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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 44
  2. Negative: 0 out of 44
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  1. 100
    For our money, it's the best portable eight-track available and one of the best reasons to put your PSP in your bag before the commute to work.
  2. 91
    Beaterator is not the perfect music-crafting software, but for the price, it's damn good.
  3. A superbly produced and well executed app for your PSP allowing you to create your very own tunes.
  4. Beaterator proves to be a great piece of software, capable of meeting the expectations of any wannabe composer. Its limits are in fact strengths dictated by the developers' purpose: to offer an accessible music creator that might unlock the doors for those that, one day, could find themselves composing music.
  5. 89
    Beaterator isn’t really a game, it’s more a simulation of an audio studio. A lot of samples and intuitive options to make your own great tracks, which you can save on the memory stick and listen every time you want.
  6. This is what I like about the gaming industry: there’s always a surprise waiting for you around the corner. Although the offering has obvious technical limitations and does come with a solid learning curve, Beaterator is very interesting and packs enough punch to please and intrigue any kind of gamer. Beaterator is worth checking out!
  7. All in all, Beaterator is an interesting and unique piece of software for the PSP handheld.
  8. 85
    Beaterator hits hard on the PSP, becoming a new milestone in electronic music creation and editing.
  9. Beaterator represents a challenging diversification for Rockstar, who perhaps know more about beating people up. Having said that, this pint-sized music creation title sure packs a punch.
  10. Beaterator is your number one when it comes to creating music to your heart’s content. Whether it‘s messing around with samples that this title came with or producing your very unique song – this „game“ is for you, lots of free time on your hands recommended.
  11. 83
    I wouldn't say you're ready to start your own label with a PSP and a pocket full of dreams or anything, but certainly your start in the world of commercial hip-hop and electronic music making has never had a more accessible leg up, or been so much fun.
  12. In conclusion, Beaterator is a rather sturdy music application for the PSP which allows users to create music on the go.
  13. Easy to use, fast and very accessible. Nowadays, Beaterator is the best console solution to create high-quality musical pieces in a games console.
  14. If you’re not a music person, you could have fun with Live Play mode for a little while, and if you’re an audiophile, you may find yourself frustrated with the game’s limitations – but if you’re looking to compose some decent tunes for giggles, Beaterator is your game.
  15. 80
    You CAN make complete songs with Beaterator, it's just not as easy as it should be. It is a portable music studio for your PSP with many of the same features you find in expensive PC software for a mere $40, so that's saying a lot. But a portable music studio simply has to be easy to use, and Beaterator isn't there, yet.
  16. A luck of a game for any music-lover that's willing to find any studio mixer made exclusively for the handheld. Beaterator offers lots of content with the north american producer Timbaland, and hell if he doesn't really suit this role. A must-have if you're interested in this field.
  17. The first thing you ought to know about Beaterator is that it’s not a game. The second thing is that it is not so easy to use. The third thing is that it’s an excellent alternative to most sequencing programs, and an excellent portable tool for making your own music on the go and share it with the world.
  18. The opportunity to record your own live music over the top of your sequenced compositions, to export Midi files with your loops and to save out songs as .wavs are features that go beyond where console-based music packages have ventured before.
  19. Excellent stuff. For newbies this is a decent introduction to electronic music construction, and a brilliant little portable test bed for the experienced producer. It even exports MIDI.
  20. An amazingly well featured music making package for your PSP. It takes time and effort to yield Beaterator's fruits, but for those looking to take their first steps into music production it's a fantastic place to start.
  21. 80
    There are lots of layers involved with Beaterator and peeling those layers back and discovering a new sound or enjoying others' creations is what makes this a success at the end of the day.
  22. Powerful and accessible music maker that's NOT a game.
  23. Beaterator brings an excellent music application to the PSP which makes it possible to create some slamming tunes. It has an accessible and entertaining Live Play mode for newcomers, but if you want to create a track from the ground up, an extensive knowledge of production software or perseverance is required. Although Beaterator can't compete with professional software on PC or MAC, the low price and ability to create a mix everywhere you go makes this something worth buying. Even for seasoned professionals.
  24. Beaterator works simply because it provides a decent set of audio tools, and clear instructions on how to use them. At first you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the menus and libraries, but ultimately its sheer user-friendliness, the common controls, and omnipresent video tutorials win out the day.
  25. If you're a fan of hip-hop or electronic music and interested in creating your own tracks, then Beaterator is definitely worth a look.
  26. 80
    Slickly presented and impeccably well put together, Beaterator is an incredibly accomplished piece of music-making software that will keep you occupied for as long as you're invested in creating your own tracks.
  27. It is more of a tool for the creative ones than a traditional game. It is a simple, cheap and a rather powerful alternative to the more expensive and complicated software alternatives for the hobby musician.
  28. You can make a great beat with a bunch of simple functions through the Live Play-mode, but you can also make great tracks in de Studio mode. The program offers a variety of possibilities to go very deep in the game, but seeks out the competition with the computer-software at that point. And if I have to choose between a PSP game or a computer program I choose to make my tracks on a computer for that use.
  29. AceGamez
    Beaterator is one of the most interesting PSP titles in the last few months.
