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  1. Jun 8, 2021
    For all of the improvements that are most welcome (and will doubtless help court a new generation of fans) Mass Effect’s brilliance isn’t about technicality. Not really. It is about that total investment in its galaxy and its characters --be it your most trusted squadmate or the elephantine Elcor shopkeeper you bumped into-- that has fully enveloped me again. That hasn’t aged a jot.
  2. 100
    With an absolutely staggering amount of content, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is the best way to relive one of the best RPG trilogies from the last decade and a half. Bioware has done its due diligence in fixing what didn't work and improving what did. The end result is a sleek remaster that retains the soul of the beloved franchise.
  3. May 31, 2021
    If you haven’t played Mass Effect before, the Legendary Edition provides the perfect opportunity. If you are a veteran, you owe it to yourself to play through them at least one more time in this collection.
  4. May 21, 2021
    The fact that the first Mass Effect is fundamentally the same game, is a lost chance to correct the mishaps of the original one. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful remaster, as proper remasters should be. As a whole, the Legendary Edition is a must-have collection for every conscious gamer on the planet. You know, the planet called Terra, in the Local Cluster.
  5. May 20, 2021
    Mass Effect 3 may be an anti-climax of Game of Thrones-like proportions, Mass Effect is still a classic and part 2 simply a masterpiece. This collection of remasters fine-tunes BioWare’s masterful trilogy into a somewhat more modern whole, which is more than enough reason to (re)play this emotional, spectacular and totally engrossing sci-fi epic.
  6. 95
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition stands tall as one of the best remasters that I've ever played. The amount of care and effort that has gone into restoring the original Mass Effect along with the other two games is unmatched. While there are some underlying minor design issues with the original game, Legendary Edition is the best way to experience the Mass Effect trilogy. Period.
  7. May 13, 2021
    Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a magnificent compilation. A title that will undoubtedly delight fans of Shepard's epic. Those who grew up and discovered a genre thanks to the work of BioWare will find their favorite titles like never before. The facelift looks great on each of the three games. In addition, the increased and stable fps on Xbox Series X gives a totally new look and feel to the title.
  8. May 13, 2021
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition captures all the magic of the original trilogy and elevates it thanks to enhancements at all levels: resolution, frames per second, load times and graphic, playable and visual improvements.
  9. May 14, 2021
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is just about everything I had hoped it would be. It carries the torch from past into future, dutifully imbuing Shepard’s fantastical voyages with a sense of modernity that will help the series continue to attract new fans as we inch boldly closer to whatever comes next. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel because that’s not what it sets out to do, but it does improve the first game to a considerable degree. It takes care to transfer the largely-unchanged sequels into a new decade of gaming.
  10. Jun 30, 2021
    Mass Effect 2's Legendary Edition upgrades the graphics to near-modern standards and lets us immerse ourselves in the best game in BioWare's epic RPG trilogy all over again.
  11. Jun 29, 2021
    Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the best way to experience one of the most memorable trilogies in video game history. The remake doesn't just capitalizes on the nostalgia of an entire generation of gamers – it keeps the original experience intact while modernizing it, opening the door to a whole new legion of fans who have here the greatest example of Bioware's magic.
  12. Jun 17, 2021
    The Mass Effect trilogy is one of the best RPGs in gaming history and now is the best time to jump in for the first, second, or tenth time. It showcases a type of game that we rarely get to see. Something that creates a world fun to get lost in. A game that makes talking to NPCs interesting. A world that is a joy to explore. We can only hope the next chapter continues the legacy these games have created, but for now this collection is a must own.
  13. Jun 1, 2021
    Whatever happens with BioWare and its future projects, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will remain as a testament to one of the best trilogies in the history of gaming.
  14. May 24, 2021
    Aspects of the gameplay of the earlier titles will probably no longer satisfy, but the Legendary Edition is a stellar compilation and dutiful upgrade of three classic titles that show BioWare at the peak of its storytelling and world-building prowess.
  15. May 22, 2021
    As an epic sci-fi story or as an elaborate futuristic dating simulator or even as a third-person shooter, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has a little something for everyone, and puts many modern narrative-driven RPGs to shame. It may not quite be the full-blown remake that many hoped for, but it’s still the ultimate way to experience Shepard’s story, regardless of your history with the franchise, and easily takes top spot in the running for my game of the year so far. Even the Mako sections are less annoying…
  16. May 19, 2021
    It's as great as most people say it is. There's not a conversation I want to skip, not a companion I want to ignore, and really not a single mission I want to decline. Mass Effect is the ultimate RPG. When so many of your actions affect the future of not just you and your friends, but potentially the entire universe, there's a great deal of responsibility on BioWare to deliver outcomes that feel worth one's time. Even acknowledging its final scene is notoriously polarizing, and you may come down harder on it than I do. Either way, the journey is well worth your time.
  17. May 19, 2021
    Taking three of the best sci-fi RPGs of the last twenty years and putting them into one package with a variety of quality of life and visual upgrades nets out as you’d expect: the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is essential for Reaper War veterans and newcomers alike.
  18. May 18, 2021
    Even with those smaller issues, I have absolutely no trouble recommending Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to anyone looking for a good RPG, a good story, or just a good shooter. The effort put into the original Mass Effect is commendable, especially considering its age, and Mass Effect 2 and 3 are as great as before but with better visuals and the ease of access of all being on the same disk. Like the title says, this is a legendary trilogy, and it’s one that everyone should play.
