Freddie Prinze

Biography: A highly influential figure in the history of Latino stand-up comedy, Freddie Prinze was a gifted comedian and actor who rose to national fame as the star of the television sitcom, Chico and the Man (NBC, 1974-78). Sadly, his ascent was cut short by a drug problem that led to his death in 1977. Though Prinze never achieved his true potential as a comic talent, the ground he broke during his brief career helped pave the way for such later Latino comedians as George Lopez and Carlos Mencia. And years after his passing, his son, Freddie Prinze, Jr., would make a name for himself as an actor.

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tbd Chico and the Man: Season 3 Oct 1, 1976 Chico Rodriguez / Writer tbd
tbd Chico and the Man: Season 2 Sep 12, 1975 Chico Rodriguez tbd
tbd Chico and the Man: Season 1 Sep 13, 1974 Chico Rodriguez tbd