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Summary: In Resident Evil 2, the classic action, tense exploration, and puzzle solving gameplay that defined the Resident Evil series returns. Players join rookie police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who are thrust together by a disastrous outbreak in Raccoon City that transformed its population into deadly zombies. Both Leon and Claire have their own separate playable campaigns, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspectives. The fate of these two fan favorite characters is in players hands as they work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack on the city. Will they make it out alive?
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Rating: M
Developer: Capcom R&D Division 1
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Survival
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Keith Silverstein Voice Actor: Hunk
Keith Silverstein Voice: Hunk
Yoshiki Adachi Visual Effects Artist
Satoshi Takamatsu Art Director
Jun Takeuchi Executive Producer
Satoshi Ueda Programmer
Yuichi Hasegawa Animation Artist
Hiroyuki Yamato Game Designer
Yasuhiro Seto Game Designer
Hiroko Ihara Facial Animation Artist
Keisuke Ando Visual Effects Artist
Yoshihiro Tamura Animation Artist
Wataru Hachisako Sound Designer
Masaki Sugimoto Character Artist
Yusaku Toyoshima CG Producer
Yoshitsugu Tanaka Environment Artist
Yuki Yanagimoto Animation Artist
Yoshiaki Hirabayashi Producer
Yoshito Kato Sound Designer
Shusaku Uchiyama Composer
Yuichi Akimoto Character Artist
Yasuaki Kishimoto Environment Artist
Takeshi Inoue Character Artist
Arata Iwashina Cinematic Sound Designer
Masato Miyazaki Cinematic Animation Artist
Kohei Okumura Animation Artist
Yuki Hasegawa Cinematic Animation Artist
Kazuya Takei Programmer
Tsutomu Ono Character Artist
Tomoko Takahashi Concept Artist
Kohei Ozaki Game Designer
Akiko Shibata Cinematic Animation Artist
Takefumi Tahara Programmer
Tatsuya Ogawa Character Artist
Tsuyoshi Kanda Producer
Tadayoshi Makino Composer
Yasuhiro Anpo Director
Hidehiro Goda Game Designer
Kazunori Kadoi Director
Kohetsu Matsuda Programmer
Toshiaki Yonezawa Programmer
Kazuki Sakakibara Programmer
Akio Kamiji Environment Artist
Hiroto Teraoka Environment Artist
Makoto Fukui Technical Artist
Yosuke Yamagata Character Artist
Tomonori Takano Concept Artist
Tetsuya Deguchi Environment Artist
Yukio Seike Animation Artist
Kousi Watamura Visual Effects Artist
Keiko Kamekawa Cinematic Animation Artist
Yasushi Kawamura CG Director
Hiroto Yanase Animation Artist
Tomohiro Fujimoto Environment Artist
Akihiko Nasu Animation Artist
Masaya Ueda Animation Artist
Tsuyoshi Kobayashi Animation Artist
Katsutoshi Karatsuma Voice: Tofu
Katsutoshi Karatsuma Voice: Tofu
Kenji Kojima Sound Programmer
Tatsuo Isoko Project Manager
Yukinobu Fujimatsu Animation Supervisor
Hitoshi Miyake Lighting Artist
Stephanie Panisello Voice Actor: Claire Redfield
Stephanie Panisello Voice: Claire Redfield
Tomokazu Ohara Storyboard Artist
Marika Hayashi Voice Actor: Annette Birkin (Japanese)
Marika Hayashi Voice: Annette Birkin (Japanese)
Karen Strassman Voice Actor: Annette Birkin
Karen Strassman Voice: Annette Birkin
Toshiyuki Morikawa Voice Actor: Leon S. Kennedy (Japanese)
Toshiyuki Morikawa Voice: Leon S. Kennedy (Japanese)
Toshihiko Seki Voice Actor: William Birkin (Japanese)
Toshihiko Seki Voice: William Birkin (Japanese)
Junko Minagawa Voice Actor: Ada Wong (Japanese)
Junko Minagawa Voice: Ada Wong (Japanese)
Yuko Kaida Voice Actor: Claire Redfield (Japanese)
Yuko Kaida Voice: Claire Redfield (Japanese)
Keisuke Yamakawa Game Designer
Tadashi Noyama Character Artist
Kei Hashimoto Programmer
Haruka Ishida Lighting Artist
