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  1. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of thieves is one of a kind, a very rare game that will be a sea of joy for some, and a strange and empty game, that lack some of the basics of modern games for others. For me it's a total success, a game that has filled the hours I've spend playing it with plenty of unforgettable moments.
  2. Mar 30, 2018
    Rare delivered a completely new kind of game, mainly focused on letting people create their own adventures alone or with friends, and where everyone is on a level playing field. While the game succeeds in this delivering a very entertaining and visually stunning experience, we feel that it would have greatly benefited from more encounter/mission types and a richer world lore. Hopefully this will be addressed in the coming months.
  3. Mar 21, 2018
    Sea of Thieves plots a course in the opposite direction of most big budget, predictable affairs. Loot is not about gaining power, and the thrill is in the voyage, not the destination. This may alienate some gamers, but it is a breath of fresh air for those willing to embrace the change. However, Rare will soon find the community clamoring for more content and improved social options to keep players invested and using their freedom to create limitless and fascinating stories.
  4. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    May 1, 2018
    An amazing world full of promise, but currently rather empty. More updates will be key. [May 2018, p.74]
  5. Apr 17, 2018
    Visually, you’ll be repeatedly awed while you’re playing by some of the vistas the game shows off. From a gameplay standpoint, all of the mechanics are sound and solid, ships behave predictably and will obviously slow down when you’re trying to sail into the wind, and your guns and swords kill enemies as long as you use them right. The in-depth content might not be there quite yet, but if you give it a month or two, given what Rare has said about further content, you may very well be pleasantly surprised on that front too.
  6. Apr 6, 2018
    At its core, Sea of Thieves is a fun, innocent experience that rewards spontaneity and imagination, but becomes rather dull and repetitive if you want a linear experience. As part of Xbox Game Pass, Rare’s Sea of Thieves is more than worth the time you will put into it.
  7. Apr 4, 2018
    Ye know, the sea is beautiful, and sailing in a crew is a delight, filled with sea shanties and barrels of grog. But alone, it’s a life fraught with peril, and while those who like to wander might be fine with it I need a bit more…guidance in me life, I s’pose. More camaraderie. More reward. I risked me life on those waters day in and day out, but I didn’t get as much as I wanted. In a word? Fine. It be fine.
  8. Apr 3, 2018
    Sea of Thieves offers a very unique experience by putting players in the role of pirates and throwing them out in a massive, detailed world. Team-up with a few friends and you’ll enjoy every second of your time.
  9. Mar 27, 2018
    Rare have been clear about their goal of wanting players to create their own stories within Sea of Thieves, and it is safe to say they’ve succeeded. Let’s hope they can keep the ship on course.
  10. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is all journey with no real destination, but if that doesn't immediately turn you away, it'll be a pirates life for you.
  11. Mar 26, 2018
    Cooperation with other players is essential in Sea of Thieves for any action. It doesn’t matter if you know the other players or not, Sea of Thieves is capable of creating the most fun moments that we've experienced in an online multiplayer.
  12. Mar 25, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a disgustingly enjoyable game that is endlessly entertaining among friends. That said, it has an incredible deficit of organized content, too few customization options, and needs a bigger, more varied world map. I have no doubt that as the game grows and evolves, it will become an iconic, phenomenal title, but for now it remains deeply flawed even while being relentlessly fun.
  13. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is not yet the dream game. But it is the most important release of the first part of 2018, and not only for Xbox. Rare has created a wonderful world at a technical, audiovisual and gameplay level. But theor work is not yet finished, and now it's time to fill it with all the good ideas they've already shown they can deliver.
  14. Mar 23, 2018
    It’s packed with the studio’s trademark charm and humour, while providing endless opportunities for adventure. A touch more accessibility for solo players would be nice, as would more varied matchmaking for crews, but this is a game that’s set to evolve over time. A real treasure.
  15. Sea of Thieves is wholly dedicated to keeping players on equal footing. Someone who’s been playing for a day can crew up with someone who’s been playing for months, and neither will have an inherent advantage — save, of course, the latter’s experience with the game. It’s a bold move meant to keep the entire community playing together, and early indications suggest it works.
