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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
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  1. Astounding graphics, terrific animation, and upgraded fielding controls bring the best of 2006 and make it better for 2007.
  2. This ain't Baseball for Dummies - mastering your skills takes practice, but we like that. If it were easy, there'd likely be little reason to play for long. As it is, we're addicted to both our franchise and online play; 2K Sports' famously robust internet leagues and websites return to embarrass all other comers' usually feeble online offerings.
  3. Having played every baseball title out there since the Odyssey 2 and early 80’s console experience. I can honestly this is the most visually pleasing version yet.
  4. Yes, It would be nice to have more classic teams, but otherwise everything in this game just speaks volumes about the dedicated development team.
  5. The multiplayer game, as with other 2K sports tittles, is pretty much a smooth and lag free experience online.
  6. MLB 2K7 is certainly a better game, but most of the new content is of the visual variety. I can't stress enough how impressive this aspect of the game is. It captures the look, sound, and feel of the game better than anything you've seen before. [Mar 2007, p.98]
  7. But with a patch here and there, MLB 2K7 is easily on the path to being the greatest baseball game ever made. There. Someone had to say it.
  8. 85
    Finally, finally, we have a game we can experience the same way baseball games are meant to be experienced: every night for several hours.
  9. The pitching and batting mechanics are solid once again, and the fielding has been greatly improved.
  10. Beauty can make a lack of substance forgivable, and that's definitely the case here. MLB 2K7 looks so realistic that you may end up looking around your living room for a hot-dog vendor between pitches.
  11. Thanks to the improved presentation and tightened gameplay, the game shines above its last-generation counterparts.
  12. In the end, the biggest selling point of last season remains the biggest selling point this time around - the online leagues. Sharper graphics and tightened gameplay serve as the only upgrades over last year's model.
  13. 80
    The best reason to pick up this game isn't in the extra content that it delivers over 2K6, which was itself a feature-rich game, but instead in that your money will be well spent on what is a much better looking and playing version of baseball than what was presented last year.
  14. Although some minor bugs pop up, the game captures the essence of baseball.
  15. 80
    With so many options to choose from baseball fans will no doubt find something to love here.
  16. Though the gameplay is still saddled with recurring issues, the next-gen visual enhancements make the game much more atmospheric than any previous hardball sim.
  17. 2K Sports improves upon last season's mediocre next-gen release, with enhanced gameplay mechanics and spruced up visuals.
  18. 79
    Odd fielding choices, hesitation steps around bases and tons of slowdown that randomly assaults the game. That's also excluding the un-updated rosters, repetitive dialogue and other issues that crop up. 2K7 is still fun.
  19. A handful of quirks keep it from being great, but MLB 2K7 is an improvement over "MLB 2K6" in nearly every way, and it's a very solid baseball game.
  20. The game is riddled with glitches that play a hand in making the gameplay something that still needs plenty of attention if this series plans to compete with the big leagues.
  21. There is some real hardcore action for serious baseball fans here and they'll enjoy the tasks of micro-managing teams, sending in plays, and experiencing some real major league fun. But for all others, the game fails to draw you in.
  22. Major League Baseball 2K7 may be the only third-party MLB baseball game in town, but other than some minor quirks, it earns that distinction.
  23. 75
    This game's stunning details should keep you engaged all summer long. But the lack of overall gameplay innovation keeps this from making the All-Star team.
  24. If you want a good looking game that plays well against other people online, MLB 2k7 is great. There is room for improvement, but it gets most of the top priorities right. If you want a solid franchise simulation, well, maybe next year.
  25. Official Xbox Magazine
    The series is back on the right track, and a year ago, that's something we seriously doubted we'd ever say. [Apr 2007, p.86]
  26. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The visual upgrade will get you bby this season, 2K, but come back peddling the same lackluster feature set next year and I'm sendin' you to the minors. [Apr 2007, p.89]
  27. To say it’s an improvement over last year’s 360 release may be the understatement of the century. However, with all that has improved, there is a lot of room to do more.
  28. MLB 2K7 is absolutely gorgeous with thousands of animations and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern hardball game. But numerous bugs and gameplay quirks keep it in the minor leagues.
  29. In the end, it’s easy to see that 2K Sports is getting ever so close to producing an elite level, top quality baseball game. But there’s still an ample amount of work to do – and not just in the department of adding new features to the marketing list.
