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  1. A well-intentioned slog.
  2. They've eliminated violence, or tamped it down, to get back to a kinder, gentler, "Murder, She Wrote" era — one abetted with a savage wit, and hard stop to each episode. Nice to be back there again. ... As always, Lyonne is great and her new show a winner.
  3. Superior zombie series that takes a little too long to get around to what it's really about — us.
  4. Stallone desperately needs collaborators who understand how to get the most out of him. He finds that here.
  5. Compulsively watchable, as usual, but also on the reverential side. This "Crown" has no teeth.
  6. Equal to season 1, and in some ways (the fashions, humor) superior.
  7. Even if it gets permanently blocked in traffic, Latka and Hirsch are a lot for the average TV sitcom. [12 Sep 1978, p.35]
    • Newsday
  8. A true rarity — a sharply drawn portrait of local journalism.
  9. A mostly promising start, with some unpromising distractions.
  10. Carell gives his best performance yet in "The Patient," a compelling drama that's worth sticking with through all 10 episodes.
  11. Great-looking but indistinctive in the early episodes (this review is based only on the first two).
  12. Battlestar Galactica is a worthy successor to Sci Fi's late and much lamented "Farscape." That's about as high as our praise gets. [9 Jan 2005, p.11]
    • Newsday
  13. "House" often does work well as straight history. It's that fantasy part that's missing. Other than dragons, there's little magic or mystery in this corner of Westeros — or that epic sense of wonder that made "Thrones" so thrilling through the first seven seasons. At least those dragons are fun.
  14. This "A League of Their Own" does what any successful remake must: it finds its own voice, standing apart from its predecessor while also honoring its legacy.
  15. "Black Bird" effectively conveys the complicated reality of undercover work and what it has to say about the human condition. This is a must-see and not just for fans of the prison genre.
  16. Fans of quality action and thriller storytelling will have a good time with "The Terminal List," even if they'll probably be able to predict exactly where it's going.
  17. The first eight episodes (those offered for review) go down effortlessly and, if none was particularly memorable, each was pleasurable.
  18. Smart, engaging and a lot of moving pieces (so do a little homework first).
  19. Entertaining, but the book is better.
  20. "Pistol's" most watchable episode is the last, covering the band's first and (effectively) only U.S. tour which crashed and burned after the 1978 concert at San Francisco's Winterland. But what comes before is the humdrum — a whole listless swath that spreads over scenes, characters, and episodes. Hardly anyone catches fire, including Johnny Rotten, although his spiked red hair does do a good impression of shooting flames.
  21. "The Pentaverate" is simultaneously silly and pointless, and a welcome return to form for its star.
  22. A brilliant piece of work, also profoundly dispiriting.
  23. Funny, tragic, scary, creepy, wild, insane. Hey, what's not to like?
  24. Still strange, dark, harrowing and often — unexpectedly — very funny.
  25. Quirky, strange, dark — and engaging.
  26. Insanely great start.
  27. It doesn't always want viewers to like what they're seeing and doesn't seem to care whether they do or not. But it does want them to at least think about what they're seeing. ... Hard to watch, but well-worth watching.
  28. The Japanese cast is excellent, especially Adelstein's newsroom boss Eimi (Rinko Kikuchi), but Elgort's Adelstein never quite comes into focus himself. There's a lot of energy in the performance but almost no substance. As a result, his Adelstein recedes while the foreground is commanded by the true star here. That's almost — just not quite — enough.
  29. The hokum factor is pretty high, but Hennessy is a nice combination of pert and sour, her primary co-stars are solid and the premise is functional. [24 Sep 2001]
    • Newsday
  30. The new series' production values are impeccable, its cast is solid, and there are occasional moments of fresh, specific detail that suggest the show could transcend the overstuffed pilot episode. [27 Sep 2002]
    • Newsday

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