  16. Mar 26, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a very risky game. Not only does it come out after very successful multiplayer projects like Diablo, Borderlands and even Destiny, but it presents some difficulties in trying to play with other users and in some of its confusing progress mechanics. But when you are able to play it with people willing to achieve the goal missions and to be communicative, the experience changes completely for the best.
  17. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves shines most brightly when playing with friends. The gameplay is both fun and accessible, and the technical aspects of the game are truly wonderful, but everything is weighed down by the lack of additional content and greater variety.
  18. Mar 27, 2018
    A good effort but a shallow offer in its genre. Its success depends on the post-launch support provided by Rare, because there's a distinct lack of content in the existing game.
  19. Mar 25, 2018
    We always have a great time playing Sea of Thieves, but we need more content and options to give us a reason to come back. It’s something unique, so make sure you try it and decide if this pirate life is for you.
  20. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves may not be the best pirate game in terms of content, but it is surely a lot of fun to play.
  21. Jun 6, 2018
    Sea of Thieves provides all the necessary tools to the players willing to dive together in great naval adventures, full of smaller quests and epic sea battles.
  22. Mar 26, 2018
    Sea of Thieves’ concept is beautifully drawn up. It has exploration, intense PvP and one of the most beautiful sea adventures to ever grace gaming, but it is lacking in content and it needs more reason to keep players moving and exploring. It has plenty of space on its plate for that, but in its vanilla form there’s nothing really to fill that space. I suspect that won’t be the case for long, if Rare has anything to say, but that is the current case now.
  23. Mar 22, 2018
    Sea of Thieves offers a stunning world for players to explore and uncover its secrets. It’s fun, often hilarious, and unique. Though, the lack of meaningful structure and its simplistic gameplay really do hurt the experience. The game needs to offer more than cosmetic stature and acquisition if it wants a lengthy lifespan. Still, this is one of the few exclusives that Microsoft can, and should, be proud of.
  24. Games Master UK
    Apr 19, 2018
    There's solid gold to be found here... but so, sadly, is betrayal. Getting the right team is crew-tial. [May 2018, p.74]
  25. Apr 9, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a bit bipolar; you have all the freedom in the world to pick where you are going, but there are also restrictions: you can't really make your own character and there is not a lot of variation in the quests.
  26. Apr 5, 2018
    Sea of Thieves really shines in co-op, but offers too little content for the price.
  27. Mar 26, 2018
    Despite its quirks, Sea of ​​Thieves is an experience that you can't get in this form anywhere else.
  28. games(TM)
    Apr 20, 2018
    We have nothing but respect for Rare's vision with Sea of Thieves, but it is a game as likely to chew you up and spit you out, as it is to embrace you. If the wind is in your favour then it can be a delight, but a storm is never far off if you lose momentum. The real test of the quality and efficacy of Rare's plan will be in how it manages to evolve and grow in the weeks and months to come. [Issue#199, p.67]
  29. Mar 29, 2018
    When Sea of Thieves clicks, most likely because you have a full galleon of fellow pirates to work with, it can create a rousing, fun experience whether completing a long voyage for the Gold Hoarders or even just sailing around, looking for any hidden secrets or loot. But remove that and becomes clear that you have a game with little in the way or content or variety. It’s still decent, of course, but it’s nothing to write home about without a group.
  30. Mar 29, 2018
    Sea of Thieves defies modern gaming conventions in brilliant and refreshing fashion, creating a fairly unique sandbox where you and your crew need to find your own fun. It might be in real need of more variety to the quests and activities, but Sea of Thieves’ curious charms are like a siren’s song that keep drawing me back for more piratical adventures on the high seas.
  31. Mar 29, 2018
    Much like No Man’s Sky, Sea of Thieves has the foundation for a game that could be incredible. Unfortunately, it’s current state is more akin to something that should be a $20 Early Access title. The game is also most optimally played with friends, as randoms are typically hit or miss. Solo players probably shouldn’t even bother.
