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  1. Nov 10, 2022
    In a world where we've seen Square Enix fall down with remasters (examples include the lacklustre Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters and the egregious Kingdom Hearts on Switch), Tactics Ogre: Reborn highlights something special – a change of the guard, so to speak, that bodes remarkably well for the rest of the publisher's classic RPG oeuvre.
  2. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a pilgrimage for strategy RPG enthusiasts, an outstanding update for a watershed moment in the genre.
  3. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn feels like it is a bespoke Nintendo Switch game rather than a remake of an older title. It looks and plays like a dream on the system both docked and handheld, and the addition of proper HD Rumble makes it even better. With Tactics Ogre: Reborn and Triangle Strategy, Square Enix has delivered two of the best tactical RPGs within months of each other on the best platform for the genre.
  4. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn is hugely successful in its goals to modernise an admittedly old game.
  5. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre Reborn is a remake that filled me with joy and nostalgia for something I couldn’t even get close to beating as a kid. It’s an enriching experience with some of the best strategy gameplay around. I hope this leads to remakes of other Ogre Battle games and maybe Final Fantasy Tactics titles while they’re at it.
  6. Nov 15, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a excellent refresh of one of the all-time classics of the genre. Those who have any love at all for the genre owe it to themselves to play it if they haven’t before, and even those who have tried another version in the past will find enough improvements and differences to make it worth wading in again. A fine treatment of a game that only seems to get better with age.
  7. Nov 14, 2022
    Voiced dialogue aside, Tactics Ogre: Reborn is easily the definitive version of a classic game that’s been through a few very different iterations. Instead of stopping at a graphical overhaul and some quality-of-life features, it reimagines a lot of the game’s core systems in a way that strikes a fine balance between the thematically-fitting brutality of the original and the depth and tactical freedom of the PSP remake. There’s no better way to revisit the legacy of Tactics Ogre than this.
  8. Nov 10, 2022
    Clocking in at over fifty-five hours of gameplay, Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a worthy remake. While there is not an insane amount of improvements compared to the PlayStation Portable version of Let Us Cling Together, this is by far the definitive edition, and it does a great job of welcoming new players while also offering an intense gameplay challenge for veterans. I knew Tactics Ogre was special the moment I had to make those tough decisions at the beginning, and I found myself thinking about it even when not playing. Every battle made me want to proceed to the next because I needed to know Denam’s story. That alone is a testament to how powerful the narrative is, how addictive the gameplay. If you love tactical RPGs and somehow missed this classic, you owe it to yourself to check out Tactics Ogre: Reborn and dive into what is arguably one of the best tactical RPGs ever made.
  9. Nov 10, 2022
    This adaptation is the correct way to approach turn-based tactics games, given that its rules are the most intuitive for the user, it can be perfectly enjoyed in these times. If you never gave the portable console remake a chance in your life, it's time to move on to the version that can now be considered the definitive one.
  10. Nov 10, 2022
    This fantastic game just got even better, and there are enough changes and new touches to make it worthwhile for newcomers and veterans alike.
  11. Nov 14, 2022
    Tactics Ogre Reborn has an addictive combat system that is still enjoyable thanks to the quality of life improvements that Square Enix implemented. The story, the decision-making, and even the voice acting are remarkable. However, the game in the visual section does feel old. Replayability is guaranteed.
  12. Nov 10, 2022
    One of the two kings is back (the other one being Final Fantasy Tactics), and it is in a wonderful shape even eleven years after its last appearance. We're not 100% sure this is the best version of this classic, but it's a version no strategy fan should miss nonetheless.
  13. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre Reborn is a fantastic look at the history of tactics games, and is still a blast even now.
  14. Nov 11, 2022
    Although several decades have passed since its debut on the market, Tactics Ogre continues to be one of the best exponents of the strategic genre and the new re-edition packaged by Square Enix has been able to greatly increase the smoothness of the experience. Although with some exceptions, the tricks made to the playful dough have been able to rejuvenate the title with an old-school flavor, making it palatable even in the eyes of the new generations. On the flip side, however, the technical sector does not defend itself as well. Our advice is therefore to use it on the small screen of the Nintendo Switch, which thanks to portability will be able to partially mask the age of a milestone like Tactics Ogre.
  15. Nov 24, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn makes some changes to a classic, which meet with mixed success. Qualify of life changes like rewind and simplified class changes are very welcome, but the newly balanced battle system slows down battles that already felt on the slow side. Don’t be mistaken, though, the core game here is still one of the better strategy RPGs of its era, and it holds up in 2022. If you’re a fan of the genre and haven’t gotten the chance to check it out in the past, there’s no need to wait. Pick up Tactics Ogre: Reborn and get ready to lose fifty hours of your life.
