb 14, 2017
    This game is good when you play 1 vs 1 fights, in fact i would say it great, however once you leave 1 vs 1 fights and try to play with 2 vs 2This game is good when you play 1 vs 1 fights, in fact i would say it great, however once you leave 1 vs 1 fights and try to play with 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4 you quickly realize that the developers never designed the game with the intention of players fighting multiple people at once. Switching which target you are locked onto lets down your guard and means your certain death plus you can't pick who you lock onto! When multiple opponents are close by my character the game often locks onto the opponent furthest from me.
    Overall this will make an awesome $5 purchase in a couple months, until then it's not worth it, especially when it's competing with games like dark souls which still has a very active PvP community.
    Full Review »
  2. Feb 14, 2017
    Viciante! Joguei sem parar no tempo que a beta foi lançada! Gostei muito do combate e da movimentação, espero que tenha um modo de historiaViciante! Joguei sem parar no tempo que a beta foi lançada! Gostei muito do combate e da movimentação, espero que tenha um modo de historia bem feito, já que o online é sensacional! Full Review »
  3. Feb 14, 2017
    Always online? No thanks.

    My internet goes out twice a week on average. Single player campaign is online? No thanks. I wish Mount and
    Always online? No thanks.

    My internet goes out twice a week on average.

    Single player campaign is online? No thanks.

    I wish Mount and Blade had these graphics.....
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