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115 tv reviews
  1. What benefits the series most is its strong cast to take on these intricate roles, which might fall flat otherwise. Paul, Monaghan and Dancy are outstanding as very flawed people, whose fate you can care about; they aren’t evil but at times susceptible to their own demons and blinded by their faith.
  2. There are a few things The Catch will need to establish before taking off. For instance, it’s a bit hard to buy Alice’s and Ben’s instant attraction. But as light entertainment, the show flies by pretty quickly, a good fit for the #TGIT playground.
  3. While the likable cast--which includes D.L. Hughley, Jamie Kennedy and Maya Erskine--is easy to root for, there is little else to distinguish Heartbeat from numerous other medical shows.
  4. Bosch is a welcome change of pace from the many procedurals on the networks, especially those that overwhelm their stories with technological jargon. Amazon’s 10-epsiode series is perfect to binge on, a long, involving mystery in which the detective still does leg work.
  5. The story of David has always fascinated because it contains so many universal dramatic and psychological elements. This is not the worst version of the tale, just a pedestrian one.
  6. Not bad if it’s your thing.
  7. Season Four promises some fascinating possibilities. Netflix is determined to keep spoilers under wraps, but we can say there will definitely be surprises, and the show will be graced by the strong presence of tough females.
  8. Appreciating Fuller House will depend a lot on how much you enjoyed the original, which ran eight seasons on ABC. The new show displays enough of its own personality to be a bit more than simply nostalgia. By the third episode--on which singer Macy Gray guests--it even starts to develop some loopy fun with a dance-off at a local club.
  9. The first few episodes of Love careen from being clever and funny to some intentionally cringeworthy moments. The challenge for the series, which has already been renewed for a second season, is to have Mickey and Gus begin to see the light. Otherwise, the show paints a humorous, if somewhat disquieting, picture of the dating scene in L.A. and is populated by some likable auxiliary characters.
  10. The series has an impressive feel and period look to it. The first episode directed by Kevin Macdonald (“The Last King of Scotland”) deftly opens up mysteries and invites you into the strangeness. Adapted by Bridget Carpenter, 11.22.63 isn’t for everyone. You have to like what-if fantasy stories. But like many of King’s stories, once you’re in, you’re in. Enjoy the trip.
  11. Watching the series is a bit like skipping through the magazine--a little of this, a little of that, always interesting.
  12. Throughout Homegrown, the four of them [The daughter of a victim and the shooter’s brother. And the sister of a young man found guilty of incitement to commit acts of terrorism and a government analyst who helped make the decision that the man was a threat to the U.S.] offer articulate discussions of their situations and feelings, which gives this compelling documentary added impact.
  13. Fox’s new comedy-drama Lucifer has a similar premise [as "Death Takes a Holiday and "Meet Joe Black"], but without the sap and more zip and lip. But (and you saw this coming), the devil is in the details.... Uneven but mostly fun.
  14. The students of Brakebills have never fit in and aren’t part of a hierarchy, and, like a lot of young people, can be their own worst enemy. So far The Magicians played off those reverse expectations fairly well, and has a more hip Gothic atmosphere to it. It will be interesting to see if it can keep all the balls flying in the air.
  15. Wacky is probably the best word for You, Me and the Apocalypse, created by Iain Hollands. But give the series credit, each episode keeps upping the weirdness, comedy and, surprisingly, the dramatic ante. It’s unexpectedly good.
  16. After the characters try to explain the timeline once too often, it gets confusing and you just stop caring about what's going on. So even if the cast is pretty good, which it is, and even if the show has some excitement at times, Legends--so far--comes off as something of a mishmash of a mash-up.
  17. It is never as compelling nor as dark as that series [Mr. Robot], but after three episodes Colony zigs and zags often and has enough action to keep your interest.
  18. Not exactly a new premise, but the new Fox action-drama has enough of a twist to make it make it worth checking out.
  19. Graham has updated the story pretty well, while overstuffing it a bit. Nevertheless, the miniseries keeps the novelist’s questions about mankind’s destiny percolating throughout and never really lets you lose interest.
  20. Its uneven but intriguing first four episodes.... It hints at a compelling future, with various factions vying for control. But it isn’t out to wow you early on, taking its time to develop its characters and the relationships. If your expectations aren’t too high--and it’s not “Battlestar Galactica” yet--The Expanse could just be what you’re looking in.
  21. While, at first, the actress may not look like the superhero type, she convincingly gives Jessica a subtle toughness. In a way, the character is the flip side of Supergirl: Jones is a reluctant superhero, a loner who drinks too much and has real human flaws. Yet Ritter gives Jessica a needed likability. The series also boasts a solid supporting cast.
  22. While all of this may seem out of the past, there is something naggingly familiar, eerily fascinating and even contemporary about much of The Knick.
  23. What sets the comedian apart from her male and female counterparts is that she scores laughs mostly from saying the outrageous so matter-of-fact-ly, even sweetly. Nothing seems out of bounds to her, but she doesn’t go out of her way to find something offensive, either.
  24. Truth Be Told is probably not worth your time. While it tries to be edgy, most of its humor is fairly tame.
  25. The second season of FX’s Emmy-winning limited series has a new cast and mystery, and it promises to be even more fun and weirder than the first.
  26. It’s standard sitcom stuff, but those elements don’t mesh well enough on the series even to reach that low Friday-night bar.... Dr. Ken is disjointed and, worse, not really funny.
  27. It can never have the immediacy of Ryan McGarry’s documentary about County/USC that inspired it, but the series does capture the film’s spirit and that is a welcome change when it comes to medical dramas. Harden, as usual, provides a strong presence, which helps anchor the show, and Guzman is a plus for any series. Code Black is worth keeping an eye on.
  28. Although a bit over-frenetic at times, the series seems to take inspiration from a man-on-the run Hitchcock thriller.... So far it’s one of the most-promising new shows, and Chopra is someone worth keeping an eye on.
  29. So far the storytelling on Blood & Oil has been crude and obvious.
  30. This is a pretty lively Whovian world.... Clara is the sunshine to the Doctor's sadness, and Coleman makes her shine.

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