Description: When an ambitious experiment designed to unite the minds of all humanity goes horribly wrong, almost all life on Earth disappears instantly, melting down into the planet to form “the Void”. Years later, a handful of survivors begin to rebuild civilisation, but their endeavours are hampered by “the Izverg”, giant beasts formed from the residue of negativity and nightmares that now roam the land. Fortunately, engineers discover the ability to develop “projection clones” – new life forms capable of venturing deep into the Void in search of preserved human DNA. It is with these clones that mankind begins the long journey back to its former glory …


  • PlayStation 4
Initial Release Date: Sep 6, 2016
  • Q-Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment


Dylan Cuthbert
Directed By
Tatjana Anders
Cast: Girl
William Ludwig
Cast: Administrator,Chaplain
Vitaly Yerenkov
Cast: Public Broadcaster (English),Propaganda Narrator
Jalaal Hartley
Cast: Constable,Bus Driver
Adam Wittek
Cast: Black Marketeer,Shopkeepers
Paulina Boneva
Cast: Matryoshka People (Male)
Gabrielle Fritz
Cast: Matryoshka
Dylan Cuthbert
Produced By: executive producer
Riley Russell
special thanks
Jonathan Mayer
Music Department: music edited and mixed by
Metro Voices
Music Department: choir
Peter Scaturro
Music Department: score producer
Paul Taylor
Music Department: orchestrator
Lawrence Wallington
Music Department: singer