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Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition - Console Announcement Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 11
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 11
  3. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Sep 1, 2017
    Comprised of the base game and both parts of the White March expansion, Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition surely offers more than 100 hours of gameplay for those who succumb to its charms. That’s exceptional value for money, and with the writing and gameplay being so interesting and entertaining, it’s easy to get sucked in.
  2. Sep 4, 2017
    The story, design and writing styles are brilliant with some excellent moments and lots of hours to delve into.
  3. Sep 26, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity responds so good on PS4 and Xbox One. It's a great port with a good controller adaption and a fine optimization. So you need a new life if you buy the game: you get started hours and hours without sleep.
  4. Sep 17, 2017
    An intriguing old-school RPG, with a great story and content for tens of hours of play. Obsidian could have polished it more in the technical side, but it's definitely an advised buy for any true RPG lover.
  5. Sep 29, 2017
    Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition is a big surprise on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Somehow the developer succeeds in the way the game is played on a controller. And that is a huge compliment.
  6. Sep 5, 2017
    The outstanding classic-style RPG Pillars of Eternity makes a surprisingly virtuosic transition to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Complete Edition, bringing both systems all of the content that's been released on the PC version so far.
  7. 79
    An old skool RPG if ever there was one, Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition should be on your shopping list if you’re a strategy and RPG junkie. It’s as close as we’re going to get to a new Baldur’s Gate, and while it has its quirks and suffers from agonising load times on consoles, it’s still a joy to play.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 3
  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. Sep 15, 2017
    Really excited to have this finally come to XBOX One after years of speculation. Not as polished graphically as Divinity Original Sin but aReally excited to have this finally come to XBOX One after years of speculation. Not as polished graphically as Divinity Original Sin but a lot more fun and addictive. Love the old school D&D games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale and this honors them well. Had to get use to the pause and give commands to my party feature versus the turn based combat of D.O.S. but the atmosphere and story is far more gripping than the one in D.O.S. Spell management is a little tricky and rest is not possible to heal or to study your spell book without the campfire equipment found at shops and other merchants. Character creation is fairly diverse.

    Its great you can have a party of six adventurers instead of just the two you have in D.O.S and when a party member is not being used you can always find them back at the Black Hound Inn. I have about 15 hours in so far and can't wait to get back to playing it. It can be challenging and you have to go back and keep trying different tactics to defeat different enemies but its not enough to make you rage quit like say Dark Souls caused many, not myself, to do. Party management and character action commands have been made very easy with the XBOX One controls.

    I will be finishing this and then going back to finish D.O.S
  2. Apr 2, 2019
    Let me be frank: As someone who generally prefers games that are far more action-oriented than the CRPGs of the days of yore, Pillars ofLet me be frank: As someone who generally prefers games that are far more action-oriented than the CRPGs of the days of yore, Pillars of Eternity is incredibly special - it took someone who played about 5 minutes of Icewind Dale and hated it, and allowed them to see the light.

    Pillars of Eternity is a fantasy game that is immersive in a way I have never seen before. My character feels as though he is a projection of myself within a fantasy world, and acts similarly to how I would. Despite the somewhat limited models for character creation, the overwhelming number of choices in other areas provide so much opportunity to create a character that tells a story. Additionally, there are no baseless restrictions as to which race can play as which class - finally, unlike in a game like Icewind Dale, I could have a dual-wielding elven Paladin! This freedom is probably this game's greatest strength.

    The combat is not something that I found overly engaging - I did appreciate that everything happened in real time, rather than in turns. However, this is a game that requires solely strategy in combat (as opposed to quick reflexes), and that is simply not something that appeals to me. Thankfully, Story Time mode allows me to keep combat simple, leave me feeling powerful despite the low level of difficulty, and let me prioritize role-playing over min/maxing. However, I did find that even on Story TIme mode, I did run into some challenges with characters I wasn't focused on building correctly - this isn't necessarily a fault, however. I imagine it was hard to balance challenge and roleplaying in that regard, and I give credit to the developers for balancing difficulty and role-playing as much as possible.

    The only fault this game absolutely deserves is the outrageously long load times, which worsen as the game progresses. They are some of the worst I have ever seen in any game, and are somewhat frequent. While these loading times seem to be exclusive to the console, I am rating the console version. And let me tell you, these load times are so egregious that they keep me from revisiting the game. I could complain about there only being 5 races in the game, but that does feel like I'm scraping the barrel when it comes to complaints.

    Overall, this is a roleplayer's dream. If you have ever had a passing interest in Dungeons and Dragons, or ever daydreamt about roleplaying a fantasy character, do yourself a favour and play this game.
  3. Sep 11, 2017
    I was excited for this game to come to console. I am a huge old-school D&D/ RPG fan and with the comparisons of this game to D:OS, whichI was excited for this game to come to console. I am a huge old-school D&D/ RPG fan and with the comparisons of this game to D:OS, which launched at the same time on PC, I couldn't wait for this to port. D:OS was in my top 4 favorite games of 2015 with Fallout, Witcher and Tomb Raider.....have more than 500 hours in it. Based on my score you can tell I was sadly disappointed.....D:OS is a vastly better game.

    In its defense I note that it does offer a reasonably large world with many NPCs, stories, quests, etc. That said, the only true positive to me was this is an actual RPG...you have significant/ meaningful ability to customize your character.....

    ....it all goes down hill from there....firstly, as with all games that are made for PC, it is done on a shoestring budget....there is no such thing as even a AA pc game....there is no polish here.....but games like D:OS that have depth and charm easily make up for it.

    While you can pick sex, race, class, background, ect, all of it has very little meaning as....
    ....almost all weapons/ armor are virtually identical bland copies....you may literally be playing with the same weapon/ armor in hour 50 you were using in hour 5....massive fail
    ...worse, the other gear (ring, helmet, neck, gloves, etc.) all come with buffs, but none stack, so you wind up buffing stats you never use.....and there is a plethora of some items, and a dearth f others, so you pray to the rng gods that you get a different buff in a different piece or its meaningless...
    ....being a wizard/ monk/ cypher, etc would be great..except all the spells are terribly bland....you can pick 2 spells each level and I truly struggled to pick one each time...
    ....combat is beyond boring...because the weapons and spells hardly improve throughout the game, combat takes forever...pew pew.....you can either try to micromanage 6 characters in real time or just sit back and wait 10 minutes for the fight t resolve and then do it all over again...
    ...while there are tons of questlines, I found none interesting....no joke, I fell asleep playing this game more times than almost all other games in the last few years combined....have energy drinks ready!

    Sigh, horribly sad; going to play D:OS again just to wash the taste of this game from my mind...and wait for D:OS2 to some out :(