  32. Mar 28, 2018
    Are wonderful visuals, brilliant sailing mechanics, and fun activities like playing music and throwing up on your crewmates after drinking too much grog enough? For a few hours sure, but probably not in the long term. What’s here is extremely polished and wonderful to look at. And if the simple joys of sailing through Sea of Thieves gorgeous world clicks with you as it did me, then however long you spend visiting outposts and islands and strange wrecks – will be time well spent.
  33. Mar 27, 2018
    As it stands at launch, it’s genuinely good fun with friends, but progressing to Pirate Legend is a long grind. Sea of Thieves needs a lot more briny depth before it’s the amazing voyage we’d hoped for, but so far the great cooperative moments are a good start.
  34. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves has the potential for some great tales, cruising the high seas, following the wind with them sails. Its lack of content and things to do hold it back, but at no point is the game totally whack. Arrr!
  35. Mar 27, 2018
    A game brimming with potential. Incredible attention to detail and the potential to create your own stories is tempered somewhat by a lack of guided content to keep players motivated.
  36. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a game with great potential, but it's undermined by a lack of variety and depth. Meditative alone, fascinating and epic in multiplayer, the navigation experience provided by Rare is truly unique and brilliant. On the other hand, the extreme freedom given to the player cannot be fulfilled because of clumsy boots on the ground mechanics and a quest structure that is far too repetitive.
  37. Mar 27, 2018
    There are great things about Sea of Thieves, but there are also a lot of half-baked elements in this free-roam action videogame about pirates. Rare's comeback game will have to wait.
  38. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves has glimmers of promise and is gorgeous to look at, but single player play is virtually worthless, and the repetitive nature of the quests and empty world leave the game feeling incomplete and overpriced as of now.
  39. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves offers a very good sandbox that's incredibly empty. Much like No Man's Sky in its days, the game has lots of potential but nothing concrete to keep the gamer playing.
  40. Mar 26, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is actually the best pirate game available. Unfortunately, although the stunning experience offered by the title, there is a too small amount of content in it. The missions are funny at the beginning, but become boring after a short time. The beautiful environments and the pleasure of cooperation alone can't make the title survive forever. We need more content.
  41. Mar 26, 2018
    With Sea of Thieves, Rare has created the basis for a truly exciting formula. This pirates sand box is simply charming, funny, visually stunning and so original...Unfortunately, it lacks an essential element, namely a sufficient launch content to captivate us at least a few months. Until the first content update in three months, the progression is currently a bit frustrating and repetitive, and many players will probably abandon ship earlier than expected.
  42. Mar 26, 2018
    While Sea of Thieves offers some unmissable fun you won't find elsewhere, the game currently struggles to justify its $59.99 price point at launch.
  43. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a game that you will not forget. Wonderful to see, amazing to listen to, unique in a group and very particular by themselves, the pirate adventure of Rare is a thunderous experiment built by combining all the typical defects of the genre to turn them into one extraordinary virtue.
  44. Mar 23, 2018
    Having fun in Sea of Thieves is a slow burn at the moment. Most of the game involves you just chilling on your ship while looking for other pirates to steal from, or for the raids to start. It’s not a game that you can play every single day for hours on end, and most people will certainly tire of it after seeing all of the PvE content available now. Even so, Sea of Thieves is incredible in the way you can interact with players and be whatever kind of pirate you want to be.
  45. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is like the kiddy-pool at the waterpark. They’re both pirate-themed, they both feature fun activities improved by having friends with you, and they’re both shallow in the interest of keeping things entertaining without being dangerous. The stories Sea of Thieves gifts you and your crew are jubilant and silly, but many elements of the experience left me wanting, even when it delivered on the pirate life.
  46. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is bursting with potential for storytelling in a watery paradise, but doesn’t have enough to keep players coming back.
  47. 70
    Jack of many trades, master of none. Sea of Thieves has a beautiful, wide ocean to explore. It's too bad that it feels about as deep as a puddle.
