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  1. 100
    For first-person shooter fans, it doesn't get much better than this. What's even better is that each individual game runs amazingly well on the Xbox 360. The graphics are amazing as is the presentation. The interface that Valve created for navigating through the content is also wonderful.
  2. 100
    The Orange Box can't stop giving. It's a sci-fi masterpiece, a clever puzzler and a multiplayer monster wrapped into one, making this a landmark achievement in gaming value and one of the easiest buying decisions you'll make all year. Color us impressed.
  3. 100
    The Orange Box offers everything any fan of first-person shooters could possibly want: some of the best single-player gaming ever in the shape of Half-Life 2 and Episodes One and Two; wonderful innovation from Portal, and the most refined, downright fun team-based online FPS currently available in Team Fortress 2. If that doesn't warrant a 10 out of 10, nothing does.
  4. 100
    After playing through both the old and new stuff, I realized that there is one word that perfectly summarizes Valve: craft. Never mind that ballyhoo about whether games are capital-A art or not. Instead, put someone in front of a Valve game, and watch that person experience sheer craftsmanship. It seems that Valve just can't make a bad game.
  5. 100
    Gaming bliss, the essential collection for gamers the world over and one of 2007's best deals.
  6. 100
    Even though The Orange Box deserves accolades regarding the amount of "bang for your buck," it's really about quality here, not quantity. Aside from the fact that you're receiving five games on one disc, the craftsmanship that has gone into each of these titles rears its head with every Antlion you shoot, every high-velocity portal transfer you make, and every sentry gun you assemble.
  7. 100
    The Orange Box is the greatest quantity of quality gaming ever.
  8. 100
    It’s hard to think of a game on the shelves that provides more bang for the buck than The Orange Box. For $60, you get one of the best games ever made along with its episodic sequels, a top-tier multiplayer game, and a brilliant little puzzler with some of the best writing in the medium. There’s really no reason not to own it.
  9. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The Orange Box offers more value for money than any RPG package in history. Valve and EA could have charged through the nose, but wisely kep it honest. It's the best ?50 you'll ever spend. [Issue#25, p.39]
  10. 100
    The best deal in terms of bang-for-the-buck since "Mario All Stars."
  11. Edge Magazine
    As a whole it is almost overwhelming in its depth, irresistible in value and certainly, unreservedly, brilliant. [Dec 2007, p.82]
  12. You get 5 outstanding games that give you a little bit of everything, action, story, puzzles, multiplayer, and just flat out addictive content. If you own a decent PC, a 360 or a would be doing yourself, gamers, and the wonderful developers a great injustice by not buying The Orange Box. Not only is it possibly the best bargain in gaming history, but arguably the best FPS experience of all time.
  13. Succulent and juicy sweet gaming goodness – The Orange Box is waiting to be unpeeled.
  14. AceGamez
    So there you have it; for the price of one game, you're getting three incredible chapters of arguably the best single player first person shooter ever created, the unique and sublime first person shooter puzzler hybrid that is Portal, and an incredible multiplayer game that is incredibly addictive and totally distinctive, simply unlike any other online shooter on the market.
  15. 100
    Valve has put together an impressive package that demands your attention. Now you just need to clear your schedule until late March to fully enjoy it all.
  16. At the end of the day, however, you just can't beat the value being offered here and though it's not perfect, the sum of "The Orange Box" is greater than its parts.
  17. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Even if you forget the fact that you have five games in one box, it’s the quality here that’s impressive. One of the best FPS ever, a little slice of pure genius and a multiplayer classic renewed. [Nov 2007]
  18. 100
    It varies from amazing to simply good, but it'd be worth the money at twice the price if you haven't already experienced any of it before.
  19. For those who have played both, don’t worry – there is still $60 worth of new content in this package, so you too should go ahead and re-read that headline, because you shouldn’t have to read this whole review to understand why The Orange Box is probably the best videogame deal ever.
