• Network: Netflix
  • Series Premiere Date: Dec 18, 2015
Season #: 2, 1

Generally favorable reviews - based on 13 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13

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  1. Reviewed by: Kristen Baldwin
    Oct 19, 2018
    Murderer has clearly learned some lessons from season 1, and the new episodes attempt to anticipate sources of potential backlash and parry them pre-emptively. ... Whether or not Murderer helps Avery and Dassey or seals their fate, it remains a vital reminder of the need for transparency in the criminal justice system. But the series never loses sight of the many human tragedies at the center of this ongoing legal saga: The murder of a beloved young woman, Teresa Halbach.
  2. Reviewed by: Erin Keane
    Oct 23, 2018
    Both storylines come with moments of triumph and disappointment for the respective teams in season 2, but it's Zellner's case, with its bloody reenactments, science experts and her fascinating and relentless brain at work, that will keep viewers in their chairs.
  3. Reviewed by: Nick Schager
    Oct 19, 2018
    Ricciardi and Demos employ sober, straightforward aesthetics to scrupulously detail every aspect of their tale, never better than in late sequences in which Zellner explicates her theory about the actual fate that befell Halbach. Much like lawyers arguing in front of a jury, the directors present their findings with exhaustive precision, even as they craft a larger panorama of the case’s sprawling cultural connections and impact.
  4. Reviewed by: Mike Hale
    Oct 19, 2018
    Part 2 still offers its share of the mystery and surprise that made the original so compelling. It’s a very different viewing experience, however.
  5. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Oct 19, 2018
    Even thrust under the spotlight, strictly as a docu-series imbued with the compulsive, binge-worthy qualities of a thriller, "Part 2" doesn't disappoint.
  6. Reviewed by: Laura M. Browning
    Oct 19, 2018
    If Making A Murderer is primarily focused on proving the innocence of Steven Avery—a seed that was sown three years ago--it’s because the show and its filmmakers genuinely believe in him and in the justice system. It’s a surprising through-line, this kind of enduring optimism in an institution that has allegedly failed both Avery and Dassey many times over. Defense attorneys are a force for good in this story.
  7. Reviewed by: Jen Chaney
    Oct 19, 2018
    It is a less shocking, more plodding, in-depth procedural that depicts the legal steps required to attempt to overturn Dassey’s conviction.
  8. Reviewed by: Daniel D'Addario
    Oct 19, 2018
    As entertainment, Murderer remains expertly made, its seductive slow pace gripping viewers by the neck; as morality play, its terms are kept blunt and simplistic enough by Zellner to come through. As advocacy, though, it achieved precisely the opposite of its mission from the start. Building a season around a few years of thwarted Avery and Dassey appeals, cases blunted by the very enthusiasm that the show fostered, ends up lacking much of a point at all, beyond sustaining itself as a TV show.
  9. Reviewed by: Ben Travers
    Oct 19, 2018
    Right now, Part 2 feels like false hope, and the filmmakers would’ve been better off waiting for something to happen before pushing out another wearying report.
  10. Reviewed by: Dan Fienberg
    Oct 19, 2018
    I admire that it's more driven by intellect than passion, while lamenting its lack of clear and smooth construction.
  11. Reviewed by: Kelly Lawler
    Oct 19, 2018
    Part 2 is the equivalent of fan service: further confirmation that they're innocent, demonstrated by an even more painstaking examination of the flawed evidence against them. But for those with a more casual interest in the cases and the true-crime genre they helped spawn, the sequel is a lesser version of the original, with the same style and trappings slapped on a less-compelling story.
  12. Reviewed by: Ken Tucker
    Oct 19, 2018
    It’s fitfully interesting to see Zellner mount her new defense, but the fact that both Avery and Dassey are still in prison doesn’t exactly make you want to race through the series to witness a triumphant conclusion.
  13. Reviewed by: Sonia Saraiya
    Dec 13, 2018
    The docuseries is so hindered by its own blind spots that by the end of the season, it seems to be chasing its own tail, lost in a world where it only sees what it deems relevant, permissible, or just. It would be worthwhile for this series to encounter, and try to interpret, its own warped reflection.
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  1. Negative: 10 out of 167
  1. Oct 28, 2018
    Even better than the first season, because Kathleen Zellner leaves no stone unturned, and continues to shine a bright light on the truth, onEven better than the first season, because Kathleen Zellner leaves no stone unturned, and continues to shine a bright light on the truth, on the corruption of Manitowoc county, specifically of already disgraced prosecutor Ken Kratz, on who really murdered Teresa Halbach, because ultimately she never got true justice. And on the slow and sometimes unreasonable justice system, specifically in Wisconsin. I can't wait for the next installment of this story, can't wait to see Dassey and Steven get the lives they so deserve, hopefully not too slowly, and to find out who really committed this crime, how deeply the police were involved, and specifically Ken Kratz's reaction when he realizes the Truth has finally caught him, and all his appearances, his books full of absolutely ridiculous fantasies, and his only convictions in his entire career were bogus. Full Review »
  2. Oct 22, 2018
    It's a very biased documentary. It leaves out key evidence to make the show more entertaining but since most people don't understand that,It's a very biased documentary. It leaves out key evidence to make the show more entertaining but since most people don't understand that, viewers leave thinking that there was great injustice done. Even a very simple amount of research outside of this "documentary" will be enough to show that there is a lot more to the story than what the show portrays. Full Review »
  3. Oct 28, 2018
    Very interesting. Every human with common sense would give the Avery's a re-trail. Ow and Kratz is an A-Hole