  48. Apr 1, 2018
    It starts strong and looks stunning throughout, but the missions soon become redundant, while on this stormy seas you’re not only at the mercy of the elements, but the fun you’ll have depends largely on the behaviour of other players. It can be a tremendous pirate adventure with gripping PvP, but can deteriorate to a frustfest, if the other players on the server just want to create chaos.
  49. Apr 5, 2018
    The person to skeleton combat is lackluster and dull, the quests are also largely uninteresting, and exploring islands yields little to no actual rewards. I also wish the game did a better job of telling stories that allowed your imagination to run wild when you set foot on an island. On the plus side, it is clear that Rare and Microsoft will be updating and improving upon the base game down the road.
  50. Mar 28, 2018
    Between the game’s breathtaking visuals, candid humor, and heavy emphasis on cooperative play, the horizon is bright for Rare’s swashbuckling shared-world adventure.
  51. Mar 22, 2018
    Sea of Thieves has the foundation of an incredible experience. It is a true pirate game that simulates the experience of piracy perfectly. And yet, after those first few jaw-dropping hours, you’re going to start feeling less like Blackbeard and more like Blackbeard’s accountant.
  52. 60
    Though it looks stunning and is an impressive achievement in open world multiplayer gaming, a lack of variety and completely frustrating single-player mode keeps Sea of Thieves from staying afloat.
  53. Apr 5, 2018
    If you have a regular crew to play with and you can get the game at a discount, Sea of Thieves offers some memorable experiences. If you're flying solo or thinking about paying full price, the rough edges should be enough to make you reconsider boarding this particular boat.
  54. Apr 3, 2018
    It is no wonder Sea of Thieves has drawn comparisons with No Man’s Sky – at its best, when it’s firing on all cylinders and you let yourself sink into its peculiar vision, it is majestic. The glint of the sun on the choppy waters, the friend who always gets lost in the caves, saving a hold full of chickens from drowning, standing on an island after a battle and watching your ship sink beneath the foam. These moments are the treasure. But are they enough? The problem is not only that there’s too little to do; it’s that you want so much more.
  55. Mar 30, 2018
    As it stands Sea of Thieves feels like a title that gets the ideas in place for an amazing game, yet fails to capitalize on them. There simply isn’t enough content to keep me coming back. I love Rare and I hope this builds into something amazing at some point, but for now this game is hard to recommend sinking a serious amount of time into.
  56. Mar 30, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a mixed bag of emotions for me. It’s a great social experience to play with a group of friends and sail on the prettiest water you will ever see in a video game. It’s also bogged down by tedious and repetitive voyages that reward you with meager pay. When you can eventually purchase an item, it will only affect how you look. If that is the case, it seems puzzling that I can’t create a character I want to flaunt to any passerby. There is enjoyment to be found in Sea of Thieves, but not enough to keep you interested in the long term.
  57. Mar 28, 2018
    In its current state, Sea of Thieves comes off as a boring and meaningless. It’s astonishing how void of content it actually is. Absolutely beautiful to look at but completely underdeveloped as a game. In comparison, Pirates! from 30 years ago was ugly even at the time but brimming with things to do and rich world to explore. As a full-priced title, Sea of Thieves is daylight robbery.
  58. Mar 27, 2018
    For now, it's a somewhat hollow game that can be fun for a handful of hours when played with friends, and something worth trying out if you happen to be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Even though it's hard to wholeheartedly recommend, I like enough of what I see to hold out hope that things will eventually improve as the game continues to be patched and updated with new content.
  59. Mar 27, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate adventure game, rich with unrealised potential that isn't worth your time in its current state.
  60. Mar 27, 2018
    Rare's piratical playground looks lovely, but you have to make a bit too much of your own fun. The sound and the fury of the waves is lovely, but for Sea of Thieves to be properly good it needs to give the players more to work with.
  61. Mar 27, 2018
    A uniquely open-ended online adventure with some of the best co-op of any game, but at the moment there’s not nearly enough content or variety to keep it interesting for long.
