Description: Take on the role of a Demonologist, Barbarian, Bear Shama or any other of the twelve exotic classes, as you face the challenges of Hyboria alone or in groups of other players from all over the world. Fight for survival, socialize with friends, construct equipment or even entire cities with your fellow players, and carve out your destiny in the world of Conan. [Funcom]


  • PC
Initial Release Date: May 11, 2010
  • Funcom
Publisher: Funcom


Gaute Godager
Directed By
Robert E. Howard
Written By: stories
Troy Baker
Cast: Conan
Sandra De Sousa
Cast: Valeria
Rais David Báscones
Cast: Spanish Turach
Chris Nayak
Cast: Captain Royo
Gaute Godager
Produced By: producer
Henning Solberg
Produced By: associate producer
Sini Downing
Sound: voice production manager
Andy Emery
Sound: voice producer
Ant Hales
Sound: audio engineer
Arild Iversen
Sound: sound designer
Rob King
Sound: adr recordist,sound recordist
Fredrik Martol
Sound: sound designer
Tord D. Nikolaisen
Sound: sound designer
Simon Poole
Sound: audio director
Kate Saxon
Sound: recording director
Morten Sørlie
Sound: audio director
Didrik Tollefsen
Art Direction
Trine Sneisen
Visual Effects: motion capture actor
Olve Vigeland Askim
Art Department: concept artist
Stian Dahlslett
Art Department: senior concept artist
Michael Kiessling
Art Department: character artist
Grant Regan
Art Department: assistant art director,senior concept artist
Alex Tornberg
Art Department: concept artist
Ole Herbjornsen
Animation: lead designer
Razvan Vacar
Animation: animator
Erling Ellingsen
product manager
Barry Ellis
quality assurance associate
Are Granhaug
quality assurance associate
Aleksander Grøndal
additional designer
Benjamin Lee
q.a. lead
Ray Mullen
Marc Titheridge
head of quality assurance
Jason Walker
head of mastering
James Weeks
customer support
Jan Holzner
Music Department: music recording/mixing engineer