Gene Wood

Biography: He was the voice who told families to get "ready for action" and get "on your marks, let's start ... the FAMILY FEEEUUUDDD!!!" Each day, viewers looked forward to his unique interpretation of viewer-submitted poems before "Card Sharks." And, he always let us in on the answer by whispering, "The password is ..."

To many, Gene Wood was the incomparable game show announcer. He was the man viewers heard behind such classic game shows as Family Feud, Card Sharks, Classic Concentration, Password Plus and Super Password, among many others.

Viewers didn't typically see it, but Wood was also the man who warmed up audiences before each taping of a game show. Countless fans recall a warm, reliable man who was just as nice in person.

He retired in the mid-1990s, and died May 21, 2004, of cancer at the age of 70 in Massachusettes. Among his survivors are his wife, Carleen.

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tbd Family Feud: Season 1 Jul 12, 1976 Announcer (1976-95) tbd