  62. Mar 26, 2018
    Sea of Thieves has a startlingly gorgeous presentation and well-thought-out pirate simulation for you to get excited over. But its spell on the high-seas is short-lived, with a lack of incentivising quests and lacklustre combat forcing you to make your own compelling reasons to stick with it rather than it not loosening its grasp on your attention.
  63. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves’ world isn’t completely lacking in achievement, thanks to its luscious visuals and excellent sailing mechanics, but it feels completely undercooked in terms of actual gameplay. Perhaps ironically, Sea of Thieves feels like the skeleton of a game rather than a fully realized experience. Rare promises that more content is coming, but judging on what the game offers now, it’s a journey not worth taking—at least not yet.
  64. Mar 23, 2018
    Sea of Thieves is a feast or a famine. When you're playing with friends, it's an enjoyable voyage across a beautiful ocean, finding buried treasure and getting into trouble. When your group isn't up to snuff, you can find yourself lost, bored, and confused. There are highlights to the experience, but I wish it was a more consistent one and there were more opportunities in terms of player customization. After a year or two, I think Sea of Thieves might be a complete winner. Right now, it's uneven.
  65. Mar 21, 2018
    Just be aware going into this one that after a few outings, you’ve pretty much seen what Rare’s pirate epic has to offer. Sea of Thieves is a “make your own fun” game, but its difficult not to feel like the developers could’ve made a little more fun for you. Sail, stare at the water, and live the life of a corsair — ultimately, its longevity will come down to you and your crew.
  66. Mar 21, 2018
    Sea of Thieves feels like a game that should be offered for $10–$20 tops as an early access or game preview product. There just isn't enough content or depth here, its core gameplay is grinding repetitive fetch quests and not a whole lot else, the progression here just isn't fulfilling, and fun factor depends on who you're playing with.
  67. Apr 5, 2018
    Sea of Thieves isn't a complete game. Much of what's present is enchanting, but repetition will claim most before the kraken does. Check it out on Xbox Games Pass for a month, or hold out and hope that it is filled out in time.
  68. 50
    I really wanted to love Sea of Thieves, I think it’s a fantastic concept that could truly grow into something special. But as I kept playing it, I was waiting for more to present itself to me. More to do. More to find. Unfortunately, after many long hours with the game, and some server issues (that have since been fixed) I’ve decided that I’ve had enough time with Sea of Thieves. In short, it’s not a game for everybody.
  69. Mar 26, 2018
    A few hours in and several crewmates later, I'd heard its handful of songs on repeat and I wanted to throw myself overboard as a result. This is representative of the full Sea of Thieves experience right now, where that initial excitement is eventually replaced with a longing for it to present anything new for the player to enjoy.
  70. Mar 28, 2018
    In short, Sea of Thieves lacks for content. There's no mission variety, despite there being three different factions ostensibly hoping to achieve different goals. There's no enemy variety, outside of the variants of skeletons and sharks and, of course, other players. There are no NPC pirate ships to board, no cities or outposts to pillage, no real PVE or PVP encounters to engage with (other than a random Kraken encounter), and no rare booty to find.
  71. Mar 25, 2018
    Perhaps the least forgivable aspect for me, given my love of exploration and discovery in games like these, is that all the islands feel the same. For Sea of Thieves to be a truly unforgettable experience for me I’d have liked to have seen islands and archipelagos that feel lovingly crafted with supreme attention to detail. What we have instead is a map that feels like Rare turned “Generate Game” on once and just ran with what the creator spat out. This, more than anything else, saddens me as it makes things feel even less devoid of life. Islands are too spread out, too samey and too uninteresting leaving the player with a, “seen one, seen them all” feeling.
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  1. Mar 24, 2018
    The other, bigger problem with Sea of Thieves’ player-vs-player combat is more damning of the game in general: what’s the point? The islands are devoid of anything to discover, the quests are tremendously tedious, there’s no story to speak of, and it’s all in service of cosmetics that aren’t nearly as interesting as some of their item descriptions imply. The Lowly Souls Tankard says it’ll make you drinking buddies with spirits, but really it’s just... purple.