Tomohiro Nakano Cinematic Animation Artist
Naruhiko Nishio Animation Artist
Tetsuhei Asano Cinematic Animation Artist
Shohei Miyata Sound Designer
Shintaro Washino Visual Effects Artist
Fuminori Komatsu Voice Actor: Marvin Branagh (Japanese)
Fuminori Komatsu Voice: Marvin Branagh (Japanese)
Nick Apostolides Voice Actor: Leon S. Kennedy
Nick Apostolides Voice: Leon S. Kennedy
Christopher Mychael Watson Voice Actor: Marvin Branagh
Christopher Mychael Watson Voice: Marvin Branagh
Eliza Pryor Voice Actor: Sherry Birkin
Eliza Pryor Voice: Sherry Birkin
Jolene Andersen Voice Actor: Ada Wong
Jolene Andersen Voice: Ada Wong
TJ Rotolo Voice Actor: William Birkin
TJ Rotolo Voice: William Birkin
Sid Carton Voice Actor: Brian Irons
Sid Carton Voice: Brian Irons
Tomohiro Goto Graphic Design Artist
Naoki Tanimoto Cinematic Animation Artist
Hiroki Ogawa Visual Effects Artist
Haruka Mine Environment Artist
Yukiya Tomiyama Facial Animation Artist
Dai Tanaka Graphic Design Artist
Masaki Sugita User Interface Artist
Moe Kataoka User Interface Artist
Yosuke Noro Programmer
Ryosuke Sakai Programmer
Shotaro Nakayama Sound Designer
Sarina Takeda Sound Designer
Mitsunori Sasaki Animation Artist
Yasushi Haraguchi Character Artist
Shinji Umemoto Environment Artist
Junichiro Nakashima Environment Artist
Yoshinori Saitou Animation Artist
Rei Orita Animation Artist
Tsubasa Miyamoto Project Manager
Keiji Matsunaka Project Manager
Atsushi Yasu Game Designer
Hidekatsu Tetsuda Game Designer
Yuki Shinzato Game Designer
Shogo Fujishima Game Designer
Yuta Hayashi Game Designer
Shunichi Mine Game Designer
Genki Usui Game Designer
Satoko Tanaka Dialogue
Satoko Tanaka Text Manager
Satoko Tanaka Text Manager
Yukio Nishimura Dialogue
Yukio Nishimura Text Manager
Yukio Nishimura Text Manager
Hirofumi Nakaoka Character Artist
Seiya Iwasaki Character Artist
Daisuke Taneda Technical Artist
Akihiro Koketsu Environment Artist
Yoshiaki Sakurai Environment Artist
Kenji Inotsume Environment Artist
Takahide Sunagawa Environment Artist
Miyuki Yakushiji Environment Artist
Chikako Kijima Gimmick Artist
Minami Tamura Gimmick Artist
Masafumi Kimoto Animation Artist
Yoshiki Takegaki Animation Artist
Maya Murata Animation Artist
Masahiko Ueda Animation Artist
Sayuri Shintani Animation Artist
Kei Sasaki Animation Artist
Kohei Tomita Animation Artist
Seiichi Shibata Cinematic Animation Artist
Sasuke Nakano Cinematic Animation Artist
Mayuko Mizuno Facial Animation Artist
You Ikeda Facial Animation Artist
Kohei Shiomi Visual Effects Artist
Seitaro Takai Visual Effects Artist
Takehisa Obayashi Visual Effects Artist
Rikako Onozawa User Interface Artist
Masahiro Takayama User Interface Artist
Saki Kawano User Interface Artist
Masanari Murakami User Interface Artist
Mai Takeda User Interface Artist
Kentaro Nakashima Audio Director
Kentaro Inamura Sound Designer
Yuki Asakura Sound Designer
Taisuke Fujisawa Sound Designer
Yuji Higashiyama Sound Designer
Ryo Hirai Sound Designer
Akio Chuma Sound Designer
Yusuke Kinoshita Sound Programmer
Masahiko Minami Sound Programmer
Naoya Yamanaka Sound Manager
Rio Sasaki Voice Actor: Sherry Birkin (Japanese)
Rio Sasaki Voice: Sherry Birkin (Japanese)
Akio Hirose Voice Actor: Brian Irons (Japanese)
Akio Hirose Voice: Brian Irons (Japanese)
Tomoyo Ikegami Lighting Artist
Ryo Tomomura Lighting Artist
Yoshiki Yamamoto Lighting Artist
Yutaka Inoue Lighting Artist
Fuya Oyachi Programmer
Yuki Sekino Programmer
Hiroto Makiyama Programmer
Masatoshi Fukazawa Programmer
Takuya Nakano Programmer
Shimpei Tanaka Programmer
Kanu Akamatsu Programmer
Michiaki Masuda Programmer
Masahiro Yamada Programmer
Hiroshi Omachi Programmer
Aya Kamimura Programmer
Yuto Nakagawa Programmer
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