  19. May 17, 2021
    If you've never played a Mass Effect game before, you can consider purchasing the Legendary Edition an absolute no-brainer. If you fancy revisiting BioWare's seminal sci-fi saga (and frankly, why wouldn't you?), then, equally, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is essential. Bottom line: you need this.
  20. May 13, 2021
    A franchise that made history almost a decade ago, and a collection that everyone that enjoy great games must play. BioWare has made an excellent remaster that manages to retain the original esence of each game, while improving them. Maybe the first game shows its age, but the series deserves that you pay that toll.
  21. May 13, 2021
    BioWare delivers a carefully remastered edition of one of the best trilogies ever made. A must-have for anyone who wants to experience for the first time or just once again this space opera.
  22. May 13, 2021
    The update of the game has its pros and cons, but the main improvements are well received. Narrative, setting and dialogs are still awesome, so having all condensed in a single package feels like a real treasure.
  23. May 13, 2021
    Mass Effect Legendary Edition might not be a remaster like the brilliant PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus. But the first part of the trilogy, in particular, benefits from the visual update, higher resolution, better textures, new effects and also from its improvements in gameplay and interface. Including the fact that the Mass Effect trilogy itself remains one of the richest RPG scenarios of all time, it's easy to recommend the Legendary Edition to fans and genre connoisseurs in general as well.
  24. May 19, 2021
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is just what you expect from a remastering of the first three games in the series. It's not a remake itself and it's not perfect either, but it's certainly the best way to save the galaxy again without much of the hassle that the original games suffered from.
  25. May 28, 2021
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is one of the best remasters so far. Despite some understandable technical limitations due to the games age, their quality and the large amount of content translates into an offer not to be missed for those who previously missed the saga, while the excellent technical work makes it very attractive for die-hard fans too.
  26. Jul 19, 2021
    While not perfect, especially when it comes to combat in Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is still a gem. Most of the changes were put into Mass Effect 1, and the effort made it far more replayable than the original. Mass Effect 3 holds up the best of the three, proving that regardless of the controversial ending, it is still one of the best gaming experiences BioWare has made to date. Mass Effect 2 could’ve done with some more tweaking to bring it up to 3’s combat. Legendary Edition gives hope for the future of the franchise.
  27. Jun 6, 2021
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition isn't this huge transformation for the original trilogy. The remastered Mass Effect 1 is a more enjoyable experience than playing the original game today, and makes for a far more palatable entry point to the series. And Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 look far better than they did before, with minor but welcome changes to specific pieces of content. But otherwise this remaster delivers the same experience the original trilogy did. In some respects, that's not a wholly good thing--time has reinforced and made clearer certain underlying issues of the trilogy. But there's a reason the Mass Effect trilogy is beloved by so many: Its strength resides in the wonderful journey that it sends you on, one that's preserved in this remaster.
  28. May 24, 2021
    This is an appropriately enhanced re-release of an epic SciFi-adventure. Bioware created one of the most engaging universes in gaming history. And it still is captivating.
  29. May 22, 2021
    BioWare has done quite a bit here to make this beloved series more accessible than it has been in quite some time, especially when it comes to the visuals. Whether you’re looking to play through the trilogy for your tenth time or you're finally looking to give the series a shot for the first time, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is absolutely the way in which you should experience all three games moving forward.
  30. May 14, 2021
    If you ignore these flaws and show indulgence for a 14-year-old game, you will reconnect with a memorable and still captivating saga to walk through, coated in a generous layer of varnish that allows it to - almost - hang on to the present day.
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  1. Jun 8, 2021
    In a galaxy not so far away…How could one refuse to discover or play again entirely what is considered to be one of today’s greatest sci-fi saga in the history of video games? Despite its shortcomings, the Mass Effect trilogy has tremendous qualities and enough of them to have made an impression on a whole generation of gamers. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is not only a nostalgic pleasure for the original players, but also for all of those who never had the chance to discover its epicness. More than just an outstanding trilogy, the latter carries within itself the whole background of the Bioware studio as well as the stigmas of an ambitious project that was overwhelmed by the players’ expectations. Playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition enables us to partake in one amazing science fiction story as well as having a glimpse of the background behind the entertainment industry that we adore so much: the one of gaming.
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  1. May 17, 2021
    They messed up the atmosphere and everything man. Just isn't worth it.

    Oh and it has censorship instead of actually fixing the necessary
    They messed up the atmosphere and everything man. Just isn't worth it.

    Oh and it has censorship instead of actually fixing the necessary issues.

    BioWare is dead.
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  2. May 15, 2021
    spoiled the impression of the whole game due to the bonal impossibility to put the original voice acting and Russian subtitles Russian voicespoiled the impression of the whole game due to the bonal impossibility to put the original voice acting and Russian subtitles Russian voice acting is a slap in the face of fans, it is disgusting and it is impossible to immerse yourself in the atmosphere with it PLEASE ADD VOICE SELECT OPTION Full Review »
  3. May 16, 2021
    EA, thanks for the opportunity to play with Russian voice acting and English subtitles. This is my favorite childhood game. You gave me backEA, thanks for the opportunity to play with Russian voice acting and English subtitles. This is my favorite childhood game. You gave me back a piece of that time. MAST HAVE!!!! Full Review »