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Little Britain: Season 1
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Little Britain

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BBC-1 | BBC | BBC Three | Release Date: September 16, 2003
Summary: "Britain, Britain, Britain! Population: One millions, Number of towns, Nine. Average height, Thirty. Shoe size... But just who are Britain? Over the next eleventeen weeks we aim to find out by following the lives of ordinary British folk. What do they, who is they and why?"
Emerging from the depths of BBC Radio 4, the BAFTA award winning
"Britain, Britain, Britain! Population: One millions, Number of towns, Nine. Average height, Thirty. Shoe size... But just who are Britain? Over the next eleventeen weeks we aim to find out by following the lives of ordinary British folk. What do they, who is they and why?"
Emerging from the depths of BBC Radio 4, the BAFTA award winning Little Britain is fast becoming a comedic hit all over the world. For the majority of Britain's population, the real Britain that is, it's unusual to make it through a day without someone quoting one of the vast amount of catch phrases spawned from the minds of creator/writer/performers Matt Lucas and David Walliams. It's been commended by BBC chiefs as "a shining example of what happens when the BBC gets comedy right." It has already achieved cult status amongst the viewing public of the UK and USA and big name celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Kylie Minogue openly admit their fondness of the show.
So sit back and take a journey around Britain and the lives of the 'normal', everyday people who inhabit that sceptered isle.WARNING: Due to the adult nature of this show some details contained in this episode guide may be unsuitable for people under the age of 12. All quotes have been censored.Characters (in alphabetical order of first letter of character name)
Anne and Dr. Lawrance • David Walliams & Matt Lucas Anne is a mental patient that Dr Lawrance is trying to introduce back into society. Strangely enough Anne seems to be able to fit in anywhere even though her communication skills are slightly limited and her behaviour is a little on the bizarre side.
April and Neville • David Walliams & Matt Lucas Volunteers from St Tom's Ambulance Brigade who are always on hand for anyone who needs medical assistance... which is a shame because April is constantly under the delusion that she can cure anything with a mint (we're talking Polo Mints and Tic-Tacs here) and Neville is just about gullible enough to believe her.
Bubbles DeVere • Matt Lucas Bubbles lives the life of luxury on a health farm. The only way she benefits health-wise however is when running away from the person asking her to pay her bill.
Carol Beer • David Walliams A bank clerk, and later travel agent, who seems incapable of independent thought and relies on her trusty computer to give answers to everything, unfortunately the computer always says no.
Daffyd Thomas and Myfanwy • Matt Lucas & Ruth Jones Daffyd strives to be unique so titles himself as the only gay in his village of Llandewi Breffi assuming everyone he meets will be homophobic and oppressive about the fact he's openly gay. Instead, the villagers happily accept his alleged homosexuality and some even start coming 'out of the closet' themselves resulting in Daffyd, proud of his title, being homophobic towards them. His barmaid friend Myfanwy tries her best to keep him in check.
Dame Sally Markham and Miss Grace • Matt Lucas & David Walliams Dame Sally is a romantic novelist who's run out of ideas, so dictates senseless drivel to her poor assistant typist Miss Grace hoping that the readers wont notice.
Dennis Waterman and Jeremy Rent • David Walliams & Matt Lucas A pint sized parody of the real person, Dennis visits his agent Jeremy regularly for new parts in TV and Theater shows, yet refuses to accept the part unless they'll allow him to write and sing the musical score for that show.
Denver Mills • David Walliams Olympic Gold Medalist no one's heard of. Denver is always asked to stand in for more well known sports celebrities at events. One way or another something happens to make Denver feel unwelcome and he gets on the phone to see if he can pull out at the last second.
Des Kaye • David Walliams After making sexual innuendos on a children's TV programme, Des was reduced to working in a DIY store. Des never really got over being sacked and continues to portray his former TV role (hand puppets included) in his new job which has some annoying consequences for his fellow work mates and store costumers.
Doug • Matt Lucas Drugs counsellor with a passion for drug rehab, having been there, done that, woken up late and missed several daytime TV shows and got the T-Shirt.
Dudley and Ting Tong • David Walliams & Matt Lucas The trials and tribulations of a man forced to live with a mix-up at the mail-order Thai bride agency.
Edward and Samantha Grant • David Walliams & Helen Coker An example of what happens when a pupil marries her teacher - the lecture never ends, even in the bedroom which comes complete with overhead projector and a chalk board. Detentions are more fun though.
Emily Howard and Florance • David Walliams & Matt Lucas Emily and Florance are over the top rubbish transvestites. They go about their daily tasks trying to convince everyone, unsuccessfully, that they're ladies. Yet their clothing and hairstyles are ridiculous and Florance seems to be unaware he's still got mustache.
Gary Lee and Jason • Matt Lucas & David Walliams Gary is a young lad who is completely oblivious to the fact that his friend Jason is completely, helplessly, head over heals, in love... with his nan.
Harvey Pincher • David Walliams A grown man, who for some strange reason never got weened off breast feeding and no one in his family seems to care. However, things do get a bit embarrassing when Harvey decides to ask his Mum for what he calls 'Bitty' when his girlfriend Jane and her parents are visiting.
Judy and Maggie • Matt Lucas & David Walliams Members of the Women's Institute who are very picky about who makes the cakes and biscuits they're asked to sample.
Kenny Craig • Matt Lucas A stage hypnotist who, whilst going about his daily life, abuses his abilities to profit himself, or to get himself out of sticky situations. Usually however, it's his victim that has the last laugh.
