Description: Welcome to the Legend of Zelda. Where the only sound you'll hear is your own heart pounding as you race through forests, lakes, mountains and dungeonous mazes in an attempt to restore peace to the land of Hyrule. Along the way you'll be challenged by Tektites, Wizzrobes and an endless array of ruthless creatures who'll stop at nothing to prevent you from finding the lost fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom. But don't despair. With a little luck and a lot of courage, you'll conquer your adversaries, unite the Triforce fragments and unravel the mystery of the Legend of Zelda.


  • Game Boy Advance
Initial Release Date: Jun 2, 2004
  • Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo


Shigeru Miyamoto
Directed By
Takashi Tezuka
Directed By
Shigeru Miyamoto
Written By: characters
Keiji Terui
Written By: manual
Takashi Tezuka
Written By: co-creator,written by
Shigeru Miyamoto
Produced By: producer
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Produced By: executive producer
Koji Kondo
Music: sound composer