  20. Really, The Orange Box is a must-have game. There are few games that even begin to approach the value and quality that can be found here.
  21. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The Orange Box is the greatest quantity of quality gaming ever...Even at $60, this box is value-priced to the point of philanthropy. [Dec 2007, p.124]
  22. There is something on this disc for everyone in the family and if you are a fan of the Half Life brand it should be a no-brainer purchase, I cannot recommend The Orange Box enough.
  23. No matter how one looks at it, The Orange Box is an astonishing deal that should be considered a mandatory purchase for any real fan of the genre.
  24. Each component of the package has moderate to minor flaws, but as a whole of historical significance and truly unique, entirely innovative contemporary game design, The Orange Box is pretty damn close to perfect, barring the rare, almost accidental miracle title.
  25. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Five of the very best games you will ever, ever play - all in a forty quid box. [Christmas 2007, p.64]
  26. The Orange Box is the best collection of video games ever to grace a console, and since you bothered to read this review, you know exactly why.
  27. While there might be longer games ("Oblivion," for example) or games that pack more titles onto a single disc (any of the “classic” compilations), this is a near-perfect blend of varied games.
  28. 96
    Every component of the Orange Box stands as a unique triumph in modern game design and serves as powerful representation of what's possible when you have one of the most talented and dedicated developers in the industry working at the top of their game.
  29. An engaging single player adventure broken out into several episodes, a brilliantly balanced and class based multiplayer shoot-fest, and an original game that will bend your mind.
  30. This collection is an astounding value, and crams so much refined gameplay into one package that anyone who doesn't experience it is missing out on one of the best releases in recent memory.
  31. 95
    That so much great content is offered at the standard single-game price is astonishing.
  32. With three amazing new games and two classics all in one package, it's impossible to go wrong with The Orange Box.
  33. 95
    You will be hard pressed to find a better deal this holiday season and to those who think gaming was better back in the glory days, enjoy your 8-bit sprites while I continue to indulge life as a Freeman!
  34. The Orange Box packs so much quality content into one $60 title that it sets an almost dangerous precedent for all other developers and publishers. [Dec 2007, p.58]
  35. As has already been pointed out in many other places by many other people, The Orange Box may be the single greatest value in gaming history.
  36. Play Magazine
    There are many reasons to praise Half-Life 2 that reach well beyond the surface of its gameplay and into the expression of its complete world of fantasy. [Nov 2007, p.66]
  37. Hardcore Gamer
    Finally, console owners get to experience the entire "Half-Life 2" saga without having to load games off of several discs or tweak their PC just to get a decent framerate. [Dec 2007, p.58]
  38. It may not be as long as some games, or contain as many games as other compilations but it's the best deal with a load of quality games all stuck into one fantastic box.
  39. One of the best deals in gaming. All five games that are offered are a blast to play, and if Portal and Team Fortress 2 were fleshed out a little more, they could easily stand on their own. However, most gamers will not be angry at Valve for packaging all of the games together, giving a nearly complete Half Life 2 experience.
  40. Finding another collection that matches the quality of The Orange Box is next to impossible.
  41. Games Master UK
    With the fantastic "Team Fortress 2" supplying the multiplayer action, this is a formidable complilation. What more could you want? That box of chocolates? Would've been nice. [Dec 2007, p.60]
  42. Pelit (Finland)
    Contains some of the best moments ever seen in first person shooters. Half-Life 2 is a true classic and would be worth getting for Xbox 360 or PC even without the additional features of The Orange Box. Team Fortress may be old but is streamlined to perfection, and Portal is damn fun, with one of the best endings ever. [Nov 2007]
  43. 94
    And don't forget: The blend of near-faultless quality and originality associated with the amassed content threatening to burst free of Valve's collection can be secured for the price of a single Xbox 360 title, which near demands that The Orange Box finds its way onto your disc tray at the earliest possible opportunity.
