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  • Summary: Disco Dodgeball Remix is a ridiculous physics-based future-sport amalgamation with robots, one-hit-kill projectile combat, and crazy dodgeball action.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 5
  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. Jun 5, 2018
    The game is great for what it offers from the start, though It would be interesting to see other modes and customization options added later on. Disco Dodgeball Remix is an easy game to just pick up and play and worth every penny. Just be sure to watch out for White Goodman.
  2. Jun 20, 2018
    Disco Dodgeball – REMIX is without a doubt one of 2018’s indie dark horses. With enjoyable gameplay, a ton of game modes, and plenty of fun to be had, there is no doubt that those who decide to jump in will head back time and time again to get in on some dodgeball action
  3. Jun 15, 2018
    Fun would be a good word to describe Disco Dodgeball with. It’s not a GoTY contender, but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever touched either. It simply is what it is and does that thing well. It looks serviceably good while selling its theme perfectly, it sounds like a night on the town in your twenties and plays as well as a dodge ball game ever could. Disco Dodgeball is a great game for kids and grown-ups alike, and offers up enough content to keep the player busy for a long while.
  4. Jun 7, 2018
    Whilst it's not quite the next Rocket League it's still a rather good arena-based team game that's easy to drop into and play for short periods.
  5. May 24, 2018
    Disco Dodgeball Remix has a lot of potential, but is massively held back by its awkward sluggish controls, headache-inducing visuals, poor gameplay mechanics and puddle-deep functionality. There’s no denying that it has heaps of interesting and diverse modes on offer, though, this doesn’t really amount to anything when the core formula constantly fails on almost all fronts.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 3
  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. May 24, 2018
    This game is awesome - until you try to play against other humans online. There is a ton to do, a ton to learn, and a ton to master here, andThis game is awesome - until you try to play against other humans online. There is a ton to do, a ton to learn, and a ton to master here, and it's extremely fun while you do all of that. There is so much customization! All I've ever wanted is to be able to put moose-antlers and a silly mustache on my character for ANY video game, and this game finally let's me do that. The big drawback for me is the lack of players, because I would love to play more humans online; with that being said, I think the bots are better than most players, so it's more challenging to play it as is. Of course there are a lot of visuals at once (its called DISCO DODGEBALL REMIX!!), and that's not a bad thing! I love the action, the color, and the level of detail in everything. I don't think you'll be disappointed for giving this game a shot, especially at this price point. I like this game better than rocket league. Expand
  2. May 29, 2018
    Disco Dodgeball Remix
    Fun for a little while
    Disco Dodgeball remix is a dodgeball game sataring a bunch of robots at a disco, there is a
    Disco Dodgeball Remix
    Fun for a little while
    Disco Dodgeball remix is a dodgeball game sataring a bunch of robots at a disco,
    there is a single player mode where you can play arcade trying to take down wave after wave of enemies, and different challenges, but I found none of this to be really any fun…
    What I did have fun though is the competivie multiplayer..
    infact I loved it..
    in multiplayer youre constanyl thrown into new arenas with new objectives, keeping the gameplay fresh
    Theres death match where youre just going for kos, a score battle about trick shot points, elimantion where there are no respawns , a basketball h like hoops mode, superball where you have to hold the golden ball as a counter goes up, sourtve like king of the hill from the tony hawk games, kingpin where one player has a target on their head and other players are trying to take their place to be able to score for their team, capture the cube where youre trying to grab a cube and score without getting hit, and then there are tons of expert modes and challenges that borrow aspects from these modes and puts a twist on them..
    These colorful arenas are full of dodgeballs, and youre just running around and destroying fools, picking up boosts to give you perks like homing balls, or my favortine the boomerang ball, though these perks only last until youre killed,
    and at the end of a match youre rewarded with xzp and parts, parts that can be crafted into cosmetic items, but these items are also earned by leveling up, and if youre not happy with what you get you can dismantle it for crafting parts…
    I had a blast playing this game on multiplayer, its trhilling addictive and fun,
    there are trick shots, there is catching, tons of team strategy involved..
    but because all of the fun is in the multiplayer I also have my concerns..
    the games magic is in its multiplayer.. and as an indie game, this game might not have the longest life…
    if you want the most out of this game you have to hop in now..
    sure you can play competive against a bunch of bots..
    but its just not the same..
    the lack of human error and human epicness takes the life away, it’s a noticeably duller experience not playing with real people…
    I can definitely recommend this game right now as a fresh and fun competitive game..
    If youre watching this review a year or even 2 to 6 months after release, I would search message boards before hopping in..
    its just the reality of an indie game like this
    This game deserves to constanly have players flooding its servers, but without the help of something like playstation plus or games with gold its going to be tough.
    I give Disco Dogeball Remix
    a 6.5/10
  3. May 22, 2018
    As far as my opinion goes there’s nothing better than playing a game with your friends, and thankfully that isn’t a problem nowadays becauseAs far as my opinion goes there’s nothing better than playing a game with your friends, and thankfully that isn’t a problem nowadays because there’s so many games to choose from. That doesn’t mean though that I don’t like a new game releasing into the multiplayer genre in fact I actually still get quite excited when a new game that me and my friends can play together comes out. The new game in question is called Disco Dodgeball Remix and despite it having a few problems I have still had a blast playing this game. Without a doubt the best way to play this game is with friends and when played this way you end up having an incredible amount of fun because no game ever plays out the same way. You can play this game on your own as well but I found it to be a little bit boring when played this way and I think a little more content when it comes to the single player offering might have made it a little more fun. There is however plenty of fun to be had when playing online and I’m pleased to say that my online experience was not only fun but it was also smooth and I didn’t come across any problems, which is great. Technically the game holds up well in most areas and the only problem in my opinion is when it comes to the movement in the game. When moving your robot in the game things can feel a little bit awkward and I think they should have gone with a more lighter approach in regards to the movement. Thankfully though the controls don’t cause any unnecessary problems and the easy to pick up and play style with both the controls and the gameplay means gamers of all ages can enjoy and play this game. I will say though that this game is best played in short bursts because when you play for long periods you start to realise that the level design does lack in terms of variety quite a bit and this can make things become a little bit tedious. The presentation side of the game is a bit of a mixed bag. Visually the game basically looks the same the whole way through and nothing much really stands out here, but the sound design however is very good. The music and voiceover sounds add an extra layer of fun to the game and they fit the game’s style extremely well, which is a bonus. At the end of the day despite Disco Dodgeball Remix being in a genre that is pretty saturated I still think it offers enough of a unique side to it to be worth a purchase. It may have a few problems here and there but when everything is said and done it does its most important job right and that is to be a fun experience when played with friends. Expand