Linda • David Walliams Linda is a counsellor at the University of the North West Midlands who, whilst on the phone arranging help for students, will use the most insulting description possible to inform the person on the other end whom she is talking about.
Lou Todd and Andy Pipkin • David Walliams & Matt Lucas Lou will gladly go to extreme lengths to help his mentally disabled and wheel chair bound friend Andy. Yet unknown to him, Andy is probably a lot smarter and more physically abled than he is himself.
Marjorie Dawes • Matt Lucas Spin off character from Shooting Stars, Marjorie runs the Fat Fighters club and couldn't be less suited to do so. Apart from being overweight herself (although she insists she's her 'target weight'), she treats her pupils with the sensitivity of a bulldozer and her best dietary advice is to eat dust.
Matthew Waterhouse • David Walliams Matthew constantly thinks up new ideas for important companies and people. Unfortunately most of his ideas are so ludicrous he never gets taken seriously.
Mr. Mann and Roy the Shopkeeper • David Walliams & Matt Lucas A man who knows what he wants - exactly what he wants. He's precise down the last detail. Unfortunately for him, he never actually gets exactly what he wants. Roy and his unseen wife Margaret are the poor long suffering shopkeepers who seem to be cursed with Mr. Mann regardless of how many times they change their shop.
Narrator • Tom Baker The best way to keep a show featuring a bunch of nut-cases together, is to have a complete nut-case presenting it. Behold the Little Britain narrator! Examples of bizarreness include spurious information about Britain, ambiguous information about himself, a time system based on names instead of numbers and a strange tendency to mispronounce the word 'meanwhile'.
Peter Andre • David Walliams Ex-royal correspondent who wont give up his job as he is obsessed about Princess Anne. He's never allowed to get near her though as, apart from a string of pathetic excuses as to why he hasn't got a security pass, he's usually naked from the waist down.
Pianist • David Walliams A concert pianist who has an annoying habit of stopping his recitals in the middle when he thinks he's forgotten something trivial.
Prime Minister and Sebastian Love • Anthony Stewart Head & David Walliams The British leader goes about his daily tasks helplessly unaware that his assistant Sebastian has a crush on him and is jealous of everyone who comes into contact with him - which of course, being the Prime Minister, is quite often.
Ray McCooney • David Walliams Ray runs a hotel, is almost as mad as Anne, and has an annoying habit of answering questions with a riddle. If you ask him a question, he'll usually go through his calendar telling you what his answer would have been had it been another day.
Sir Bernard Chumley • Matt Lucas Sir Bernard is a retired actor, with a sinister lifestyle. He claims to look after his invalid sister Kitty, but eats the meals delivered to her and drama students claim they've never seen Bernard act but they have seen Kitty. Whatever happens, we're always left to dream up multiple excuses for Bernard's odd behaviour.
Vicky Pollard • Matt Lucas A stereotype of all teenage girls personified. Vicky has the answer to everything. If she does something wrong (or even if she doesn't) her explanations are extremely rapid and long winded. She'll successfully shift the blame to everyone else, tell you to shut up and threaten you with a 'beatins' all without taking a breath. She's also under the delusion that all the males in her class secretly fancy her.
Viv Tudor • Matt Lucas If Viv were a bloke, she'd be described as a womaniser of the shallowest type. Viv will incessantly describe any man she sees as 'Gaaawgeous!' which comes in less than useful when asked to describe suspects in a robbery.Awards and Nominations
BAFTA (2006) Nominated - Best Comedy Programme or Series (Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Geoff Posner, Declan Lowney)
International Emmy Awards (2006) Won - Best Comedy UK (Little Britain)
British Comedy Awards (2005) Won - Best TV Comedy (Little Britain) Won - Ronnie Barker Writers' award (David Walliams and Matt Lucas) Nominated - Best Actor (David Walliams and Matt Lucas)
BAFTA (2005) Won - Best Comedy Performance (Matt Lucas, David Walliams), Comedy Programme or Series Award (Geoff Posner, Matt Lipsey, Matt Lucas, David Walliams) Nominated - Best Costume Design (Annie Hardinge) Best Make Up & Hair Design (Lisa Cavalli-Green)
International Emmy Awards (2005) Nominated - Best Performance by an Actor (David Walliams)
National Television Awards, UK (2005) Won - Most Popular Comedy.
Royal Television Society, UK (2004) Won - Best Costume Design - Entertainment and Non Drama Productions (Annie Hardinge) Won - Best Make Up Design - Entertainment and Non Drama Productions (Lisa Cavalli-Green)
BAFTA (2004) Nominated - Best Comedy Performance (Matt Lucas, David Walliams), Best Costume Design (Annie Hardinge), Comedy Programme or Series Award (Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Myfanwy Moore). Won - Best Make Up & Hair Design (Lisa Cavalli-Green)
British Comedy Awards (2004) Won - Best TV Comedy, Best TV Comedy Actor (Matt Lucas, David Walliams), People's Choice Award.
Broadcasting Press Guild Awards (2004) Won - Best Entertainment.
National Television Awards, UK (2004) Won - Most Popular Comedy.
Royal Television Society, UK (2004) Won - Best Comedy Performance (Matt Lucas & David Walliams), Best Entertainment.
British Comedy Awards (2003) Won - Best Comedy Newcomer (David Walliams).
Royal Television Society, UK (2003) Won - Best Make Up Design in Entertainment and Non-Drama Productions (Lisa Cavalli-Green).
Genre(s): Comedy
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