  44. When you consider that you have what many coined a perfect game in Half-Life 2, two incredible mini-chapters, one of the most innovative puzzle games you’ll ever play, and addictive online multiplayer all for just 60 bones, you can’t go wrong. Do not hesitate. Man’s freedom awaits.
  45. In the end, The Orange Box is worth more than your $60. The Half-Life 2 games alone could comfortably sell at that price, but the addition of the surprisingly fun Portal and the incredibly deep Team Fortress 2 make this a must-have game.
  46. The Orange Box is more content on one disc than just about any other 360 game on the market...Though each game has its own drawbacks and limitations, and some games you might wish were on their own with a ton more content, The Orange Box is a fantastic deal and a worthy addition to any 360 library.
  47. If you love FPS gaming you owe it to yourself to get The Orange Box. Hell, if you love gaming, you owe it to yourself to get it.
  48. Half Life 2: Orange Box is undoubtedly the best value videogame around. Admittedly it may not have the sheer numbers of the dodgy '200-in-1' packs found in car-boot sales across the country during the 90's, but you'll rarely find something of this quality and diversity wrapped in one box.
  49. With Half-life you've got a remarkable, near-perfect single-player experience, while Team Fortress 2 provides endless replay value and Portal provides a unique innovative sideways look at the physics of video games. And don't think it ends here, because Valve is a past master of the art of Downloadable Content. An essential purchase.
  50. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    The Orange Box is a fantastic package and the best deal you’ll find for a long, long time. We’d happily pay full-whack just to play Half-Life 2 on next gen, so to get another two Episodes, albeit shorter ones, plus another two full games and The Orange Box becomes the kind of gift usually reserved for sick kids on TV Christmas specials. If you’ve ever liked a single shoot-’em-up, you absolutely have to put this on your most wanted list.
  51. If you haven't experienced the trials of Gordon Freeman at the hands of the Combine before, The Orange Box is an absolute must buy.
  52. 90
    Quite simply, if you own a 360 and love shooters; then The Orange Box is a must buy.
  53. A collection of very diverse games, including one interesting multiplayer, a fabulous puzzle game, and, of course, one of the most interesting stories in videogames.
  54. The Orange Box reminds me of those knife sets sold on late-night TV, where if you act now you get a vegetable chopper and a cutting board. Besides Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2, the package includes the original Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1. But no cake. If someone tells you the Orange Box comes with cake, remember that whatever else you choose to believe, the cake is most definitely a lie.
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  1. Nov 6, 2011
    ive seen this game for the pc back in 2004 and it blew me away, i never played it till it hit the xbox, and lemme tell you, this is the bestive seen this game for the pc back in 2004 and it blew me away, i never played it till it hit the xbox, and lemme tell you, this is the best 1st person solo campaign i have evr witnessed. its jsut amazing, every aspect of the game is crazy. **** the whole package is a steal.... 5 games on a disk? come on now, thats too easy not to pass up... **** i dont think i should say more? **** buy this bih if you havent already Full Review »
  2. Jun 6, 2012
    Eh?? Whilst Portal is most possibly THE best gimmick-game ever made, it is still just a gimmick game and if it lasts you 2 hours you'll beEh?? Whilst Portal is most possibly THE best gimmick-game ever made, it is still just a gimmick game and if it lasts you 2 hours you'll be lucky. As for Half life 2 & it's expansion well they are horrible, dated, boring and weak games. P*ssing about with see-saws and other puzzles designed to show off a physics engine is just tedious and makes for a tiresome game. I really don't get what people see in this other than nostalgia and a cute little bonus puzzle game?? Full Review »
  3. EvanH
    May 18, 2010
    Every one of these games compares favorably with the best currently on the market, despite being 3-5 years old. By far the most fun I've Every one of these games compares favorably with the best currently on the market, despite being 3-5 years old. By far the most fun I've had on xbox360 in years. Now that the price is down to $15 or less for a new disk, it is ludicrous to give this anything but a 10. Full Review »