Despina Caldis

Biography: Despina used to play the character 'Effie' in the first series of the Australian teen drama Heartbreak High back in 1994. It was a small part, so small, in fact, that the writers actually forgot all about her and she disappeared from the series without a trace! (She went upstairs and mysteriously never came back down again!) The scriptwriters eventually admitted they had forgotten about her - LOL what a bunch of incompetents!

'Despina' is a beautiful name, it comes from the Greek 'despoina' which means queen, lady, mistress, feminine of despots, master. Despoina was also the name of an Arcadian goddess, 'The Mistress', who was the daughter of Poseidon. How fitting! :-)

Hmm, at a guess I would say Despina must have been born around 1982, she's obviously from a Greek family background.