Description: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy videogame pits 15 characters from the popular television show against each other in a fighting/adventure game filled with mayhem and chaos. Whether players use Billy's gas attack or Mandy's deadly smile, all of the characters will feature individual abilities based on their personalities. Players will be able to smash objects, destroy environments and battle in 20 fully interactive environments from the show. In battle mode, up to four players can use a multitude of weapons in destructible arenas like the "Desert of Doom" and the "Underworld" to battle it out and be the last one standing. Players also have the option to play on their own or with a friend in mission mode, a series of 45 missions where players can unlock new weapons and characters like Hoss Delgado and Fred Fredburger. [Midway]


  • Game Boy Advance
  • PlayStation 2
  • Wii
  • GameCube
Initial Release Date: Nov 16, 2006
  • High Voltage Software
Publisher: Midway


Chelsea Reeves
Directed By
Holly Almaguer
Written By: writer
Maxwell Atoms
Written By: creator
Chara Campanella
Written By: story
Grey Griffin
Cast: Mandy
Richard Steven Horvitz
Cast: Billy,Mogar
Greg Eagles
Cast: Grim
Debi Derryberry
Cast: Nergal Jr.
Fred Willard
Cast: Boogeyman
Diedrich Bader
Cast: Hoss
Armin Shimerman
Cast: General Skarr
Vanessa Marshall
Cast: Irwin
Henry Gibson
Cast: Lord Pain
Phil LaMarr
Cast: Dracula
C.H. Greenblatt
Cast: Fred Fredburger
Maurice LaMarche
Cast: Jack O'Lantern
Martin Jarvis
Cast: Nergal
'Weird Al' Yankovic
Cast: Announcer
Cam Clarke
Cast: Melvin
Moses Lanham
Cast: Uncle Moe
Rana Al Rifai
Cast: Mandy
Aurelio Voltaire
Cast: The Meteor
Phil Bolus
Produced By: assistant producer
Louis J. Cuck
Produced By: producer
Heather Hazen
Produced By: producer
Glenn Oyabe
Sound: supervising sound editor
Brigitte Burdine
Casting Director
Rick Blanco
Art Direction
Mark Bachand
Art Department: props
Mazin Dajani
Art Department: digital artist
Chad Mirshak
Art Department: UI Art Lead
Cedric Busse
Art Department: lead artist
Anna Brockett
Animation: key animator
Kris Zimmerman
voice-over director