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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 20
  2. Negative: 2 out of 20

Critic Reviews

  1. Reviewed by: Tom Long
    Oct 20, 2022
    There’s tons of pseudo-scientific cyberpunk gobbledygook, of course, but Smith keeps things moving and pretense falls to the wayside. ... “The Peripheral” is dead center fun.
  2. Reviewed by: Keith Phipps
    Oct 20, 2022
    The series feels like it knows where it's going and doesn't mind taking some time to get there.
  3. Reviewed by: Lucy Mangan
    Oct 20, 2022
    Suffice to say that it is a bravura rendition of Gibson’s tale, told with confidence by people I suspect will keep the plotting tight and the internal logic – whatever that may be – consistent. Those who can follow it at the deeper levels will no doubt find it immensely satisfying. The rest of us can enjoy the ride, and the distraction from the decidedly untightly plotted present.
  4. Reviewed by: Dave Nemetz
    Oct 20, 2022
    The Peripheral is a cut above everyday sci-fi with cool futuristic effects, but it starts meandering after a stellar pilot.
  5. Reviewed by: Reuben Baron
    Oct 21, 2022
    There are enough interesting things going on in the season’s first six episodes (some of which are spoilers we’re not allowed to talk about) that I’m curious how the final two episodes of the season will play out, as well as how/if a second season will work.
  6. Reviewed by: Joel Keller
    Oct 21, 2022
    The Peripheral does a good job at setting up two future worlds that are relatable to a wide audience, and Moretz is great as Flynne.
  7. Reviewed by: John Anderson
    Oct 20, 2022
    Despite the changes made to the original, the story remains, if not convoluted, at least one with an enormous number of interconnected and moving parts. And a comparable number of provocative thrills.
  8. Reviewed by: Nate Richard
    Oct 20, 2022
    It has a lot of promise, and when it works, it's one of the most exciting new series on television, but there are quite a bit of issues holding it back from being the next genre hit.
  9. Reviewed by: Clint Worthington
    Oct 20, 2022
    The core ideas are interesting, long as you can keep them straight in your head, the cast is game, and the action is reasonably exciting. Let’s see whether patches in future seasons can upgrade this show from good to great.
  10. Reviewed by: James Dyer
    Oct 21, 2022
    A jargon-heavy sci-fi with not one but two future worlds to digest isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes, and the occasionally lurid violence (episode one features a scene of ocular trauma that’s not for the faint-hearted) might further give pause. ... Still, despite its Cassandra-like tendencies, The Peripheral is a compelling enough window into another reality that utilises its central premise well.
  11. Reviewed by: Dan Fienberg
    Oct 20, 2022
    There are big ideas under the surface that The Peripheral can’t explore because of a greater investment in twisty plot, garbled jargon and complicated world-building. Still, there’s something to be said for a version of Westworld that is simpler and therefore less ambitious and less reliably frustrating.
  12. Reviewed by: Chris Vognar
    Oct 20, 2022
    At this point the hard part is not imagining such a world, but peopling it with carefully developed characters and giving them convincing motives and arcs. “The Peripheral” does this only sporadically. It mistakes concept and spectacle for story.
  13. Reviewed by: Proma Khosla
    Oct 24, 2022
    “The Peripheral” has nothing new to offer its target demo of sci-fi, action, and drama fans, but if more of the same is an itch that needs scratching, it will satiate the unadventurous viewer.
  14. Reviewed by: Lorraine Ali
    Oct 21, 2022
    Bright spots in “The Peripheral” include excellent performances by Moretz and Eli Goree as Conner Penske. ... Unfortunately, these strengths, much like “Westworld’s,” are too often lost in a commitment to mysteries that crowds out coherence, mistaking the challenge of deciphering what’s happening for the joys of solving the puzzle of why.
  15. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Oct 21, 2022
    “The Peripheral” feels like a mashup of sci-fi ideas put to better use elsewhere, from “Avatar” to “Free Guy,” with a lot in between. Mostly, other than the sometimes-striking set design, there’s nothing particularly distinctive about the villains or the scenario, which feels more convoluted than engaging.
  16. Reviewed by: Rachael Sigee
    Oct 21, 2022
    It is ironic that a show wanting us to question reality is populated entirely by characters who feel flimsy and bloodless. Intermittently, The Peripheral might look quite cool but it’s both hard to follow and hard to care about.
  17. Reviewed by: Daniel D'Addario
    Oct 20, 2022
    The series, based on a novel by cyberpunk pioneer William Gibson, boasts competently directed action that rubs up uneasily against deeply indulgent running times; no matter how good the chase scenes, we need a break as individual installments plod past the hour mark. This insistence on keeping audiences on the hook doesn’t consistently grant insight; despite how much time we spend with her, and despite Moretz’s best efforts, Flynne is little more than an archetype.
  18. Reviewed by: Benji Wilson
    Oct 20, 2022
    The Peripheral is indeed a bit whack. In fact it’s chock full of premium-grade whackness, from a script that clunks its way through the manual of robo-cliches to a story that just doesn’t add up.
  19. Reviewed by: Nick Allen
    Oct 20, 2022
    It’s all so cluttered, and so laborious by the writing and therefore even more laborious to keep up with. Worst yet, the emotional stakes are lost in the mess, despite the focus of a brother and sister relationship.
  20. Reviewed by: Brian Tallerico
    Oct 20, 2022
    Six hours in, the stakes and worlds of “The Peripheral” have barely been defined more than they were during the premiere because this is a program that only the people who wrote it could love. Showrunner Scott B. Smith, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy exploded the world of Gibson’s novel but never bothered to put the pieces back together into something interesting.
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  2. Negative: 10 out of 43
  1. Oct 22, 2022
    I made it to the 35 minute sadly.
    I am tired of go girl, any black guy is a hero, any white man is disgusting pos, any white girl must be
    I made it to the 35 minute sadly.
    I am tired of go girl, any black guy is a hero, any white man is disgusting pos, any white girl must be banged by a black dude, any woman is obnoxious hostile narcissistic ho, USA woke entertainment makes reality a wondrous adventure, I am grateful I am Egyptian and we don't have this evil woke cancer.
    Please fire the writers, please
    Full Review »
  2. Oct 21, 2022
    To begin with they picked the wrong actress for the role; after the first episode Chloe and her character get old fast because she is just notTo begin with they picked the wrong actress for the role; after the first episode Chloe and her character get old fast because she is just not that interesting and bad actress to boot. Olivia Luccardi would been much better pick then this bimbo; but Olivia was probably to smart to take this role. Next you instantly realize the plot is full of nonsense and unbearable stupidity. I wonder if it follows the book because its very bad; garbage in... garbage out? No matter... no head fake, spin or CGI gimmick can save this heap of turd. Full Review »
  3. Oct 21, 2022
    Decent production values and acting, but I just could not get into the plot. It reminds me of Existenz, which was Lovecraftian in a way. IDecent production values and acting, but I just could not get into the plot. It reminds me of Existenz, which was Lovecraftian in a way. I finished the first episode, but have no desire to find out more. They advertised it as from the makers of Westworld. That scans, I lost interest in that, but I made it through season 2. Full Review »