  2. Mar 27, 2018
    A limited and simplistic pirate adventure, but one with an abundance of character and a thrilling conviction in its own ideas. [Recommended]
  3. Mar 21, 2018
    The problem is that Sea of Thieves is not a complete game. It just isn’t. It’s maybe 5 or 10% of one, but given what other open world/co-op games can offer you for $60, it’s just astonishing how little Sea of Thieves offers.
  4. Apr 6, 2018
    Playing Sea of Thieves feels a bit like working in a theater before the set has been completely built. There’s plenty of space to goof around and a few swords in the wings to have mock fights with, but none of its quite ready for show time. A lack of features and polish has frustrated some players, but those willing to meet the game halfway will discover a game that’s exciting and pensive in equal measure. Sea of Thieves is as fickle and changeable as the sea itself.
  5. Mar 21, 2018
    The world is beautiful and rich with promise. There's plenty of room to grow...But there's already a rock-solid foundation here. Sea of Thieves sets out to deliver a particular experience, and it nails that perfectly.
  6. Mar 29, 2018
    Playing Sea Of Thieves alone is far from ideal. It’s not the way the game is meant to be played, and it’s certainly not the way the game should be played, but it’s not unbearable. You just have to know what you’re getting into: a world where it takes an hour to do one thing that you might get killed while trying to do, and in the end, you might not have a ton of fun doing any of it. You’d probably just be better off finding some friends to sail with.
  7. Mar 22, 2018
    Sea of Thieves just needs more. It needs more ways to play, more mission variety, more enemy variants than just different coloured skeletons, and more meaningful progression. If these things don’t appear soon, I can see player numbers dropping off substantially after a short while. When it is the players themselves that create the game’s standout moments, potential player drop-off is a huge problem.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 1938 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Mar 20, 2018
    The best multiplayer experience I ever had. The great sandbox game. Very funny and excited playing with friends. Beautiful graphic and veryThe best multiplayer experience I ever had. The great sandbox game. Very funny and excited playing with friends. Beautiful graphic and very good optimization. I hope this project will get more new features and content for many years. Strongly recomended for good evenigs with yours friends! Full Review »
  2. Mar 20, 2018
    For a game about sailing the deep blue seas on an adventure with purpose, Sea of Thieves prefers to stay on the shallow end of the pool. TheFor a game about sailing the deep blue seas on an adventure with purpose, Sea of Thieves prefers to stay on the shallow end of the pool. The game was seemingly shipped devoid of any useful content. Full of fetch quests and boring, repetitive environments, this games best moments are at the start of the game when you’re first learning how to sail properly with your friends, shooting each other out of the cannons, winning your first PVP ship battle, or just simply drinking beer in the inn.

    When the novelty of these “firsts” wears off though, you’re left $60-100 down with an empty shell of a game that has nothing for you to do but collect cosmetics, do chores, or fart around. You could easily call this game “No Mans Sky: Water Edition” and it would be almost entirely accurate. Both shipped incomplete at FULL retail price when they should have cost $30, both have absolutely nothing exciting to do, and the combat for both games (a noteworthy portion of them) is clunky and unfun.

    It’s time to stop rewarding game developers for creating poor, unfinished experiences and time to start demanding more for our money. I had the luxury of playing Sea of Thieves through Xbox’s game pass, but many people spent their hard earned money on this, and that’s a tragedy in itself. No more pre-ordering, no more excuses, no more waiting 6-12 months for them to so “generously” add the rest of the game you paid for. Take a stand.
    Full Review »
  3. Mar 20, 2018
    Game has a nice art style. That's about all I like. The guns and combat feel wonky, and were not the focus. Ships sail okay, but this isn'tGame has a nice art style. That's about all I like. The guns and combat feel wonky, and were not the focus. Ships sail okay, but this isn't getting high marks for making it more difficult to control a ship - you'd be better off playing assassin's creed 4. There might have been some fun buried in this game that was probably easy to get to when you didn't have a bunch of 18 year olds running around griefing you in your ship for an hour after they took your loot, but that's pretty much the size of this. Avoid this at all costs. Full Review »