Blake Berris

Biography: Born on August 24, 1984 in Santa Monica, California, Blake Everett Berris always knew he wanted to be a performer when he grew up. Berris attended and graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of art's degree from the School of Theater, Film, and TV. He also spent some time studying abroad at the University of Oxford, concentrating on the likes of Shakespeare and Chekhov. Berris's big break came when he landed his first on-screen appearance on CBS's Numb3rs. Soon after he was signing a contract with NBC to play the geeky yet lovable 'Nick Fallon' on Days of our Lives. Now an Emmy-nominated American actor, Berris has made his dream of being a performer come true.

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Average career score: 42
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42 Girlfriend Jul 15, 2011 Actor On Television 5.8