  30. It’s hard enough to time your swings offline, but nearly impossible in online matches with their shifting latencies.
  31. It hasn't quite caught up to its 2K Sports brothers, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 8 out of 34
  1. Jun 5, 2011
    MLB 2K7 is an unbalanced and, in a way, bipolar. At some points you hit homeruns like it's the derby, and at others you are excited to musterMLB 2K7 is an unbalanced and, in a way, bipolar. At some points you hit homeruns like it's the derby, and at others you are excited to muster up even a single. The game is unpredictable, the hitting is just plain stupid, and the pitching is old a repetive. Gamplay: The gameplay is unfair and unrewarding. The hitting is hard even on Pro settings, and every strike is borderline. If you hit the ball in the air, it's either a 450ft homerun or a gold glove play from some random John Smith. If you hit it on the ground it's either gold glove play or single. Simply put, the hitting is 50% luck and 50% skill. Timing the pitches is tough enough, and hitting the ball where nobody else is extremely difficult even on lower difficulties. The batter's eye is nothing but a hinder. The pithcer throws a pitch before you can even set it up sometimes. I found it useless and didn't utilize the feature in my first 10 or so games. The pitching is okay compared to the bipolar hitting. Pitching is all timing and knowing how far the pitch drops. There is no way to know how far the pitch drops unless you've pitched with the pitcher you are using before. You are basically guessing the whole first inning. Sometimes I would hit the catcher's spot dircectly and the CPU would smack a homerun or take for a ball. The catchers are stupid to say the least, and I prefer to pick were I want the ball instead. Now the fielding. The fielding is so bad and chock-full of glitches that there is nothing that I can say is good. Fielders sometimes run right past the ball, resulting in triples and IPHRs. Fielders sometimes don't do what you tell them to do. Sometimes when a man is going to 3rd base or Home, the fielders will just lob the ball in like their playing catch with 6 year olds. It destroys all chances of no-hitters, perfect games, shutouts, even complete games. Even the best fileders look foolish with the terrible controls and glitches. The gameplay is a 4.0
    Presentation: The persentation is very tatty and unofficial. It doesn't remind you of baseball at all besides Derek Jeter's picture at the main menu. it reminds me of going into the garage of a car dealership. Metallic and white, nothing exciting here. The music is OK. Most are by unknown artists or known artists from the late 70's to 80's. The music is again, OK. The Presentation is a 6.0
    Game Modes: This game has no unique modes at all. Nothing new at all. Just stuff from other games except worse. Game modes are a 4.0
    Graphics: For a game made in '06, this game is beautiful. It can be comapred to games that were released in '11. Visual Concepts did a great job once again just like it did on ESPN NFL 2K5. The crowd is a different story. Obvioulsy, crowd members don't just come in 3 different varieties: White man, Indian man, and Middle-Aged Woman. What were they thinking? Make everything except for the fans look beautiful? You think that we wouldn't notice at ALL. Ya, well I did. The Graphics could've been a 10 but the fans lower that score to an 8.0
    In conclusion, graphics don't make a game, so I rate this a 5.0 for a rating of Bad.
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  2. NealC.
    Sep 11, 2007
    The graphics for this game are amazing. However, every other aspect of this game sucks. When your team goes on a cold streak, forget about The graphics for this game are amazing. However, every other aspect of this game sucks. When your team goes on a cold streak, forget about even trying to win the game almost every pitch you could think of throwing is hit out of the park, ridiculous. Another glitch, if you can call it a glitch is the amount of HR's that are robbed in a game, how often does that happen in REAL baseball? Almost never. The last and final thing that has pissed me off about this game is the fact that I can not even play the playoffs, I simulated the last month of my season to get to that point and the game freezes. What a waste of what looked like a promising game. Good luck next year. Where is EA Sports? Full Review »
  3. DickC.
    Sep 7, 2007
    MLB 2K7=FRUSTRATION! My game freezes up every time I try to advance to the post season. The one thing you can look forward to after playing MLB 2K7=FRUSTRATION! My game freezes up every time I try to advance to the post season. The one thing you can look forward to after playing 70 or so games and I am for some reason not allowed in the playoffs after I had the best record in the league. The whole system freezes and the worst part is that there is nothing I can do about it. Koodos to the graphics and that is about it. Full Review »