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  • Summary: As a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, preside over complicated cases of ordinary citizens, dangerous criminals, and enemies of the revolution in revolutionary Paris. Make judgments, plot political intrigue, and try to not lose your own head.
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  1. Jun 28, 2019
    We. The Revolution challenged my sense of justice and morals, and for that alone, I can easily recommend this title to fans of history or those craving a bit of despair. The game puts the situation into a new perspective that lets us think for ourselves, and while I may not have made some good decisions, you won’t pass judgment easily either.
  2. 80
    With its captivating and highly-original setting, engrossing story, and eye-catching visual style, We. The Revolution is without question one of year’s more intriguing titles. If not for the lack of polish and depth of its courtroom sections, coupled with a handful of minor issues, We. The Revolution would be well deserving of a place on anyone’s 2019 must-buy list.
  3. Jul 2, 2019
    We. The Revolution is a stand-out recreation of the nightmare that was the French Revolution. Despite the turn based strategy mechanics falling flat, Polyslash still manage to put you on the edge of your seat by performing the near impossible feat of making resource management exciting. This is a game that demands you keep your head, when everyone else around you is losing theirs.
  4. Jul 11, 2019
    We.The Revolution is an interesting experience, but beyond that, the game pushes the player to make choices by following either the opinion of the different forces or himself. The scripted side of some trials and the frustrating side of Parisian life management do not necessarily help in immersion. But we must still salute the work done and We.The Revolution is a small oasis in the middle of a desert full of AAA titles.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jul 30, 2019
    If this had been the whole game, it might have been something special. Unfortunately, it throws all the previously mentioned elements in too, none of which are given the time, care, or attention that they need.2 Thus you have sections that are poorly explained or feel almost superfluous, choices with consequences that don’t always make sense, a judge who for some reason wants to control the whole of Paris, and characters who it is very difficult to become attached to. [Issue#165, p.84]
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