Matthew Goode's Best Movies and TV Shows, Ranked by Metacritic

From 'Downton Abbey' to 'The Crown,' period pieces have been, well, good to Matthew Goode. Discover what else made the cut of his best movies and TV list.
by Katie Song — 

Matthew Goode

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Matthew Goode is an established English actor who has worked in both television and film for 20 years, having made his screen debut in 2002 with ABC's feature Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. He is best known for his roles in the 2011 Australian drama Burning Man and the 2014 thriller The Imitation Game, as well as his roles as Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey, Finn Polmar in The Good Wife, and Antony Armstrong-Jones in The Crown.

Over the years, Goode has received several nominations for his work, including a 2018 Emmy nod for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for The Crown, as well as a 2022 Critics Choice Super Awards nomination for Best Actor in a Science Fiction/Fantasy Series for A Discovery of Witches. In 2015, Goode and The Imitation Game cast received the Palm Springs International Film Festival Ensemble Cast Award. The same year, they were also nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Most recently, Goode voiced a prominent character in the Netflix stop motion anthology The House and has also appeared in several episodes of the latest season of A Discovery of Witches. Later this year, Goode will appear in The Offer, the Paramount+ limited series that chronicles the development and production of the renowned 1972 mob drama The Godfather, where he will star alongside Miles Teller and Juno Temple.

Here, Metacritic highlights the best movies and TV shows Goode has acted in, ranked by Metascore. Spoiler alert: two titles tie for the 10th spot on this list.

The Crown

Metascore: 84
Best for: Downton Abbey fans, British history buffs
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 4 (so far)

The Crown is a British television series that portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy in Seasons 1 and 2, Olivia Colman in Seasons 3 and 4, and Imelda Staunton in the upcoming Seasons 5 and 6) as well as those of the royal family from 1947 to the early 21st century. The series begins with the Queen's wedding where she marries Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (played by Matt Smith in the beginning, followed by Tobias Menzies and Jonathan Pryce), and spans the events following her reign. Though the creator of the series Peter Morgan has made it clear that The Crown should not be taken as fact, the series contains notable historical references. Goode appears as Antony, a real-life British photographer and filmmaker, in Season 2 episodes "Beryl," "Matrimonium," and "Mystery Man." He is also a love interest Princess Margaret, who is played by Vanessa Kirby.

"By delving into the darkest recesses of the marriage — now graduated from whinging squabbles in season one to adulterous rumors in this one — The Crown achieves a groundbreaking, intimate look at a legendary union far beyond their many official portraits." — Gwen Ihnat, The A.V. Club

Roots (2016)

Metascore: 83
Best for: Historical drama fans, Roots readers
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunesVudu
Seasons: 1

An adaptation of the 1976 Alex Haley novel and remake of the 1977 series, Roots portrays the story of Kunta Kinte (Malachi Kirby), an 18th century African tribesman taken from Gambia and sold as a slave, and the seven generations of his descendants in the United States. Told in four parts, the series follows the heroically defiant hero and those who keep his name alive over the years, spanning over the course of American history. The story ends around the time of the Civil War and passage of the 13th Amendment. Goode appears in Part 1 and Part 2 as Dr. William Waller, the owner of a farm that Kunta is sent to work on.

"A very human drama, with deep belief in the ability of love, family and personal courage to transcend even the most brutal circumstance, even the most painful history." — Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

The Good Wife

Metascore: 81
Best for: Political drama fans, legal drama fans, cynics
Where to watch: 

, Google Play, iTunes, Paramount Plus,
Seasons: 7

The Good Wife tells the story of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies), the wife of the Cook County State's Attorney (played by Chris Noth), who pursues her own career as a defense attorney after her husband is involved in a public sex and political corruption scandal. The CBS series features several story arcs that take place over multiple episodes as well as standalone storylines and has received critical acclaim for its performances and storytelling, as well as its female-led narrative. Goode first appears in Season 5, Episode 15, titled "Dramatics, Your Honor," as prosecuting attorney Finn Polmar who becomes close to Alicia following the death of a mutual friend. He continues to appear on the show through Season 6.

"The CBS drama continues to provide evidence that quality isn't necessarily defined by blood, guts or exposed flesh. All it really takes is brains —and in this case, you don't even have to eat them." — Brian Lowry, Variety

Downton Abbey

Metascore: 80
Best for: Fans of family drama fans and period pieces
Where to watch:

Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, ,
Seasons: 6 (and a movie)

Downton Abbey follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their household staff from 1912 through 1926, exploring the nuances of the British social hierarchy while also featuring historical events, such as the sinking of the Titanic and the Spanish Flu pandemic. Known for its gripping dramatic narrative as well as its gorgeous landscape shots, the series features several important performances, include Goode, who first appears in the Season 5 Christmas special as Henry Talbot, the nephew of Lady Shackleton (Harriet Walter) and love interest of Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery), but is also featured numerous times throughout the final season.

"The emotional authenticity of Downton Abbey continues to make it a classic." — David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

The Duke

Metascore: 77
Best for: Fans of dramedies, especially when set in a courtroom 
Where to watch:
In theaters
Runtime: 96 minutes

Inspired by true events, The Duke begins when 60-year-old taxi driver Kempton Bunton (Jim Broadbent) steals the Goya portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London in 1961, the first and only theft in the Gallery's history. He sends ransom notes stipulating that he will return the portrait on one condition: if the government agrees to provide free television for the elderly. The film also chronicles Kempton's plea as not guilty and the series of events that follow. Goode portrays Jeremy Hutchinson, Kempton's barrister throughout the trial.

