Lois Maxwell

Biography: Lois Maxwell was a Canadian actress. Born on Valentine's Day in 1927, she began acting as a teenager. When, at the age of twenty, she starred in the film That Hagen Girl, she was awarded the Golden Globe Award for New Actress of the Year. In the 1950's she moved to Italy where she starred in a number of minor films. There she met her husband, and the two young lovers moved to England. In 1962 she was cast in the role that would become the defining role of her life - in Dr. No, where she played as Miss Moneypenny, James Bond's faithful assistant. She maintained that role through fourteen Bond films until A View To A Kill in 1985. She asked that her role be killed off, but instead it was recast. Before she retired from film, she took up a role writing columns for the Toronto Sun Newspaper, in which she wrote commentary on film, her personal life, and current events. She died on September 29, 2007. She is survived by a son and a daughter.