Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
  1. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row: IV Re-elected on the Switch is a much-welcomed game as it runs amazing in handheld and docked mode, brings a beloved franchise to millions of gamers, and almost feels a bit naughty to have next to my Mario games. With its smooth gunplay, game mechanics that mesh well with the control scheme of the Switch, and ability to cram all of its explosive, expansive, and destructive gameplay into your hand, you cannot pass this game up.
  2. Mar 23, 2020
    It show its age in some details, but still is one of the funniest open world adventures out there, mixing ideas and mechanics from games like GTA, Crackdown or Prototype. It's crazy, ridiculous, hilarius and parodies lots of games. A pure madness that last more than 20 hours, optional tasks aside, with an entertaining plot and coop mode.
  3. Apr 3, 2020
    It's rude, it's crude, and until Rockstar decides to port something better than LA Noire over or Sucker Punch stops being a Sony studio, it is the most fun you're going to have in an open world crime or mayhem type game on the Switch.
  4. Apr 5, 2020
    Co-op is a fantastic way to experience Saints Row, and luckily the co-op on Switch is just as robust. It is quite easy to do side content alone, and then join a friend to complete other things together. Overall, Saints Row 4 loses out on very little in its Switch port, and comes in an attractive bundle with every DLC unlocked and the ability to take one of the most beloved GTA-like games on the go.
  5. Mar 30, 2020
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is crude, violent, vulgar, offensive, and extremely fun to play. It is absolutely over-the-top in all of the right ways and is sure to provide you with countless hours of hilarious, explosive action. Grab yourself a copy and kill some aliens, blow some stuff up, and save the whole damn planet.
  6. 80
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is raunchy, hectic, incredible superpowered fun. It's not quite as good as its predecessor, but it's absolutely still worth a go.
  7. Mar 25, 2020
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected‘s over-the-top antics, larger-than-life characters and superpower-focused gameplay make it one of the most ludicrous ways to waste away a decent number of hours. And in these trying times, perhaps that’s what we all need.
  8. Mar 23, 2020
    While I wouldn't call Saints Row IV: Re-elected "essential", it's absolutely worth a look if you like your fun loud and just a little bit irreverent.
  9. Mar 23, 2020
    While Saints Row the Third proved a more inconsistent port – mainly because it was a much older game – Saints Row IV: Re-Elected fares far better with better performance, minimal input lag and a refreshingly solid output in handheld mode. It’s gunplay is always going to be messy and its unashamed sense of humour will undoubtedly offend some, but having such an activity rich experience running so well on your handheld console isn’t to be sniffed at. And with so much extra content available in the Re-Elected package, Switch players have another long-term investment on their hands.
  10. Mar 23, 2020
    If you want to be a troublemaking, superpowered criminal with little resistance, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is unparalleled in what it gives you.
  11. 80
    Whether a Nintendo Switch purist or someone who uses it as their dedicated mobile device, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for Nintendo Switch remains a stellar game worth playing if you can endure some minor performance quibbles.
  12. Mar 28, 2020
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected offers an improvement over the previous game on the Nintendo hybrid console. This title stands out for its crazy story full of aliens, super powers and the humor of Saints Row.
  13. Mar 26, 2020
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected comes with all of that fantastic, over the top DLC with insane weapons, new story missions, and tons of cosmetic options. As a story, this wild experience is still refreshing and incredibly charming while keeping true to its raunchy, adult themes. The pop culture references on display are shameless and simply add to the charm of the series. While it does control well once you get used to it, the fine aiming leaves something to be desired, so if you prefer to spend a game looking down scopes this might not be for you. If you love horrible jokes, fire, death, explosions, superpowers, murder, and mayhem, this is the game for you.
  14. Mar 23, 2020
    The bullet comedy extravaganza action game from Volition returns on Switch. It's old and a little bit messy, but you're probably going to love it anyway.
  15. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row IV Re-Elected comes to the Nintendo Switch many years after the launch of the original version, but it certainly is a valid option for anyone looking for an excessively exaggerated and over the top open world action game. Unfortunately the conversion proves to be anything but flawless, even if the many technical issues don’t undermine the overall gaming experience.
  16. Mar 28, 2020
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected on Nintendo Switch is a fantastic port of a good game. Though it has not aged all that well graphically, the hilarious story and addicting gameplay of the original release translate incredibly well to Switch. Those looking for a sandbox game to play on the go will find a great one in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. However, its $40 price tag is a bit high for a seven-year-old game.
  17. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row IV drew me in with its Matrix-like whimsy and dedication to player fun. The Switch port is serviceable, with blemishes easily ignored against the shenanigans on offer.
  18. Mar 23, 2020
    In 2020, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected’s combat feels prosaic, its glut of content perfunctory, and its humor antiquated. It’s great on Switch but actually playing it feels like looking through a weird interactive museum.
  19. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row 4 still manages to have fun, even on the hybrid console of Nintendo.
  20. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row 4 arrives on Nintendo Switch with a better porting than the previous chapter and with the usual series of senseless moments. The fans will be happy; for all the others it remains a mediocre and sufficiently backward title.
  21. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is still the exact same game that released back in 2013, but is just as fun today as it was almost a decade ago.
  22. Mar 23, 2020
    Saints Row IV is a fun game that hasn’t aged very well, and this version has some rough edges and issues that make it harder to recommend. There’s a lot of fun to be had here, but keep in mind you’ll have to face some technical issues and obsolete gameplay features.
  23. Mar 30, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  24. Mar 23, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  25. 50
    Saints Row IV isn’t awful; the superpowers still make for some of the best world traversal I’ve ever played in an open-world game. Unfortunately, the superpowers are pretty much the only thing that’s really worth checking out in its own right. The rest of the game is merely competent at best. If the humor had been a bit more solid, or the story had a more distinct identity, it might be worth putting up with the rough edges. Sadly, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected would probably be better off getting primaried.
  26. Mar 23, 2020
    The Saints Row series isn't renowned for the outstanding performances of its 3D engine but the Switch version of the game is the final straw, specifically in portable mode: aliasing, tearing and visuals bugs are still there. We can't say the same about the standalone Gat out of Hell. However, the game is still really fun to play.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 10 Ratings

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  1. Mar 31, 2020
    My french review below:
    You can Follow me on Twitter : @NintendoLegacy1
    Saints Row IV RE-ELECTED est sans doute le meilleur de la saga. En
    My french review below:
    You can Follow me on Twitter : @NintendoLegacy1

    Saints Row IV RE-ELECTED est sans doute le meilleur de la saga. En plus d’être un très bon open word bac à sable, le jeu est complètement déjanté et justifie largement son PEGI 18 par un univers complètement débridé. Le jeu vous offrira des dizaines d’heures de jeu grâce à son contenu gargantuesque et ses nombreux modes de jeu. La version Switch bénéficie d’un portage fidèle et solide techniquement, notamment en mode console portable. Grâce à la présence de l’ intégralité des DLC et mises à jour disponibles, à l’exception du stand-alone Gate out of Hell, Saints Row IV sur Switch devient la version définitive et ultime du jeu.
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  2. Mar 27, 2020
    Good port of the worst Saints Row game. If you like this one you should be very pleased, it runs very well. Problem is that it's SR4 which isGood port of the worst Saints Row game. If you like this one you should be very pleased, it runs very well. Problem is that it's SR4 which is essentially a completely different game from the first 3. Gone is the gangster theme, replaced by some sci-fi theme. As a fan of the first three I just couldn't recommend this. Full Review »