"The Duke is that rarest of things: a comedy that knows that a twinkle in the eye and a fire in the belly needn't be mutually exclusive." — Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

A Single Man

Metascore: 77
Best for: Drama fans and deep thinkers
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi, Vudu
Runtime: 99 minutes

Based on the 1964 Christopher Isherwood novel, A Single Man follows British professor George Falconer (Colin Firth) as he mourns the death of his partner Jim, who is played by Goode. Set in 1960s Los Angeles, the film portrays the suffocation and clarity of grief as George struggles to find his daily life worth living whilst connecting with some of the people he had met during his time in the city. A Single Man recalls moments of the 16-year-long relationship through the special attention to the beauty of isolated moments.

"Some films aren't revelations, exactly, but they burrow so deeply into old truths about love and loss and the mess and thrill of life, they seem new anyways. A Single Man is one such film, one of the best of 2009." — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Metascore: 73
Best for: Animal lovers and graphic novel fans
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, , Vudu
Runtime: 83 minutess

Adapted from director Benjamin Renner's own graphic novel of the same name, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales tells three different stories told by a troupe of animals. The animated film begins in a theater as the animals prepare for the show. The first show tells the tale of a stork who breaks their wing, leaving the baby they were delivering with a pig, a rabbit, and a duck. The second story follows a fox who fails in trying to eat the chickens of a farm and is prompted by a wolf (voiced by Goode) to instead steal three eggs — that later hatch leaving three chicks without a mother. In the third story, the farm animals prepare for Christmas festivities. Amid the madness, the rabbit and duck accidentally destroy a plastic Santa and are convinced they have killed the true St. Nick.

"In divisive times, Pig and his friends, who consist of maybe a dozen drawn lines apiece, provide much-needed laughter in the tradition of the great Warner Bros. cartoons." — Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times

The Lookout

Metascore: 73
Best for: Thrill seekers, film noir fans
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV, Vudu
Runtime: 99 minutes

The Lookout follows high school hockey player Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) whose life takes a dramatic turn after a tragic car accident, resulting in a brain injury that affects his short-term memory. Working as a janitor at a bank following the aftermath of the accident, Chris unwittingly becomes involved in a bank robbery, schemingly convinced by an old peer Gary, who is played by Goode. The events that follow become extremely high stakes, as Chris attempts to find a way out of the mess he was lured into.

"The Lookout is funny, tender and littered with elegantly written characters played by actors cast for goodness of fit rather than star wattage." — Ella Taylor, LA Weekly

Match Point

Metascore: 72
Best for: Tennis fans, psychological thriller fans
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu
Runtime: 124 minutes

Match Point tells the story of tennis instructor Chris Wilton (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) who befriends wealthy student Tom Hewett (Goode). Given a shared interest in opera, Tom invites Chris to attend a performance together, at which Chris is introduced to the rest of Tom's family. After forming a connection with his sister Chloe (Emily Mortimer), Chris marries into the family, an affair and a murder threaten his newfound social status and more.

"It's a sexy thriller, tautly constructed, deeply acted and heartfelt, despite a cool and knowing tone." — Shawn Levy, The Oregonian

The House

Metascore: 71
Best for: Fans of animation, metaphors, and collections of short stories that share a common thread
Where to watch:
Runtime: 97 minutes

This 2022 stop motion film from Netflix tells three individual stories with a common setting (the titular house) over the course of the hour-and-a-half runtime. First, there is a tale centered on Mabel (voiced by Mia Goth), a young girl who begins to notice oddities in the house they just moved into, including getting lost in a maze. Goode is apart of this first story, voicing Raymond, Mabel's dad. Then, the second story follows a developer trying to renovate the house, only to struggle to rid the premises first of the vermin, which threatens his work and his sanity. And finally, in the third story, there has been an apocalypse-level event, and now the house is threatened by flooding. Rosa (voiced by Susan Wokoma) currently manages the property and has fond memories of growing up in it, so she has a very specific vision for what she wants it to be. This clashes with others' ideas, who see potential in turning a once great house into a very necessary ship in which to travel the rising waters.

"With its dark humor and excellent execution, The House offers a striking showcase for the singular talents of its directors and the limitless possibilities of stop motion animation." — Marya E. Gates, The Playlist

The Imitation Game

Metascore: 71
Best for: Puzzle solvers, war film fans
Where to watch:

, fuboTVGoogle Play, iTunes, Pluto TV, Tubi, Vudu
Runtime: 114 minutes

Set during World War II, The Imitation Game follows the story of the gifted English mathematician Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) who is recruited by MI6 to solve Nazi codes. The film is based on the real-life Turing, who was part of a team that solved a crucial code called Enigma, a cipher cryptanalysts had deemed unbreakable. In line with the real world events, The Imitation Game chronicles the unfortunate aftermath of his career as well: Authorities find he is gay and send him to prison. Goode portrays the real-life cryptanalyst Hugh Alexander, a member of the team.

"The disturbing, involving, always-complex story of British mathematician Alan Turing is a tale crafted to resonate for our time, and the smartly entertaining The Imitation Game gives it the kind of crackerjack cinematic presentation that's pure pleasure to experience." — Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times