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  • Summary: Run up the score in a relaxed slugfest or push the limits of your reflexes in this refined baseball simulator. The third entry in the series features an all-new Franchise mode, major graphical enhancements, and on-field additions including pickoffs and situational player traits.
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  1. May 13, 2020
    In the same way that Fortnite perfectly captures its objective with visuals, SMB 3 nails their comedic caricatures on the diamond.
  2. May 21, 2020
    If you enjoyed Super Mega Baseball 3's predecessors, you're in for a treat. SMB3's identity as a quirky but committed sports title remains intact. With promising post-release updates ahead, SMB3 will satisfy your baseball cravings for the indefinite future. The Metalhead team listened to its community and implemented their feedback. For that, they deserve extensive praise and thanks.
  3. May 21, 2020
    To the common eye Super Mega Baseball 3 looks like Arcade version of baseball, in the vein of NBA Jam‘s take on an arcade version of basketball. Beneath the mask is a well polished baseball simulation that I believe baseball fans will enjoy. Even if you aren’t a hardcore baseball fan this game still is something to play if you’re just trying to past the time.
  4. May 17, 2020
    Super Mega Baseball 3 is a welcome improvement to the series, keeping its mix of arcadey look to a more serious game simulation, and with good additions like the "management-lite" Franchise mode, Traits and several improvements to base-running and catchers fielding. Definitely a game to have for lovers of this sport.
  5. Jun 8, 2020
    I admit, I completely misjudged Super Mega Baseball 3 from its cartoonish looks, expecting a wacky baseball arcade game with a ton of over the top power-ups. What I got was a pretty decent baseball simulator that just happens to have a cartoony aesthetic. Don’t let its visuals fool you. Super Mega Baseball 3 may not be officially licensed by the MLB, have actual team or players, but it does offer some decent baseball gameplay for casual or serious fans of the sport.
  6. May 18, 2020
    If you’re after a baseball experience that comes with real-world visuals, the licensed players and teams that you love and all the bells and whistles of an in-depth sim, then you might be disappointed here. But if you’re just looking for a game that gives you thrills, spills, and a lot of fun, then Super Mega Baseball 3 might just be for you.
  7. May 22, 2020
    While there are new additions that make Super Mega Baseball 3 a worthwhile sequel, I hoped for more features – especially given its much higher price point. Just as its predecessors delivered, it’s a great game, but feels somewhat schizophrenic when you stack up what features have been added versus what has been passed on. There is a major emphasis on some inclusions that feel like they’d be more at home in a realistic baseball simulator, yet some very fundamental inclusions for an arcade baseball game are still absent.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 27, 2020
    They say a good game can build into a great game. And Super Mega Baseball 3 is one of those games. Building off from the 2nd game. The 3rdThey say a good game can build into a great game. And Super Mega Baseball 3 is one of those games. Building off from the 2nd game. The 3rd game is a must play game and I recommend this game to baseball fans as well as everyday gamers. Expand
  2. Jun 24, 2020
    Excellent game, it dethroaned Baseball Stars 2 to me, my former baseball favorite.
  3. May 19, 2020
    The Super Mega Baseball franchise doesn’t have all the greatness of a long-running series created by a company with endless resources nor theThe Super Mega Baseball franchise doesn’t have all the greatness of a long-running series created by a company with endless resources nor the MLB branding but it is definitely extremely well executed and the most fun I've had with a baseball game since the classic Baseball Stars 2 on the NES/Famicom. Super Mega Baseball 3 not only delivers solid gameplay that sticks to the fundamentals of the sport, it also adds a style that’s its own. People think of tradition when they think of baseball, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things a little differently to still give fans a good representation of the sport and let them have fun while putting them thru long dueling simulator baseball games. The battle between pitcher and batter is very much present within Super Mega Baseball 3. Pitching is particularly important to master; it consists of matching your pitching icon to a second moving reticle in the batter’s box. Nailing your pitches to paint the corners and avoid serving up juicy meat for batters can be difficult until you get the feel for it, especially when your pitcher has decreased stats or fatigue. I like that I started to have success not only by getting better at the physical act of matching the pitching reticles but because I started to pay more attention to my pitcher’s own strengths and weaknesses. This is where I feel Super Mega Baseball 3 nailed the arcade and simulation aspect in one fail swoop. Super Mega Baseball 3 can give you all you can handle, thanks to customizable sliders for fielding, batting, pitching, and player speed. Upgrading your team in the new franchise mode can be a lblast, and while the mode restricts some of the ways you construct your roster, at least developer Metalhead is giving you its own take on a mode that sports gamers are more than familiar with. Player development opportunities are a big part of the mode. They are basically skill boosts you can buy to permanently affect specific player attributes. The twists are which ones can be purchased, how long they are available for, the extent of their effects are random, and they can come with negative traits as well. The money you generate to buy these boosts is directly tied to your overall payroll. The less you spend on veteran players with high salaries, the more you can spend on boosts to develop new talented players. It’s a nice tradeoff that keeps teams balanced while still letting you build your roster in many different ways. On the downside of the franchise structure is that dropping and adding players to your roster is a complete gain and loss situation. To add a new player position, you can’t drop the salaries of two lesser players to afford the single new acquisition because it's set at one for one only. Pitchers must replace pitchers, and fielders must replace fielders etc which is another restriction that stops you from being overly creative with your tea roster. I respect that the game isn’t trying to be a hardcore baseball simulator and meshes in fun without putting you to sleep like a full on simulation. Super Mega Baseball 3 needs some tweaks to its gameplay, but never fear they are taking player feedback and generous updates are coming for he newly released title. It's great to see the games development continue after launch of the initial release with such enthusiasm. Super Mega Baseball 3 provides solid gameplay in a fun, beautiful package. Consider the series personal touches, customization options, cross-platform online play, and the abundance of co-op opptions, and you’ve got a game that makes a time-less sport stand out. Super Mega Baseball may have a bit of a high asking price for some seeking this sequel of the franchise. I can assure you that it's worth the price of admission and seeing what they have in the works already for addition and improvement, it's easy to say this game is a home-run lined up to be a grand slam in the upcoming updates for Xbox One owners looking for he best baseball experience on the platform. Well done Metalhead Software! Expand
  4. Mar 25, 2022
    Solid baseball game for more of a fun arcade style game. Can be quite realistic and if you raise the ego meter (difficulty) it defiantly canSolid baseball game for more of a fun arcade style game. Can be quite realistic and if you raise the ego meter (difficulty) it defiantly can be quite challenging. Its not licensed but quite customizable. Would have liked a home run derby. If you like baseball its a must play, reminds me of, i believe it wss, ken griffey jr baseball on the super nintendo plus its free on gamepass give it a go. Expand