Description: Three thousand years ago, a poet sang of heroes strong enough to stand alone against an army. For love, they sailed the world. For family, they made the greatest sacrifices. For honor, they stood and faced the will of gods and fought a war that shook the earth...


  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
Initial Release Date: Mar 15, 2011
  • Tecmo Koei Canada
Publisher: Koei Tecmo Games


Mario Azzopardi
Directed By
Hiroshi Kadowaki
Directed By
Nick Mancuso
Cast: Narrator
Colin Glazer
Cast: Achilles
David Rosser
Cast: Odysseus,Civilians,Soldiers
Debra McCabe
Cast: Penthesilea,Andromache,Hera
Cast: Ajax
Paulino Nunes
Cast: Hektor
Peter Mooney
Cast: Paris
Rob Stewart
Cast: Patroklos
Robin Wilcock
Cast: Aeneas,Poseidon,Civilians,Soldiers
Aaron Poole
Cast: Meriones,Civilians,Soldiers
Chris Wiggins
Cast: Anchises,Theseus
Chuck Shamata
Cast: Priam,Mynes,Tyndareos
David Collins
Cast: Menelaos,Asteropaios,Civilians,Soldiers
David Hemblen
Cast: Idomeneus,Apollo
David Snelgrove
Cast: Troilos,Civilians,Soldiers
Deborah Grover
Cast: Kassandra,Hippolyte
Eric Weinthal
Cast: Agamemnon
Jeff Teravainen
Cast: Cyclops,Statue of Apollo,Ring Master
Lara Robinson
Cast: Helen,Civilians,Soldiers
Luke Vitale
Cast: Sarpedon,Eetion
Maurice Dean Wint
Cast: Rhesos,Civilians,Soldiers
Monica Dottor
Cast: Briseis,Kreusa
Paul Braunstein
Cast: Deiphobos,Skamandros,Civilians,Soldiers
R.D. Reid
Cast: Agelaos,Chryses (The Priest),Civilians,Soldiers
Robyn Hayle
Cast: Molpadia,Lyssa,Civilians,Soldiers
Adam MacDonald
Cast: Soldier #5,Male Civilian 1
Justin Mader
Cast: Civilians,Soldiers
Kyra Azzopardi
Cast: Civilians,Soldiers
Stephen Bogaert
Cast: Civilians,Soldiers
Kôji Yada
Cast: Narrator
Akihiro Suzuki
Produced By: director
Dan Cherkas
Sound: dialogue editor,recording engineer
Shaun Gratto
Sound: dialogue editor,dialogue recordist,recording engineer
Daniel Tsourounis
Sound: assistant dialogue editor
Cynthia Cheston
Visual Effects: motion actor
Chul Jang
Animation: animator
David Gale
loop group
Kenji Hiruta
lead programmer
Tammy Isbell
loop group
Jack Lenz
Chris Owens
loop group
Catherine Rix
loop group
Kent Staines
loop group
John Watson
loop group
Jamie Christopherson
Music Department: conductor
Chris Lane
Music Department: scoring assistant/programmer: music credits
Michael Berec
Casting Department: voice talent casting