  30. Games Master UK
    Enjoyable freeplay mode. [Dec 2009, p.86]
  31. PSM3 Magazine UK
    The tools are there to turn you into the next Timbaland if you've got the talent and dedication. [Dec 2009, p.103]
  32. It's a foundational package, far from threatening the professional music development studios, but it's a gateway piece of software, bound to inspire aspiring musicians to pursue the real deal.
  33. Beaterator is a surprisingly powerful music creation tool for mixmasters on the move.
  34. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    We found ourselves fighting Beaterator's interface more than we'd have liked, but hey, at least we were able to make some decent-sounding tunes to play on our PSPs and iPods. [Holiday 2009, p.79]
  35. Beaterator is not a game but a real sound sequencer which allows us to create music using the hundreds of loops available or creating new ones with complete freedom. A must for all the music composers out there.
  36. Pelit (Finland)
    Beaterator isn’t a game. It’s an application, which allows you to create your own club tracks. The basics are simple to learn, but the in-depth song crafting requires skills and devotion. The complexity of this small application is overwhelming. In theory, you can make your own music with it. [Nov 2010]
  37. Much as it may well be technically possible to perform a heart-lung transplant with your DVD remote, or teach your dog to fill out your tax return, one can’t help but realise that there’s a much easier way to go about these things. By cramming this massive suite of fully-featured audio tools into the PSP, Rockstar have unfortunately led us ultimately into an endless web of frustration, with context-sensitive assignable sub-menus within sub-menus within sub-menus; with painful load and seek-times; with scrolling around the bloody screen again and again for the bloody knob-or-button that’s right bloody there.
  38. While it's certainly a departure from Rockstar's normal games, those with an appetite for something out of left-field that has a great depth to what is capable with some time and care will be very happy with Beaterator.
  39. Beaterator is not perfect, it's got a ways to go but the potential that it displays is incredible. It won't be long until you can have a professional recording studio and tone generator in the palm of your hand. For the time being, Beaterator is the closest you're going to get, and it's pretty damn close.
  40. 72
    Beaterator is a good music programme for the PSP. It offers a decent platform for those starting and the experienced producer will have plenty to do. Those experienced people will move onto the pc for the more advanced software, but Beaterator is the perfect thing for the road.
  41. Play UK
    A surprisingly powerful music-creation tool. [Issue#186, p.81]
  42. 70
    Learning how to navigate and apply the many different options and variables will take some time and practice, and while I'm not saying that putting in the effort isn't worth it in the end, I am saying that today's market seems less likely to embrace a title that has a learning curve as steep as Brett Michael's declining rock-credibility.
  43. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    We’re looking forward to the kind of stuff people are going to come up with here, and as the software is designed with different entry points there should be no limit to the type of content that comes out of this game. [Christmas 2009, p.79]
  44. 60
    Beaterator could've been a little more consumer-friendly, with a better hands-on tutorial and some minor sequences. Not everyone will get it, but would-be music maestros and DJs should definitely give it a look.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 13 Ratings

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  1. IanF
    Jan 21, 2010
    Had this for a couple of days now and love it. I have Cubase etc on my PC and this does a very similar job on a handheld. I don't use Had this for a couple of days now and love it. I have Cubase etc on my PC and this does a very similar job on a handheld. I don't use timbaland's loops at all - everything I've done I've started from scratch - it gives you options for chords, there's a separate drum synth tool, you can add effects (reverb etc) on the synths, seriously, it's awesome - it's all you need to make your own music now Full Review »
  2. harryg
    Oct 7, 2009
    Beaterator is an awesome music app which makes it very easy to make tracks that sound professional. It really akes you feel like a great Beaterator is an awesome music app which makes it very easy to make tracks that sound professional. It really akes you feel like a great musician like Timbaland. Full Review »
  3. Jan 19, 2017
    Since you can't really beat this game, but rather improve your beats, I'll state my first impression and the impression after fullySince you can't really beat this game, but rather improve your beats, I'll state my first impression and the impression after fully understanding the controls. First of all, I had doubts about the "legitness" of this music creating tool for the PSP. A lot of lame things get hyped these days, but this PSP title by "Rockstar" once again shows that "Rockstar" cares about decent products. My first impression was "normal". I have some knowledge about music software for PC, therefore seeing this and that tool was nothing that confused me, ergo reading the manual or watching the tutorial videos, which are decent, wasn't necessary. I'd recommend to read the manual and watch the tutorial videos if you are new to this though, else you might be frustrated and that will affect your opinion about this "game". Also patience is key and the reward is great! After checking all tools and options, my first impression was good. And after getting comfy to use the knobs of the PSP to make music, my impression was quite great. You can import your own sound, record your own sound (only if your PSP has a mic), create your own unique synth sounds, ergo you are not limited to the in-game library, alter samples/sounds, put together your own drum kit, you can add several tracks and create a huge song and the library has a good selection as well - basically enough to have some fun. If you want to become a music producer, you better save some money for some real studio hardware and software. After all this is a "game", but Rockstar and Timbaland really tried to give us something, that is rather serious and not toyish. Again, serious producers won't agree, but I'm saying this from a PSP player's perspective. With enough time on your hands or enough dedication, you can create some pretty nice tunes, which are good enough to represent on video streaming plattforms. If you don't have the money for a real studio, but want to relax while making some music or if you always wanted to something to create beats for your lyrics to work on your rapping, this might be a good alternative or start. If this game is your cup of tea, you'll definitely spend hours and days with this - theoretically this could be your all-time PSP game. Full Review »