  16. Nov 16, 2022
    Tactics Ogre Reborn is the best overall way to enjoy this classic game. Some may prefer the older versions keeping the original pixel art, while this version smooths out the rough edges in ways that may not be for everyone. The addition of voice acting helps tell the story and give it a greater sense of pathos and it’s good work overall. The story is a serious one and no one plays anything for laughs. Reborn offers up a new way to enjoy a legendary title and shows off just how perfectly-crafted it was to begin with. It’s a minor shame that the original game isn’t included here for historical purposes, but what we have here is largely the best way to play it outside of the filtered pixel art. Tactics Ogre Reborn is a remarkable tactical RPG and a landmark entry in the genre over 25 years after its original release.
  17. Nov 14, 2022
    A tactics behemoth, only those with spreadsheet minds will emerge victorious. Tactics Ogre: Reborn shows that a good old game can be edited and added to with grace and remain impressive in its field.
  18. Nov 11, 2022
    Tactics Ogre : Reborn comes back in a version between remaster and remake. We could have hoped for more, but the title remains one of the best T-RPG still today.
  19. Nov 11, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is one of the greatest TRPGs of all time and this modernized version offered with Tactics Ogre Reborn gives western players the opportunity to discover or rediscover it in optimal conditions, with a subtly improved gameplay system, superb orchestral music or the choice of full dubbing, in Japanese or English.
  20. Nov 11, 2022
    One of the grandfathers of tactical role-playing returns with an ambitious new remaster, that includes a surprising number of improvements and only a few missteps.
  21. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a unique opportunity to please a very specific niche of RPG fans. It was made to please old time fans without tarnishing the masterpiece from 30 years ago. I assure you this is one of the best games of this genre, even bringing just a few reasons to those who already have experienced this adventure in the past. In any case, I loved revisiting Valeria and I know a lot of that feeling is just pure nostalgia.
  22. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn can be a punishing and sometimes unfair experience, but those who rise to the challenge will find a lot of content to explore, an engaging story to experience, and a fantastic battle system to master.
  23. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn doesn’t have to justify its existence. A better looking, grander sounding, easier-to-play version of one of the best TRPGs of all time? Sign me up! But still, this extra beauty doesn’t mean it differs that drastically from its 1995 original, so unless you’re new to the series, you may need it to justify its existence. Either way, it’s good. But then again, it always has been.
  24. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre's intense tactical combat, in-depth character-building, and excellent storytelling makes it a must-play for strategy-RPG fans. It's wonderful that this game is much more widely available now, and most of the updates and upgrades make the package even better. While some might balk at the $50 price tag for a remake with an iffy graphical and sound overhaul, the superb strategy gameplay and branching story paths will keep your attention for a very long time. While it might not be a perfect remake, it's a damn good one.
  25. Nov 11, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a seminal and still-enjoyable SRPG that manages to respectfully hold its own against the many descendants it now exists alongside. Though some elements of its design feel a little archaic, its deeply political and branching narrative, orchestrated soundtrack, and solidly built strategic combat all come together to make for a worthwhile experience. Visually, this version is disappointing, and we wouldn't say Reborn is one to rush out and buy immediately, but if you're a sucker for strategy and want to experience an influential classic with some mod cons thrown in, we'd suggest you keep this on your watchlist.
  26. Nov 10, 2022
    For all its murky mechanics and slow pace, Tactics Ogre: Reborn still blends satisfying combat with a top-tier story in a way that few games can match. If you’re a fan of the tactical RPG genre and want a serious challenge, there’s simply no reason not to play this game. But newcomers may want to start with something more approachable, or at least keep waiting for that Final Fantasy Tactics remake we’re all hoping for.
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  1. Nov 14, 2022
    Tactics Ogre Reborn is the best option to play this awesome game.[Recommended]
  2. Nov 10, 2022
    An exhaustive reworking of a foundational dark fantasy epic, with some quietly radical new ideas. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  3. Nov 10, 2022
    Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a welcome, polished, and thoughtful update to a game that defined a genre — a genre that has now left it behind.
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  1. Nov 14, 2022
    It still plays somewhat slow even with the increased speed option, and it is hard to find definitions to in-game terms, but the gameplay isIt still plays somewhat slow even with the increased speed option, and it is hard to find definitions to in-game terms, but the gameplay is fun and surprisingly deep for a game so old. A great remastered and polished tactical RPG! Full Review »
  2. Nov 17, 2022
    The greatest Tactics RPG ever made. The story feels like good episodes of Game of Thrones, and the gameplay has been updated for modernThe greatest Tactics RPG ever made. The story feels like good episodes of Game of Thrones, and the gameplay has been updated for modern audiences. I've put 100's of hours into this and the original.

    The negative reviews like you see from KrillerBomb are a joke, not specific and should be safely ignored.
    Full Review »
  3. Nov 13, 2022
    Switch version isn't any good, in handheld mode (on my OLED) it's just too small. Playing it docked it's only 1080p whereas PC and PS5 run in 4K.