• Publisher: Level 5
  • Release Date: Feb 14, 2020

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 44
  2. Negative: 2 out of 44
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  1. Feb 13, 2020
    We quickly fell in love with Snack World, but just as quickly we grew bored of samey dungeons and a very simple combat system. Still, especially if played in short bursts, this is a fun and hilarious dungeon crawler.
  2. Sep 22, 2020
    There’s a lot to digest when it comes to Snack World, and like red bean paste, you either love it or can’t stomach it. If the idea of a glorified casino with a simple battle system and insane level spikes makes your mouth water, Snack World is a dungeon crawler worth delving into. There is in fact a significant amount of content with side quests, crafting, and collecting that gives prospective explorers plenty to take part in. But the gameplay still turns up incredibly repetitive, and the smorgasbord of comedy styles makes it even more tedious getting from one dungeon to the next.
  3. Mar 13, 2020
    A dungeon crawler in kawaii sauce. Entertaining, but it could have been much better.
  4. Feb 25, 2020
    Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold is a good entry to the RPG genre, but it may be too simple for some experienced players.
  5. Feb 21, 2020
    The main campaign will take you at least 25-30 hours to beat, and if you’re having fun, dozens more hours can be sunk into end-game content. As long as you don’t want it do, the quest for better gear never ends.
  6. Feb 18, 2020
    It can be good, simple fun when it wants to be and even in its most aggravating moments, it manages to be carried by a cast of entertaining characters in a bizarre, charming world.
  7. Feb 18, 2020
    What Snackworld: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold lacks in gameplay depth, it makes up for with it's great sense of humour and vibrant style.
  8. Feb 14, 2020
    Snack World finally comes to Europe with its latest version, fully equipped with dozens of hours of content. This is great at first glance, because if you like the game and you enjoy its mechanics, the enjoyment is just guaranteed. However, despite the well-executed multiplayer options and a huge variety of content, the overall experience comes out to be so repetitive after 20 hours or so, which is a pity as Level-5 doesn’t explore the gameplay options as much as it could have been.
  9. Feb 13, 2020
    It's not an essential video game, nor does it seek to be: it meets the playable, although it stands out in terms of fun thanks to its sense of humor. In addition, audio-visual seems like a very round work.
  10. Feb 13, 2020
    As a dungeon crawler, Snack World doesn't stand out among all the other similar (and better) games. But the sense of humor, powered by a magnificent Spanish translation and dub, manages to achieve great levels of charm an personality. If you're looking for something simple and fun to be in a good mood... This is it.
  11. 70
    There's a lot that I wanted to like about Snack World. Lite-dungeon crawling, a deep loot system, colourful visuals, quirky 'meta' humour – all the right ingredients are here for a staple dish in my personal video game cuisine. While it all looked great on the menu, though, what has eventually been plated and served is more like fast food than fine dining. It's still enjoyable, but it hasn't been made with the same love and care and can make you feel a bit uneasy.
  12. Feb 26, 2020
    Charming loot and monster hunt with a high grind factor and unfortunately without any splitscreen option.
  13. Feb 13, 2020
    Snack World has a great sense of humor, great bosses and it’s a lot of fun with friends… but it’s also very simple and repetitive. It could’ve been a much better game, but we’ve still had fun with it.
  14. 65
    Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold is a journey with highs and lows. The gameplay itself is quite entertaining with cool weapons and slick movement. On the other end, it is also very grindy, with dialogue that can become real grating. Some of these problems fade away in multiplayer, which makes it such a missed opportunity to make that aspect a bigger focus. Snack World isn't a bad game, but it’s somewhat misguided in how it wants to present itself. If you can deal with the frustration, you will find that the dungeons themselves can be fairly entertaining.
  15. Aug 19, 2020
    Overall, there really is nothing fundamentally wrong here, but with its reliance on deriving humour from treating RPG standards as dated and ripe for mockery, Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold pretty much shoots itself in the foot. Leaning into these tropes, and really investing the time into a combat system that is as much of a treat as the rest of the game could have really elevated this above a saturated market. Collecting 'Snacks' and using them as party members is fun, and a worthwhile curiosity, plus visually it has charming designs, reminiscent of Final Fantasy: My Life as a King, which both enthrals and delights. Sadly, though, without a sturdy and, more importantly, fun battle system driving this forward, this may leave a sour taste for those expecting something of the calibre of Level-5's past RPG efforts.
  16. Nintendo Force Magazine
    May 1, 2020
    It's just a shame that half of the crawl is getting past the game's process – and ego. [Issue #45 – March/April 2020, p. 68]
  17. Apr 10, 2020
    Snack World works as a tasty, but not entirely satisfying, appetizer, with too much filler and some strange balancing choices.
  18. Feb 25, 2020
    Everything in the game, from the bad humor to the kinda fun combat, coalesced into a mess that I wanted to continue exploring, if only out of morbid curiosity and my love of loot. Unless you are a die-hard dungeon crawler, I don’t see this game holding your interest.
  19. 60
    Snack World really isn't my thing. As much as I am a fan of Level-5, the pitch of this one is out, and as such, too much of it falls flat. It's a satirical game that's trying too hard and if it was funny, then the jokes it makes would be directed at its own faults as a game. It's a workable dungeon crawler without being inspired, but unlike the rest of Level-5's library, this one is focused on being attractive to one demographic at the expense of just about everyone else. Where most other Level-5 games are a joy and delight, this one really felt too much like a slog.
  20. Feb 13, 2020
    What has the ingredients to be a compelling RPG with roguelike side dishes, unfortunately, boils down to a mediocre cold buffet of half-baked ideas and passable visuals that never fully gets the taste buds tingling.
  21. Feb 13, 2020
    Snack World is a repetitive and rough dungeon crawler which kids will love; adults and fans of the genre not so much.
  22. Feb 13, 2020
    Its mediocre ideas result in nothing more than a functionality that spoils solid art. Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold could have been a unique take on the genre but unfortunately cashes out too early to make any kind of lasting impression.
  23. Feb 18, 2020
    Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold falls short in most areas with it's dull, monotonous gameplay. Repetitive missions and gameplay lead to this one wearing out it's welcome after a few short hours, despite having lots of content.
  24. MGG
    Feb 15, 2020
    Level 5 clearly had a card to play in offering a dungeon crawler for a younger audience, but unfortunately, Snack World is a bad draw. The title quickly becomes boring and despite a few interesting systems, the fun starts running out after a couple of hours. If you are a dungeon crawler enthusiast, keep moving, Snack World won't scratch your itch for exploration.
  25. Feb 14, 2020
    Snack World could have been a great gravel game for on the go but is stranded by the many confusing underlying systems and moderate writing. A pity, because the idea behind this game is perfect on the Switch.
  26. Feb 13, 2020
    With this brand new franchise, Level-5 intends to enter the market of rogue-like titles. Alas, despite its cool and colorful universe, we can be quite disappointed by the general game design, massively borrowed from gacha games and its repetitiveness.
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  1. Feb 14, 2020
    Level-5's latest multimedia outing makes a belated western outing in an RPG that's eccentric, exuberant and more than a little clumsy.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 75 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 75
  2. Negative: 15 out of 75
  1. Feb 15, 2020
    Honestly had to make an account just to review this game because of the lack of attention its getting. Go out today and buy this game!
  2. Feb 14, 2020
    The game is fun. Very relaxing. I think the person who invented the words or decided on them was mega high, but the game is a lot of fun. It'sThe game is fun. Very relaxing. I think the person who invented the words or decided on them was mega high, but the game is a lot of fun. It's not high speed or stressful and it's kind of like a monster hunter with good load times and much lighter in terms of materials. I'd really recommend it to anyone who wants a game with a lot of playability and relax. Full Review »
  3. Feb 14, 2020
    A fantastic game from the creators of Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, Yo-kai Watch and Ni no Kuni.
    Excellent game play and tons more to do
    A fantastic game from the creators of Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton, Yo-kai Watch and Ni no Kuni.
    Excellent game play and tons more to do in Snack World
    Full Review »